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A Perfect MATCH Case study of the Media and Technology Charter High School (MATCH) in Boston, Massachusetts. The new charter school was designed as a renovation and adaptive reuse of a concrete-framed building. The... 01/31/2004
A Welcoming Environment. Profiles the North Campus of Pittsburgh's Winchester Thurston School. The vernacular buildings reflect the site's former use as a horse farm. A list of project participants, photographs,... 12/31/2007
Accessibility Programme and School Restoration in Lisbon. Describes efforts in Lisbon to better integrate children with disabilities at the primary school level, focusing on the restoration of a historic mansion specifically for this purpose. 10/31/2006
Acts of Adaptation. Describes adaptive reuse of buildings at nine higher education institutions, including a description of the motivation to save the property, money saved by not demolishing and building new, and steps... 02/29/2008
Adaptive Reuse Roundup. Describes three adaptive reuse higher education projects: Rhode Island College created administrative space from institutional residential buildings; Pratt converted a loft building into laboratory,... 09/30/2003
Adaptive Reuse: Reusing Buildings for Future Generations while Maintaining Connections to the Past. Describes adaptive reuse of college buildings, which involves reconfiguring existing buildings for entirely new functions, including its benefits. Examples include Bartlett Hall at the University of... 04/30/2003
Alternative Learning Facilities. Describes planning concepts implied by alternative schools, such as use of existing infrastructure, community alliances, and environmental responsiveness. 07/31/2005
Alternative Learning Networks. Presents visions for how underutilized assets, both human and material, might be joined together through new social and physical arrangements that can expand opportunities for learning. Many examples... 12/31/1992
Alternative Learning Spaces in New York City. Profiles six creative solutions that made school architecture out of abandoned, unused, or under-used spaces in this urban setting. Recovery of spaces from rooftops, above courtyards, in abandoned... 07/31/2006
Alternative Learning. Six alternative projects were award winners of the 2002 Awards for Innovative Learning Environments, sponsored by School Construction News and Design Share. Each of the six project descriptions... 09/30/2002
Alternative Locations for School Buildings Examines the plight of school systems in urbanized or highly-developed areas that have difficulties locating suitable sites for new buildings. Presents examples of schools that have found alternative... 06/30/1999
Alternative Schools. Describes the design of the DeKalb Alternative School in Atlanta, Georgia, located in a renovated shopping center. Purchasing commercial land and renovating the existing building saved the school... 02/28/2002
Alternative Use in Greece. Relates the decision to situate the University of Thessaly in Volos and Larissa, Greece, representing the idea that the university has a role to play in the community, and, therefore, must have its... 09/30/1992
Amsterdam Watershed: An Interactive Forum on Innovative Alternatives in Learning Environments. This forum resulted from the AIA conference in Amsterdam, November 2000. Design Share invited conference participants to ask Bruce Jilk, the conference chair, a follow-up question. Questions by 12... 12/31/2000
An Industrial Building Converted into a Girls School in Australia. Describes the converstion of an industrial shed into a secondary school for troubled girls. Three courtyards were cut into the building to admit light and air. Glazed corridors, alcoves, and a... 09/30/2003
Another Brick in the Wall? Pursuing an Alternative Educational Environment for Halifax (Nova Scotia) Student body demographics, combined with curriculum, and set against a particular architectural backdrop are defining elements of any school; and therefore are the means with which the problems of... 12/31/2001
At Drexel University, a Green Rebirth Planned for a Former Frat House Plans call for restoring a stone-clad fraternity house and constructing a 4,600-square-foot addition, transforming the building into a hub for testing sustainable design and construction methods. The... 01/17/2012
Back to the Agora: Workable Solutions for Small Urban School Facilities. Suggests adapting the model of the ancient Greek agora to create successful small schools and describes several that have done so while reducing costs. These innovative urban small schools are the... 08/31/2003
Back to the Future. Profiles Detroit's Henry Ford Academy, a grade 6-12 charter school in an historic building in Detroit's New Center district. The Art Deco structure was designed by Albert Kahn in 1928 for... 12/31/2009
Bakery Converts to Learning Center Discusses a project that transformed an abandoned, run-down industrial bakery into a learning center for at-risk, pre-kindergarten students in Champaign, Illinois. The design made the corridors... 08/31/2003
Blending Old and New. Discusses how schools and universities can transform outmoded urban structures, such as factories, warehouses, and department stores, into attractive and functional school facilities. Issues... 07/31/2000
Blue-Light Schoolhouses. Describes the conversion of empty big box stores into schools, particularly in regions with high immigration and double-digit growth in annual school spending. The typical advantages of these... 05/31/2005
Bridging Institutions of Learning-Building Partnerships. Describes the partnership between California State Polytechnic University, California State University Los Angeles , and the Los Angeles County Office of Education to create a seamless high school to... 08/31/2009
Building Blueprints: Adaptive Reuse. Reviews two adaptive reuse projects involving Colorado schools. In the first, a corporate office was converted into a K-12 charter school. In the second, a former high school was converted into a... 04/30/2008
Building Blueprints: From State Hospital to State University. Discusses the conversion process of a California state hospital into a state university at costs far below those required to develop and construct a university campus from scratch. Includes... 07/31/2000