Safety and Security--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
2008 School Security Survey. This survey of the school security professionals presents graphs indicated top security concerns, time spent reviewing security preparedness, security spending, security equipment installed or... 06/30/2008
21st Century Security and CPTED. Presents a collection of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) writings by CPTED practitioners. These essays outline contemporary national building security codes, best practices, and... 12/31/2007
A Blueprint for Safer Campuses. Provides 20 recommendations from the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) for creating safer higher education campuses. The points cover safety personnel and... 12/31/2008
A Green Perspective on Campus Security Campus police and security departments are critical players in the greening of the campus environment and can embrace the following green technologies and strategies: use bicycles, hybrid or electric... 11/02/2011
A Healthy Approach to Fitness Center Security. Examines techniques for keeping college fitness centers secure while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. Building access control, preventing locker room theft, and suppressing causes for physical... 07/31/2000
A Holistic Approach to Mass Notification. Cites disadvantages to audio mass notification, and advocates strategically placed visual alerting and smart LED signage in campus high traffic and gathering areas. 12/31/2007
A Look Back at a Disaster Plan: What Went Wrong and Right. Presents an evaluation of Tulane University's disaster plan by the University's Vice President for Information Technology. The successes and failures of its information technology... 12/08/2005
A Multi-Pronged Plan. Reviews a number of security technologies currently available for campus security. These include video surveillance, video analytics, cell phone alerting, and personal tracking systems. 06/30/2007
A School Security Outlook for 2009. Presents an interview with a school security professional indicating that mass notification systems, computer network security, and connectivity to local law enforcement agencies are the current... 11/30/2008
Access Control Is More than Security. Describes the University of New Mexico's photo identification LOBO card system, which performs both security and validation tasks. It is used in conjunction with several C-CURE 800 Integrated... 10/31/2002
Access Control Systems, Policies, and Procedures. Discusses the problem of failed access control systems due to improper use, failure to comply with the system, and disabling for convenience. 12/31/2008
Access Granted. Explores card access systems in colleges and universities and how access cards are being upgraded to include other features that enhance functionality and building security. Addressing card... 09/30/1997
Accessing the Campus. Discusses the expanded uses of school identification card systems for college campuses and the benefits to the campus of having a one-card, multi-purpose system. Tips for setting up a one-card system... 04/30/1999
Achieving Metal Detection Optimization. Reviews considerations for metal detectors in schools, including proper placement to avoid electronic interference, types of walk-through and handheld detectors, adjustment of metal detectors for... 06/30/2008
Advanced Security Solutions in Higher Education. Reviews current needs for security in higher education, including sophisticated digital video surveillance analytics that uses existing cameras, can play back without interrupting surveillance, and... 12/31/2007
After Accidents, Laboratory Safety is Questioned. Reviews safety problems at rapidly-proliferating higher education biodefense laboratories. Lack of oversight and delays in incident reporting by research institutions are cited as particularly... 10/18/2007
After Va. Tech, Campuses Rush to Add Alert Systems. Reviews combinations of low- and high-tech alerting techniques that are rapidly being deployed on college campuses in response to recent violent incidents. Challenges in getting students to sign up... 10/04/2007
All American Upgrade. Reviews how American University upgraded an uneven security system afflicted by poor installation and maintenance. Hardware and locking devices were standardized, staff was trained, cameras installed... 10/31/2007
All-Hazards Campus Safety: From Tornadoes to Terrorism. Emphasizes the importance of a risk and vulnerability assessment before dramatic and expensive campus security measures are put in place. Four types of assessment tools are outlined, accompanied by... 10/31/2005
Are You Ready? Basics of Emergency Operations Planning. Describes the steps colleges and universities can take to build an effective emergency operations plan to keep students and staff safe when disasters strike. 11/30/2001
Arena Security Is No Game Taken Lightly. Advises on security at athletic venues, discussing perimeter and access control, credentialing, physical protection systems, risk and emergency management, recovery, security personnel, training, and... 04/30/2009
Balancing the Freedom to Connect with the Mandate to Protect. Describes steps taken at Arizona State University to maintain an accessible computer network while reducing the extraordinary numbers of security breaches being experienced. This involved securing a... 10/31/2005
Because One Day the Emergency Will Be Real. Explores the importance of disaster drills for colleges and universities and the key factors in planning these drills. Important factors in planning disaster drills include starting early in the... 05/31/2000
Behind Closed Doors. Explains why campus security officials consider locker rooms and restrooms the bane of their jobs, and offers a formula for protecting property and privacy at the same time: first secure the entire... 01/31/2002
Better Safe Than Sorry. Discusses how involving safety and security personnel throughout the planning and design process contributes to better campus safety and security. Security personnels' involvement in the master... 11/30/2000