Roof Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Cool Choice. Explains the properties and benefits of cool roofs, including products currently used to build them. Advice for selecting a roof system is provided. 02/28/2006
A Guide to Designing Sustainable, Environmental Systems. This enumerates 21 tenets of sustainable roofing, and provides as a case study the Highland Park, Illinois High School science classroom roof system design solution. 09/30/2001
A Lasting Relationship. Offers basic planning principles needed to ensure long-term roofing system performance for schools and universities. Discusses decision making tips for selecting a quality manufacturer and other... 09/30/2001
A Sustainable Approach. Describes elements of sustainable school design in the areas of HVAC efficiency, windows, insulation, roofing, landscaping, and recycling. 06/30/2006
A Timeline for Reroofing Success. Explains the best time during the four seasons to perform the various activities necessary for an efficient roofing project. Defines the major activities: planning, specifications, construction... 01/31/1998
Advance Preparation. Explores the key stages required to develop a successful roofing system for educational facilities. Advice provided includes selecting consultants and contractors, bid evaluation, points to cover... 09/30/1999
Applying Green Roofs to Schools. Article discusses how green roofs, elevated roof surfaces covered entirely by a thin soil and vegetation layer, can provide benefits to schools. First, green roofs improve the built environment by... 06/30/2001
Applying the Right Roof Coating to the Right Roof Discusses when to repair a roof versus when to replace a roof; selecting the right roof coating; the features and benefits of various roof coatings. 02/29/2012
Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association A trade association representing the majority of the asphalt roofing industry's manufacturing companies and their raw material suppliers. This web page provides information from ‘Roofing Basics...
At Home with Cool-Colored Roofs. Describes reflective dark-colored roofs that reflect more sunlight that typical dark roofs, thus reducing heat gain. A typical light-colored roof has 70% reflectivity, while a typical dark- colored... 12/31/2004
Beat the Heat with a Cool Roof. Advocates for light-colored, cool roofs, which are easily installed and can significantly reduce roof temperature during the Summer. Selection criteria, categories of cool roofs, and benefits to the... 06/30/2010
Beyond Cool. Discusses solar reflectivity and thermal emittance of cool roofs. EnergyStar, GreenGlbes, and LEED ratings are also addressed. Cautions against installing cool roofs in cool climates are voiced, as... 06/30/2010
Black vs. White Roofing. Discusses three reasons why white roofs may not always be the best selection. These are: 1) White membranes are not necessarily as durable in all climates. 2) In colder climates, the warming benefit... 11/30/2009
Building Codes for Roofs. Explains how building codes developed and what they say about low-sloped commercial roofing systems. 12/31/2002
Building Codes Illustrated for Elementary and Secondary Schools. Analyzes and illustrates the intent and potential interpretations of the 2006 International Building Code (IBC) as it applies to educational facilities. The book discusses how the Code was developed... 12/31/2006
Choosing the Right Roof. Offers tips for selecting roofing products for new or renovated buildings. Various site specific design parameters are examined such as building life, climatic exposure, water drainage, traffic... 02/28/1999
Cool Roof Concepts: The Top 10 for FMs. Describes ten properties of a cool roof that facility managers should consider when selecting a roofing system. 03/31/2010
Cool Roofing a Hot Topic. Discusses the solar reflectance and thermal emittance properties of various roofing materials, with an emphasis on those that offer high values in these area and lower heating and cooling costs. Also... 07/31/2006
Cool Roofing: Hot Button Issues. Discusses the properties of cool roofs in terms of reflectance and thermal emittance. A high degree of both are required for a roof to remain cool. Exact savings that can be realized from a cool roof... 03/31/2009
Cool Roofs: A Hot Idea. Describes impact of installing cool roofs on not only the environment but also on the HVAC costs. An additional description of vegatative roofs is included. 05/31/2010
Cool Shelter. Discusses the benefits of cool metal roofing on schools, largely in the area of energy savings, but also in their recycled content and applicability to existing roof systems. The method and materials... 10/31/2005
Cost-benefit analysis of a Building Integrated Photovoltaic Roofing System for a School Located in Blacksburg, Virginia. Analyzes how solar radiation, temperature, solar altitude, and solar azimuth affect the power produced by a new thin film photovoltaic panel. Through the application of multiple linear regression,... 05/08/2006
Decisions, Decisions: Your School's Roof. Discusses the difficulty of choosing appropriate roofing materials. Explores factors that influence roofing material choices. Examines material selection based on roof slope, aesthetics, fire codes,... 09/30/1999
Demonstration of Cooling Savings of Light Colored Roof Surfacing in Florida Commercial Buildings: Our Savior's School. A 2-year Florida study attempted to quantify air conditioning cost savings when buildings have a white reflective roof. A 10,000 square foot elementary school with a gray modified bitumen roof over... 12/31/1995
Dome Field Advantage Following a windstorm, the University of Northern Iowa replaced the storm-damaged domed roof on the multi-purpose sports and recreation facility with PVC. 03/31/2012