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$5.7 Million Residence Hall Achieves LEED Gold Certification. Profiles a new 176-bed dormitory at Mount Holyoke College that achieved LEED Gold certification. Notable features are solar hot water, high recycled building content, 90% recycling of construction... 06/30/2009
$59.4 Million In Recovery Act Funding Available For Elementary And Secondary School Construction Projects At Federal Impact Aid Communities. The Department of Education announced the availability of $59.4 million in grants under the Impact Aid Discretionary Construction Program funding for public elementary and secondary school facilities... 09/08/2009
'Community' College. Reviews the master plan of a new San Antonio area community college, consisting of buildings clustered around plazas and a planned combination of intentionally formal and informal spaces. Photographs... 12/31/2006
'Green Schools' and the Bottom Line. Examination of Stoddert Elementary School in Washington, D.C. After obtaining LEED certification in 2010, the school is finishing its first year as a newly renovated green school. Includes interviews... 04/30/2011
'Smart' Spaces Aren't Just for Classrooms Anymore. Describes the revolution in total school design promulgated in Building Information Modeling (BIM). The article discusses the learning that occurs in every school space, not just the classrooms, and... 12/31/2009
(On) Going Green. Cites the success of Oregon's Gresham-Barlow School District in saving energy. Thorough energy audit data was input into a software program, HVAC systems were audited, facility improvements were... 09/30/2006
(Re)Designing Learning Environments. This 20-page issue explores the opportunity for creating 21st century learning environments that not only focus on different kinds of educational architecture but also emphasize how time is used,... 09/30/2002
1+1=3. Describes the Austin, Texas, Waldorf School Performing Arts Center and Athletic Building, which was successfully built on a small site and extremely tight budget. A listing of project participants,... 12/31/2004
1,000 Schools in Afghanistan: How Education Can Reshape a Country. Describes efforts to stabilize Afghanistan through rebuilding schools with federal grants and improving the status of women's education. Architecture professor Stanley Hallett discusses the... 03/31/2005
10 Akron Street. Profiles this new Harvard University dormitory whose modern architecture compliments the adjacent three 22-story residential towers. Photographs, plans, and a list of project participants accompany... 10/31/2010
10 Current School Facility Features that are Obsolete Looks at school facility features that are obsolete today and yet are still in wide use: departmental organizations; learning in prescribed spaces; school corridors; traditional school libraries;... 06/19/2012
10 Principles of Authentic Community Engagement. Presents ten principles for engaging a community in the process of creating schools that embody community values and become central to the life and learning of that community. Describes how a... 12/31/2002
10 Surprising Truths about Today’s Schools Outlines the following trends: 1) definition of school is changing; 2)schools are using some special-needs tools for all students; 3) teacher autonomy in the classroom is history; 4) students... 05/31/2004
10 Trends to Watch in Campus Technology. College and university presidents are increasingly called upon to make informed choices about technology. The rapidly shifting landscape makes it tough to keep up with change and innovation, let... 12/31/2006
10 Ways to Create Schools Where Students Thrive Describes 10 innovative strategies for creating 21st century schools: engage all stakeholders in the design process; seek education partnerships and joint use; maximize sites well connected to the... 09/30/2011
10 Ways to Keep Playtime Safe. Useful tips from the National Program for Playground Safety: choose appropriate equipment, unclutter the fall zone, design swings properly, provide a soft landing, and add rails to platforms. 07/31/1996
10 Ways To Take the Fear out of E-Learning. Suggests 10 steps to alleviate faculty's fears of incorporating online learning: make e-learning as easy as possible, let faculty learn at their own pace, focus faculty training efforts, provide... 01/31/2003
100 Commonly Asked Questions about the New AHERA Asbestos-in-Schools Rule This is a collection of commonly asked questions about the new Asbestos-Containing Material in Schools rule announced by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in October 1987, under... 12/31/1987
101 Smart Revenue Generators. Describes a variety of revenue opportunities for higher education, including creative acquisition and management of real estate, commercial uses for campus facilities, partnerships with professional... 11/30/2006
11 Surprising Ways that Your Building Wastes Energy. Discusses energy consumption impact of appliances and electronics left on, dirty filters, dripping faucets, vending machine operation, night cleaning, dirty windows and skylights, uncoordinated... 02/01/2008
11th Annual National School Safety Conference & Exposition
11th Annual Showcase of Outstanding Design and Architecture in Education. Recognizes 32 outstanding new and renovated K-12 and higher education facilities. Each entry contains photographs, a text description, and summarized project data. Architect and manufacturer indices... 05/31/2010