NCEF Resource List: Roof Repair and Maintenance for Schools
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Information on school roof maintenance, inspection strategies, scheduling, documentation, and repair, compiled by the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities.

References to Journal Articles

The Grass Ceiling.
Seward, AAron
Architect Magazine; Nov 07, 2011
Discusses how to balance aesthetics and energy savings of green roofs with the practicalities of structure, water, and wear. Covers how to analyze the layers, learning from applications, and measuring the benefits. Includes slide show of several green roof projects.

Roofing: A Passing Grade.
Matt, Chris
Maintenance Solutions; v19 n8 , p12,14,15 ; Aug 2011
Describes how bad publicity concerning Scottsdale Schools' failing roofs led to positive steps taken to rectify the situation. Steps included preventive maintenance, finding funding for repair and upkeep, and introduction of solar installations.

Asset Management.
McNeil, Dennis
American School and University; v83 n11 , p22,24,26 ; Jul 2011
Advises on the elements of regular roof inspections and the risks of not conducting them. Engaging a roof specialist is recommended, and the qualifications that such a professional should possess are discussed.

Roofing: Strategies for Avoiding the Breaking Point.
Mattison, Kent
Maintenance Solutions; v19 n5 , p18-20 ; May 2011
Advises on regular roof maintenance and how to determine whether to repair or replace a roof. Examples of significant losses due to roof leaks are cited, as are cost-effective leak avoidance, repair, and replacement strategies.

Retrofit Revolution: The High Cost of Cheap.
Mattison, Kent
Maintenance Solutions; v19 n4 , p8,10 ; Apr 2011
Discusses controllable factors in roof performance: design, installation, materials, maintenance, inspection, and warranty. The hazards of cutting corners in these areas are emphasized.

Proactive Maintenance.
Cook, Richard; Stieve, Douglas
School Planning and Management; v50 n3 , p41,42,44,45 ; Mar 2011
Encourages and gives guidelines for proactive roof maintenance. Biannual inspections and routine maintenance will extend the life expectancy of the roofing system. A management plan is included, with topics such as use of high quality materials and adding insulation, and use of a roofing consultant.

Troublemakers on the Rooftop.
Warseck, Karen
Building Operating Management; v58 n2 , p37,38,40,42,43 ; Feb 2011
Documents most frequent causes of leakage problems with roofing, when the roof membrane is penetrated, changes plane, or ends. Various approaches to repairs are described.

Rooftop Damage Control.
Millan, Naomi
Building Operating Management; v57 n10 , p55,56,58,61 ; Oct 2010
Details the specific threats of wind, hail, and ice and snow freeze/thaw to roofs. Addressing damage that seems small at first but has later consequences, or damage accumulated from several assaults is emphasized. Maintaining records of visual assessments to benchmark roof conditions is also recommended.

Roof Coatings: The Energy Connection.
Westerkamp, Thomas
Maintenance Solutions; v18 n9 , p9,10 ; Sep 2010
Discusses roof rating programs designed to help building owners increase energy efficiency, energy-saving coatings that can be applied to existing roofs, and how to choose and apply the best coating for a roof.

Upon Closer Concern.[ Roofing Maintenance.]
Warseck, Karen
Building Operating Management; v57 n8 , p29,31,32,34 ; Aug 2010
Details roofing inspection issues, including when to test, methods of testing, wall and glazing leaks that might present as roof leaks, selecting an inspector, and warranties.

From a Nightmare to a Dream. [Project Profile: Roofing Retrofit.]
Hounsell, Dan
Maintenance Solutions; v18 n7 , p11-13 ; Jul 2010
Details the replacement of a problematic roof at Duke University Medical Center. The design of the successful replacement and recycling of removed roofing materials is described.

Roof Coatings in a New Light.
Hounsell, Dan
Maintenance Solutions; v18 n3 , p14-16 ; Mar 2010
Discusses the sustainability benefits of roof coatings, as well as how to determine if a roof coating is a viable option to extend the life of a roof.

Staying Green.
Griswold, Nathan
Environmental Design and Construction; v13 n2 , p18,19 ; Feb 2010
Advises on expert inspection of green roofs during the installation, establishment, growth, and long term periods. Individual elements to be examined are listed.

Repairs Done Right.
Warseck, Karen
Building Operating Management; v57 n2 , p23,24,26 ; Feb 2010
Advises on roof repairs, addressing hiring qualified contractors, identifying the type of roof, finding the leaks, using compatible repair materials, and knowing when the roof needs to be replaced.



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