Windows and Doors

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Call to Arms. How to Select the Best Arm Type and Functionality for Door Closers. Discusses the arm component of door closers, describing the features and proper specification of standard, dead stop, hold open, specialty, and track arms. 04/30/2009
A Clear View. Surveys advances in window design and glass technology that can permit windows to better play their often diametric role of letting in and keeping out just the right level of light, cold, heat, noise... 06/30/2001
A Clear View. Discusses advantages of window film to school energy savings, how glass transfers heat, and how to select the right type of film for the type of windows being considered. 03/31/2009
A Head Start on Firestops. Discusses the proper use of firestops to seal openings in fire-rated walls and doors. Code requirements and the most commonly used materials are described, as is maintenance and the technique of... 09/30/2006
A Look Behind Door Hardware Few areas of commercial and institutional facilities receive as much use as doors and door hardware do, and few receive as much abuse. And while these elements of facility operations are among... 02/29/2000
A Look Behind Door Hardware Few areas of commercial and institutional facilities receive as much use as doors and door hardware do, and few receive as much abuse. And while these elements of facility operations are among... 02/29/2000
A Practical Guide to Access Control and Security. Advises on design and specification of building access control systems, noting typical mistakes caused by excluding access control engineers from the planning process. Mismatched components, low bids... 05/31/2008
A Room with a View: A Review of the Effects of Windows on Work and Well-Being. Presents a literature review showing that views of nature were found to enhance work and well-being in a number of ways including increasing job satisfaction, interest value of the job, perceptions... 07/31/2001
A Sustainable Approach. Describes elements of sustainable school design in the areas of HVAC efficiency, windows, insulation, roofing, landscaping, and recycling. 06/30/2006
A View to Safety. Describes glass films that improve impact resistance and can be retrofitted onto existing windows at significantly less cost than replacing the glass. Also described are solar films for use in... 11/30/2004
All in One. Describes integrated door assemblies, a recent development in design that combines the exit device, hardware, door, and frame into a single unit. Explains how the doors help schools save money on... 05/31/2002
Always Be Closing. Reviews design and durability considerations for door closers, advising investment in the features and material content of better models. Maintenance and signs of deterioration are addressed, as are... 04/30/2008
An Automatic Choice. For students with disabilities, the obstacles they face often are literal ones: manual doors. Accommodating those with disabilities or physical limitations is one reason for schools to consider... 06/30/2007
An Automatic Solution for Door Closing Force/ADA Conflicts. Discusses the use of automatic door operators when standards for closing force and standards for openability cannot be resolved. Conflicts between ANSI, ADA, and Fire safety codes are discussed, as... 02/28/2010
Applying the CPTED Concept: Creative, Cost-Effective Design Elements Make a Safer School. Presents basic design solutions to help improve school security, focusing on bathrooms, corridors, doors, lockers, and central control rooms. 09/30/2001
Balancing Convenience and Safety. Illustrates with examples a variety of situations where convenience of access to a school facility should be a lower priority than safety, in order to prevent violent incidents. The article... 08/31/2008
Barriers and Facilitators to Inclusive Education. Reports on research in which 15 students and 12 parents identified four categories of physical environment and attitudinal barriers at their schools. Environmental barriers involved doors,... 09/30/2002
Bellevue School District Centralizes Access Control. Profiles this Washington school system's access control system that coordinates highly restricted key blanks, proximity cards, removable core key locks, and teacher cabinet locks. 11/30/2008
Bethany College Toughens Up Exit Devices for Better Security. Describes how this college upgraded to electronic door latches, although initial equipment did not stand up to the heavy use, and had to be upgraded yet again. 02/28/2009
Building Codes Illustrated for Elementary and Secondary Schools. Analyzes and illustrates the intent and potential interpretations of the 2006 International Building Code (IBC) as it applies to educational facilities. The book discusses how the Code was developed... 12/31/2006
Can these Windows Be Saved? Advises on care, repair, and replacement of windows. Avoiding water penetration; the effects of moisture, condensation, and mold; and determining whether to repair or replace windows are addressed. 02/28/2009
Case Study: Cobb County School District. Profiles the upgrade of elementary school door locks in Georgia's Cobb County School District. The research of existing systems, standardization of doors and electronic locks, and flexibility of... 07/31/2010
Case Study: Piedmont California Schools Lock Down Classroom Security. Describes this district's replacement of 50 classroom door locks that can be locked from inside with a key, new panic bars for exit doors that can be found in the dark, and standardization of... 09/30/2009
Case Study: Vacaville Schools Upgrade Classroom Security. Details the upgrading of this California school systems locks. The systems schools have classroom doors that open to the outdoors. Locks were changed so that doors that could be locked from the... 10/31/2009
Changing Rules for Wired Glass. Discusses increased impact requirements for wired glass, which is indicated for fire safety, but has traditionally necessitated a building code exemption for its weak impact resistance. The exemption... 12/31/2003