Safety and Security--PK-12

Title Abstract Publication Date
2002 School Resource Officer Survey. Final Report on the 2nd Annual National Survey of School-Based Police Officers. Findings from a survey conducted by the National Association of School Resource Officers show the vulnerability of schools. An overwhelming majority of school-based police officers feel that their... 09/24/2002
2007 Security and Vulnerability Assessment Project. Reports on the positive and negative security aspects of the seven facilities in Connecticut's Madison Public Schools. Security assessment results for each school are provided, as are the scope... 10/31/2007
2008 School Security Survey. This survey of the school security professionals presents graphs indicated top security concerns, time spent reviewing security preparedness, security spending, security equipment installed or... 06/30/2008
21st Century Security and CPTED. Presents a collection of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) writings by CPTED practitioners. These essays outline contemporary national building security codes, best practices, and... 12/31/2007
A Breakthrough Approach to Safety and Regulatory Compliance. Describes Public-SchoolWORKS, an integrated safety and compliance management system developed by several southwestern Ohio school districts. The web-based system combines software to implement and... 05/31/2004
A Checklist for Safe Schools School buildings ideally would have few exterior access points, no isolated hallways, and sunlit classrooms. A safety checklist recommends locating offices near main doors, monitoring hallway traffic... 02/29/2000
A Holistic Approach to School Security. Asserts that school security requires a variety of methods combined into a single, cohesive solution that addresses five areas: management, building security, violence prevention and intervention,... 05/31/2002
A Reality Check for Security Upgrades. Describes issues and opportunities encountered with new school security systems such as communication with first responders across different municipalities, retrofitting modern systems into older... 03/31/2006
A Safe Environment Discusses the EPA's first-ever federal guidelines for locating school facilities that encourage high-performance schools, stress the importance of locating schools near populations and... 11/30/2011
A Safe Haven. Presents four key steps in planning for school security and creating a safe, secure environment for students: deterring the possibility of crime; detecting when something potentially troublesome has... 11/30/2002
A School Security Outlook for 2009. Presents an interview with a school security professional indicating that mass notification systems, computer network security, and connectivity to local law enforcement agencies are the current... 11/30/2008
A Special Event. Discusses planning security for special events at schools, offering tips in the areas of natural security, organizational security, and mechanical security. 01/31/2003
A View to Safety. Describes glass films that improve impact resistance and can be retrofitted onto existing windows at significantly less cost than replacing the glass. Also described are solar films for use in... 11/30/2004
A Whole New Paradigm. Describes improvements in closed circuit television systems which make the systems easier and more useful for school security. One such innovation is the movement to tapeless systems that digitally... 08/31/2002
Access Control at the Construction Site. Describes ten security procedures to protect students from assault or injury when construction is in progress during school hours. 02/29/2004
Access Control for Building Systems? Describes how automated building system technologies may soon make security technology, such as access control, more practical for K-12 schools. 03/31/2003
Access Control Needs to be Comprehensive. Addresses the need for comprehensive school access control. The article is framed in the context of the four D's (deter, detect, delay, and detain). 11/30/2010
Access Denied. Recommends creating a culture of safety in schools by conducting safety surveys of schools, their grounds, and their neighborhoods, by survey teams consisting of educators from the school assisted by... 03/31/2005
Achieving Metal Detection Optimization. Reviews considerations for metal detectors in schools, including proper placement to avoid electronic interference, types of walk-through and handheld detectors, adjustment of metal detectors for... 06/30/2008
Advanced Planning. Explains the importance of developing a comprehensive security plan prior to purchasing more equipment and resources to bolster school safety. Decision making following the plan's development is... 03/31/2000
Advances in Protection. Explains how integrating information technology can extend the capabilities of school security systems beyond traditional card access. Explores the use of biometric identification technologies such... 08/31/2000
After the Fall. Describes Minnesota's landmark Bleacher Safety Act, enacted after a 6-year-old fell to his death from bleachers, and the efforts and recommendations of other states and organizations regarding... 04/30/2002
Alarming Ideas In today's raw, aggressive world, it seems important to bar a parent with that idea from entering. That's just one of many reasons that schools, today, typically lock all exterior doors and... 05/31/2012
All You Need to Do Is Ask. Invite Safety to the Table to Prevent Design Flaws To avoid problematic design features that can been easily avoided, advises asking for assistance in design process from school security, law enforcement, fire service, and emergency management... 02/29/2012
Alvord Schools Network Access Control to Improve Security. Describes how this California school system used bond funding to place their 20 schools on a single access control network, replacing most keys with access cards and traditional locks with wireless... 09/30/2008