Science Facilities --HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
21st-Century Labs. Discusses typical features and design challenges for 21st century higher education laboratories. 08/31/2005
A Beauty with Brains. Profiles the new Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Dallas. The state-of-the-art research facility features a nanoelectrics materials laboratory and... 12/31/2007
A Better Home for Undergraduate Science. Discusses the nationwide renewal of undergraduate science facilities that will be required in the near future to sustain the current momentum in curriculum reform. Provides a rationale for space... 09/30/1996
A Building Development Plan at Laval University, Quebec. Describes three projects under construction at the University of Laval: the Wood Processing Center; The Optics, Photonics and Laser Center; and Ferdinand-Vandry Hall for the teaching of health... 01/31/2004
A Clear Translation. Profiles the Michael F. Price Center for Genetic and Translation Medicine at Yeshiva University. The center works closely with five hospital centers in the New York area in order to bring medical... 06/30/2008
A High-Performance Science Center. Describes the LEED silver-certified Vermeer Science Center at Central College in Pella, Iowa. A high standard of energy efficiency is realized with an innovative HVAC system that combines laboratory... 06/30/2004
A New Kind of Teaching Lab: Chemistry for the 21st Century Describes a state-of-the-art chemistry laboratory on the campus of the University of Buffalo, constructed in a 1960s-vintage building. 02/29/2012
A PKAL Roundtable: Facilities of the Future. Twenty-four academics and architects gathered in March 2003 in Cranbrook, Michigan, to explore the shape of spaces for science in 2012, incorporating the range of issues from how changes in the... 12/31/2002
A Science Building that Goes Easy on Energy. Profiles the Marve Nelson Science Learning Center at Washington's Green River Community College. The building features stacked labs that minimize the footprint and maximizes sharing of systems. 08/27/2008
A Solid Platform: Trends in Labs for the Physical Sciences and Engineering. Discusses the trend toward open, inter-disciplinary science teaching facilities that incorporate the sciences. Several recent higher education science facilities are cited, featuring flexible spaces... 10/31/2009
A Vivarium Primer: Keys to Planning for Success. Discusses animal caging, room configuration, and personnel and material flow in vivariums. The article explores these areas in order to align the design fo a facility with protocols and practices,... 06/30/2007
A&M's Vanguard. Profiles Texas A&M's new Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building, a state-of-the-art research facility designed to attract federal and private research funding. The modern building borrows... 12/31/2007
Academic Laboratory. [Whole Building Design Guide] This section of the Whole Building Design Guide elaborates on the attributes and characteristics of academic laboratories, describing typical spaces. It discusses design strategies for teaching... 04/30/2006
Academic Science Planning: Linking Curriculum to Space Discusses at length the challenges of designing complex STEM buildings. Strategic thinking is required. 08/31/2011
Academic Village. Describes how three buildings one completed (library), one under construction (music facility), one in predesign (science building) are infusing the University of Minnesota Duluth with a renewed... 12/31/2000
Accessibility: Maximum Mobility and Function. Describes how to design school and university labs to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, focusing on counter height for students in wheelchairs; appropriate knee space and... 06/30/2003
Adaptive Reuse Creates Viable Research Incubator. Profiles the University Enterprise Laboratories, a partnership between the University of Minnesota and several corporate partners that is housed in a converted warehouse. 05/31/2008
After Accidents, Laboratory Safety is Questioned. Reviews safety problems at rapidly-proliferating higher education biodefense laboratories. Lack of oversight and delays in incident reporting by research institutions are cited as particularly... 10/18/2007
All-Steel Exterior Surrounds Animal Teaching and Research Center. Profiles Utah State University's new Animal Teaching and Research Center, highlighting its attention to the interface of human and animal traffic, a pre-fabricated building envelope that helped... 11/30/2008
APPA: The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers An international association which maintains, protects, and promotes the quality of educational facilities. APPA serves and assists facilities officers and physical plant administrators, conducts...
Architectural Record Building Types Study: Laboratories Features profiles of significant higher education sicence facilities since 2006, organized by year. For each facility a short description, photographs, building statistics, and architect information...
Arizona State Science and Technology Building. Profiles this interdisciplinary higher education science building featuring highly flexible laboratories and an interior courtyard that serves as the main circulation space for the building. A list... 06/30/2006
Arizona State University ISTB 1. Profiles this new science facility that accommodates state of the art research in a LEED Gold-certified building. Thoughtful orientation to the sun, 82% daylit space, and use of local and sustainable... 10/31/2008
Arizona's New Biotech Magnet. Describes the award-winning design of Arizona State University's Biodesign Institute. The multi-disciplinary, collaborative science facility features open laboratories with modular, movable... 05/31/2006
ASHRAE 90.1 Helps University Bioprocessing Lab Achieve LEED Credit EA-1. Discusses design measures used to meet LEED standards by incorporating changes to ASHRAE 90.1, the energy conservation code addressing energy use in laboratories, in the University of Illinois... 09/30/2008