Roof Repair and Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Guide to Protecting Your Roof from a Snow-Related Failure. Provides criteria used to calculate potential snow loads around the country and suggests ways to prevent collapse of roofs during heavy snows. These are: 1)Ensure that the roof was properly designed... 10/31/2003
A Landmark Project. Discusses the replacement of a slate roof on Georgetown University's historic Healy Hall. The complicated process for access, removal, repair of the deck, re-shingling, and flashing replacement... 07/31/2008
A Lasting Relationship. Offers basic planning principles needed to ensure long-term roofing system performance for schools and universities. Discusses decision making tips for selecting a quality manufacturer and other... 09/30/2001
A New Way of Looking at Roofs. Discusses how colleges can use infrared technology to identify roofing moisture problems and help extend roof life, generate energy savings, and increase air quality. 05/31/2001
A Permanent Fix. Discusses the benefits of a preventive maintenance program for a school's building envelope, especially roofing, including avoiding a crisis-management mentality and gaining greater control over... 03/31/2003
Action Items. Advises on roof repair by carefully following the steps of assessment by a qualified inspector, selecting the right partner for the job, using the right materials, evaluating a warranty, and... 01/31/2009
Aerial Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys. Describes the processes of infrared roof moisture surveys and why they are most effectively executed from aircraft, rather than by standing on the roof. Infrared imagery can reveal where a roof is... 01/31/2005
Applying Green Roofs to Schools. Article discusses how green roofs, elevated roof surfaces covered entirely by a thin soil and vegetation layer, can provide benefits to schools. First, green roofs improve the built environment by... 06/30/2001
Asset Management. Advises on the elements of regular roof inspections and the risks of not conducting them. Engaging a roof specialist is recommended, and the qualifications that such a professional should possess are... 06/30/2011
Cold Fusion. Discusses ways to prepare school building roofs for the winter season by paying attention to areas of the roof where problems typically occur. Reviews inspection procedures and application guidelines... 09/30/1998
Comprehensive Nonresidential Building Analysis to Estimate the Current Reality of Roofing Longevity. This study was undertaken to determine whether existing depreciation rules for nonresidential roofs are realistic, and whether they may create obstacles for the timely replacement of those roofs In... 12/31/2004
Covering Your Assets. Describes how a roof maintenance program will ensure that schools enjoy optimum protection for occupants and property. Discusses how to set up a plan, which includes annual inspections; inventory and... 05/31/1996
Critical Review. Recommends implementing a roof-maintenance program as part of a comprehensive assessment of all building components that is intended to identify potential or existing moisture problems before they... 05/31/1998
Defeating the Drips. Discusses a holistic approach to preventing moisture penetration of exterior walls in modular school buildings, emphasizing the related topics of roof leaks and roof waterproofing, condensation, and... 02/29/2000
Designing Systems with Maintenance in Mind. Discusses school roof inspection and upkeep and the steps needed to help extend a roof's life. Water removal systems, material selection, and roof design considerations are addressed. 05/31/1997
District of Columbia Public Schools: Availability of Funds and the Cost of FY 1997 Roof Projects. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, Restructuring and the District of Columbia Committee on Governmental Affairs This document presents the results of a review of the District of Columbia Public Schools' (DCPS) efforts to repair school roofs during the summer of 1997. The statement details when funds were... 12/31/1997
Don't Let Roofing Top Your Budget. Discusses annual roofing inspections, types of roofs, roofing problems, and their solutions. 06/30/2009
Enhancing Roofing Performance. Discusses current design and product solutions for school roofs and describes the Denver Public Schools' system for assessing roofs and prioritizing repair and replacement. 02/28/2006
Extending the Roof Life. Discusses the leading causes of roof failure, followed by four components of a roof system maintenance program. These four elements of keeping records of installation and warranties, regular... 01/31/2009
FacilitiesNet FacilitiesNet, a comprehensive site for professionals who design, construct, manage and maintain buildings, features online editions of Building Operating Management, Maintenance Solutions, and...
Facility Managers Benefit from the Web. Reviews basic features of computerized maintenance management systems, capital planning and asset management systems, and roofing asset management software. These products are increasingly web-based... 10/31/2005
Five Ways to Make a Roof Last Longer. Discusses extending roof life through proper design, quality materials, quality workmanship, weather considerations, and timely maintenance. 09/30/2009
Fixing the Leak: It's Not as Simple as it Looks. Even roofs that enjoy regular maintenance may leak at some point in their service lives. One of the advantages of a formal roof maintenance program is that it makes it easier to predict, pinpoint and... 04/30/2004
Flat Roof Follies: The Importance of Venting and Understanding Water. Describes the typical construction of a flat roof, addressing the proper flashing and venting techniques to prevent water penetration and to prevent condensation of interior water vapor within the... 05/31/2009
From a Nightmare to a Dream. [Project Profile: Roofing Retrofit.] Details the replacement of a problematic roof at Duke University Medical Center. The design of the successful replacement and recycling of removed roofing materials is described. 06/30/2010