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Information on certifying that a new school building meets required specifications, compiled by the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities.

References to Books and Other Media

Building Commissioning [Whole Building Design Guide]
(National Institute of Building Sciences, Washington, DC, Jun 2010)
Building Commissioning is a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying, and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria. This section from the Whole Building Design Guide includes a definition, a list of benefits, commissioning goals and principles, application, relevant codes and standards, and a list of additional resources.

References to Journal Articles

How to Achieve a Tight Building Envelope
Kollie, Ellen
College Planning and Management; , p44-48 ; Jun 2012
A tight building envelope provides energy efficiency and other benefits. Shows how to achieve a tight building envelope, along with what's trending in the industry.

Monitoring-Based Commissioning
Enck, H. Jay
College Planning and Management; , p52-57 ; Apr 2012
Using Science Center at Spellman College in Atlanta, Georgia as an example, discusses improving the efficiency of existing buildings with an eye to building controls.

Why Commission
Weaver, Scott
College Planning and Management; , p58-61 ; Apr 2012
Outlines the top ten things to know about new building commissioning.

Long-Term Education Planning
Horkey, Don; Laue, Julianne
American School and University; Nov 2011
Sustainable master planning can produce long-range benefits for education institutions. Discusses tools and strategies such as benchmarking, energy audit, commissioning, and post-commisioning. Includes case studies of Red Wing High Public School District and College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota.

Commissioning High-Tech Facilities. Adobe PDF
Mills, Evan
ASHRAE Journal; , p18-30 ; Nov 2011
Although high-tech facilities, such as laboratories, data centers, cleanrooms, health care, and specialized research facilities, receive a higher level of quality assurance and optimization in construction and operation than traditional buildings, energy performance is often not a central focus. This article discusses two commissioning case studies: The Molecular Foundry and the Advanced Light Source facility, both at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Retro-commissioning in a Campus Energy Efficiency Program.
Powell, Christopher
Facilities Manager; , p62-63 ; Sep-Oct 2011
Retro-commissioning is a systemic approach for conducting forensic evaluations of buildings and its systems. This details how to get started, and discusses costs and savings estimates.

Sustainable Delivery.
Hoffman, Paul
American School and University; v83 n2 , p36,38 ; Oct 2010
Discusses pre-construction modeling, integrated project delivery, and building commissioning as three components of successful "green" building.

Green Is as Good as Gold.
Kollie, Ellen
College Planning and Management; v13 n10 , p22,24,26-28 ; Oct 2010
Discusses strategies for "greening" a higher education institution, emphasizing upgrading controls on existing buildings that adjust utilities according to occupancy, designing for sustainability, commissioning new buildings, an conducting energy audits.

Matt, Chris
Maintenance Solutions; v18 n3 , p11,12 ; Mar 2010
Interviews three facility managers on what systems to retrocommission, costs, connection of retrocommisioning to preventive maintenance, and expertise required for retrocommissioning.

Commissioning High Performance Buildings.
Enck, Jay
ASHRAE Journal; v52 n1 , p12-14,16,18 ; Jan 2010
Addresses the failure of many "green" buildings to save as much energy as predicted. The article advises retaining the commissioning authority from the predesign through occupancy stages.



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