Schools as a Teaching Tool

Title Abstract Publication Date
'Smart' Spaces Aren't Just for Classrooms Anymore. Describes the revolution in total school design promulgated in Building Information Modeling (BIM). The article discusses the learning that occurs in every school space, not just the classrooms, and... 12/31/2009
2008 Green Design Awards. Presents a panel of judges selections of 26 exemplary K-12 and higher education buildings, in the categories of Building as a Teaching Tool; Energy Efficiency and Conservation; Visual, Acoustical,... 10/31/2008
A Design That Teaches Others. Advocates creating school buildings that teach environmental stewardship, emphasizing retention of trees, recycling, and school gardens. 05/16/2009
A Genius Idea Description and photos of the outdoor play and learn area at All Saints School in Norwalk, Connecticut that promotes play and an understanding of the physical sciences and energy conservation. The... 05/23/2012
A Room to Learn. Rethinking Classroom Environments. Based on the latest research about how children learn, this book helps teachers make their classrooms into creative spaces that facilitate teaching and learning. Geared toward showing teachers how to... 05/31/2011
A Small Footprint. Profiles this prototype school that was built on an infill site by virtue of its small footprint and its proximity to public facilities. The site selection, community participation, building design,... 03/31/2010
Active Learning. Discusses using green concepts to inspire learning and create buildings as teaching tools. Gives examples of complementary learning spaces that acknowledges the role of teachers as guides and... 02/28/2011
An Elementary School with a Global Perspective: The Building as a Teaching Tool. Profiles the District of Columbia's Stoddart Elementary School. The renovated facility features a ground source heat pump system, LEED Gold certification, and a curriculum that emphasizes energy... 12/31/2010
Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation. Guidebook for designing and building natural schoolyard environments that enhance childhood learning and play experiences while providing connection with the natural world. Intended for parents,... 10/31/2010
Assignment: Eco-Friendly Campuses. Discusses how institutions of higher education can use their campus environments as a teaching tool and laboratory for finding solutions to environmental dilemmas and ensure that their campus... 06/30/2002
Atascocita Springs Elementary School Case study of Atascocita Springs Elementary School in Humble, Texas that achieves CHPS verified and LEED certified criteria. The building is a learning tool, inside and out, and addresses the... 11/30/2011
Bringing Art into the Design of an Arts Magnet School. Shows design features of the K-8 Arts Magnet School in New Haven, Connecticut, that allow the facility to be used as a learning tool. Also explores ways to bring artistic energy into the building... 10/31/2001
Build a School, Inspire a Community. Profiles River Crest Elementary School in Hudson, Wisconsin. This green school was built at 29% below the average cost for schools in that region, and has formed partnerships with the YMCA camp... 04/30/2010
Building as Teaching Tool. Profiles Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. The 1,800-student school is divided into three semi-autonomous institutions of 600 students each, and architectural energy-saving features... 12/31/2007
Buildings That Teach Sustainability. Describes how to make schools themselves teaching tools. Includes a checklist that outlines key sustainable elements that should be considered during the design of a school that support an... 12/31/2008
Buildings that Teach. Discusses how incorporating the environment into school design can enhance the learning process. Describes characteristics of this sustainable design style, the energy efficiency and educational... 07/31/2002
Buildings that Teach. Discusses Roy Lee Walker Elementary School In McKinney, Texas as an example of a high performance, or green, school. The school blends the physical environment with the student learning process while... 12/31/2001
Buildings That Teach. Teachers can use built teaching aids or elements of the school building itself to expand teaching and enhance learning. Possibilities include bulletin boards, display cases, murals painted by local... 03/31/1998
Buildings That Teach. Design and Learning Go Hand in Hand. The art of school design is taking a leap forward into the 21st century, resulting in the creation of multisensory, interactive, functionally well-designed, and aesthetically beautiful learning... 06/30/1997
Buildings That Teach: IslandWood Green Design and Architecture. A portrait of the built environment at IslandWood, an outdoor learning center near Seattle, WA. We meet the architects, the designers, and their clients: the children and the land. 12/31/2007
Campus Buildings that Teach Lessons. Describes how Brown University has begun looking at building design and performance as a shadow curriculum that supports or argues with the principles being taught in a building's classroom.... 02/28/2002
Campus Ecology: A Guide to Assessing Environmental Quality and Creating Strategies for Change. Uses the campus as a laboratory for the study of resource flows and for the implementation of environmentally sound alternatives. Analytical abilities and practical skills students will need to... 12/31/1992
Case Study: Manassas Park Elementary + Pre-K. Manassas Park, Virginia VMDO Architects uses sustainable buildings systems and natural cycles to demonstrate eco-conscious living to the next generation. With outdoor learning spaces, views of the forests, and building... 06/30/2010
Creating 21st Century Learning Environments. Presents four opinions on developing schools for the 21st century. A Singapore management professional explains how the school building can serve as a three-dimensional learning tool. A New Zealand... 05/31/2005
Dashboard Displays QA Graphics installed its Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard at Chemawa Indian School, the oldest continuously operating boarding school in the United States. Displayed on a 19-inch monitor... 01/27/2010