Seismic Design and Retrofit for Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Brief Review of School Typologies in Italy: Specific Vulnerability and Possible Strategies for Seismic Retrofitting. Outlines the four main distributive typologies of school buildings in Italy, which are strongly characterized by their periods of construction: stand-alone masonry buildings, reinforced concrete... 12/31/2003
A Concrete Solution. Cites the virtues of precast concrete for school construction. These include lower construction costs, shorter construction time, high seismic and blast resistance, a wide variety of design options,... 05/31/2008
A Critical Review of Current Approaches to Earthquake Resistant Design. Documents the history of U. S. codes and standards of practice, focusing primarily on the strengths and deficiencies of current code approaches. Issues addressed include: seismic hazard analysis,... 12/31/1994
A Flexible Factory. Describes the design of a temporary facility for the UCLA art and dance departments, whose facilities are undergoing seismic retrofitting. The concrete and steel industrial aesthetic of the project... 09/30/2003
A Safer, and Brighter, School Design. Discusses a school design that is the product of research by a structural engineer to cut losses from predicted earthquakes. The design takes conventional materials and school designs found in... 06/23/2008
Building Back Better. Documents the education sector's response to 2005 Pakistani earthquakes. While funding for educational activities in the relief period was relatively generous, commitment for longer-term... 12/31/2007
Building Blocks: Humanitarian Design and Schools. Profiles simple schools constructed in developing, disaster-stricken, or otherwise challenged areas. These include a prototype two-room school facility built in many Haitian locations where the 2010... 12/31/2010
Buildings, Not Drills, Hold Key to Disaster-Proof Schools. In the Mid-South, the Wasatch Front, and the Pacific Northwest, hundreds of thousands of children attend classes in buildings not designed to protect them on the day that local faults decide to slip... 07/17/2011
Built to Resist Earthquakes, The Path to Quality Seismic Design and Construction This curriculum contains training materials pertaining to the seismic design and retrofit of wood-frame buildings, concrete and masonry construction, and nonstructural components. Included are... 12/31/1998
California Schools Pass Up Earthquake Safety Study. Few school districts have requested results of a 2002 California survey that found 7,537 buildings that might perform poorly and imperil students in the event of a big earthquake, and even fewer have... 02/29/2004
California Style. Profiles the University of Southern California's new School of Cinematic Arts. The modern interpretation of the early 20th-century California style blends with existing campus architecture.... 08/31/2009
Carrington Hall. Describes the renovation of this historic auditorium at Redwood City's Sequoia High School. Historic details were restored, while seismic and HVAC upgrades were made, and modern theatrical... 12/31/2004
Case Studies in Rapid Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings. Offers 53 case studies of specific buildings evaluated using the ATC-20 Rapid Evaluation procedure. The 53 case studies include 21 from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and 12 from the 1994 Northridge... 12/31/1995
Damage in Schools in the 1998 Faial Earthquake in the Azores Islands, Portugal. Presents the results of 21 school inspections after the July 9,1998, earthquake on the islands of Faial and Pico in Portugal. The inspections were an attempt to establish the correlation between... 12/31/2003
Damage Mitigation for School Buildings in Seismically Vulnerable Regions. School buildings have suffered disproportionate damage during past and recent earthquakes. For example, during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, many school buildings collapsed, resulting in loss of life... 12/31/2010
Design Guide for Improving School Safety in Earthquakes, Floods, and High Winds. Provides design guidance for the protection of school buildings and their occupants against natural hazards, concentrating on K-12 facilities. The focus is on the design of new schools, but the... 12/31/2003
Developing a Strategy for Improving Seismic Safety of Schools in Nepal. Discusses the extreme vulnerability of schools in this earthquake-prone country. A program to survey and assess school buildings, implement risk reduction, and to train students, teachers, local... 12/31/2008
Disaster Management and Educational Facilities. Summarizes discussions from a seminar focusing on earthquakes and educational facilities, including findings related to educational buildings; partnerships; training; standards, regulations, and... 05/31/2002
Disaster Prevention for Schools: Guidance for Education Sector Decision-Makers; Consultation Version. Provides guidance to school administrators, teachers, education authorities, and school safety committees. The guide introduces disaster impacts on and prevention for schools; creating and... 10/31/2008
Earthquake and Schools. [Videotape] Designing schools to make them more earthquake resistant and protect children from the catastrophic collapse of the school building is discussed in this 13-minute videotape. It reveals that 44 of the... 08/25/1994
Earthquake Preparedness 101: Guidelines for Colleges and Universities. Detailed information on earthquake preparedness, earthquake response, and post-disaster recovery, written for university and college emergency managers. 10/31/2000
Earthquake Preparedness Checklist for Schools. [California] Provides a checklist highlighting the important questions and activities that should be addressed and undertaken as part of a school safety and preparedness program for earthquakes. It reminds... 12/31/1998
Earthquake Safety and Sidewalk Survey Scores in Clackamas County Schools, Clackamas County, Oregon. Estimates through sidewalk surveys and walk-throughs that about half of the County's K-12 schools may be in need of further seismic study and potential upgrades. The surveys do not account for... 12/31/2003
Earthquake Vulnerability of School Buildings in Algeria. Describes the nature and cost of damage to school facilities in the May 21, 2003, Boumerdes earthquake and other earthquakes in Algeria. Statistics are provided on the extent of damage and estimated... 12/31/2003
Earthquakes and Educational Infrastructure Policy in Mexico. Describes the measures that are being taken to improve the response of Mexico's educational sector to earthquakes. Federal, state and municipal governments are acting to increase awareness in... 12/31/2003