Signage for Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Holistic Approach to Mass Notification. Cites disadvantages to audio mass notification, and advocates strategically placed visual alerting and smart LED signage in campus high traffic and gathering areas. 12/31/2007
A Lot of Planning. Describes design features of safer parking structures, including open visibility, lighting, signage, CCTV, and landscaping. 04/30/2004
All Signs Point to Sustainability. Discusses the role of signage in green buildings, noting that most popular green materials do not meet code requirements for accessibility and fire safety. Modularity and reusability is offered as... 12/31/2009
Athletic Business The Athletic Business Web site includes a product database on Building and Facility Components which lists manufacturers of such components as acoustical panels, building systems, gymnasium dividers...
Branded Environments. Defining the Restructured High School Campus. Using New York City's former South Bronx High School as an example, this document discusses techniques for distinguishing by graphics the small schools that share a large building. These include... 12/31/2003
Campus Signs: Delivering the Message. Discusses campus signage and the image it gives to visitors about the institution itself, as well as ways to evaluate existing sign systems to determine if they are properly conveying the messages... 10/31/1998
Communicating the Future Costs have come down and schools are looking at new ways to show their commitment to technology, not only to their students, but to the community as well. What they're finding is that digital... 05/31/2012
Complying With New Mandatory ADA Standards All state and government construction projects will soon have to bring their projects up to compliance to meet the 2010 Standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act — a requirement that includes... 04/24/2012
Creating a User Friendly Library With Signage: Selected Bibliography. Extensive bibliography of articles and books on wayfinding in libraries, signs and the disabled, informational graphics, and more. 12/31/2003
Designing a Unified Campus. Discusses elements that contribute to a unified campus, including architecture, landscaping, signage, paving, circulation systems, outdoor furnishings and accessories, fencing, and lighting.... 04/30/2007
Digital Addition. Reviews types of digital signage, including stand-alone and Internet-based systems. Communication during emergencies, ease of updating, versatility of display, and ability to be alerted of a... 11/30/2009
Digital Bulletin Boards. Discusses school digital bulletin board systems to showcase student work, make announcements, and advise in emergencies. Types of systems, their costs, and management are addressed. 10/31/2008
Digital Signage Delivers on Campus Affordable wide-screen digital signs are finding multiple uses on campuses, and may even generate revenue. If there's a sale in the bookstore, a new cell phone plan for students, or a concert on... 09/30/2004
Digital Signage for Campus-Wide Communication Describes expanding signage plans to a campus wide network. Includes a case study of Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario. 04/30/2012
Digital Signage. This describes a whole new way to communicate news and information to students and other campus members, using digital displays. 03/31/2007
Digital Signage: Lighting the Way. Describes digital signage in schools that gives directions, makes announcements, and generates revenue by selling space to advertisers. 09/30/2006
Directional and Informational Signs for Educational Facilities. A Selected Bibliography. Many of the references in this bibliography are followed by a listing of ERIC descriptors to indicate the contents. The literature is pertinent to educational facilities design in providing for... 12/31/1969
Does Your Facility Comply with Sign Regulations? Reviews new Americans With Disabilibies Act (ADA) requirements for signage. Character proportion, mounting locations and heights, Braille and pictorial symbols, and finish and contrast are covered.... 06/30/2008
Does Your Hospital or School Comply with ADA Sign Regulations? Advises on signage requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. These cover width-to-height ratios of lettering, character spacing, mounting locations and heights, Braille and pictorial... 06/30/2009
Feeling Right at Home on a Big Ten Campus. Examines why Penn State's wayfinding program wins high marks from students and visitors alike. The school's combination of major boundary markers, kiosks, lighting, and identification signs... 04/30/2001
Finding the Way. Reviews the advantages of quality signage and environmental graphics on campuses, emphasizing the welcoming qualities of easy wayfinding, branding opportunities through signage, and the creation of a... 07/31/2007
Finding Your Way. Outlines elements of planning, signage and numbering schemes that enable easy wayfinding within educational facilities. 10/31/2003
Five Successful Strategies for Greening Your School. Describes five strategies for creating a green school: 1) Start wherever you are. 2) Benchmark energy use with ENERGY STAR. 3) Change occupant behavior. 4) Use abundant signage. 5) Test with pilot... 12/31/2010
Following the Signs. Discusses meeting ADA guidelines when purchasing permanent signs for schools. ADA guidelines are provided and the use of raised characters and braille are discussed. It notes that ADA guidelines are... 04/30/1998
Get a Head Start on Mass Notification Code Regulations. Reviews current and upcoming codes for mass notification systems that are coupled with fire alarm systems. These include multi-channel systems that accommodate customized messages for different areas... 04/30/2007