Title Abstract Publication Date
17th Annual School Construction Report: It's Still Billions of Dollars Reports that school construction completed in 2011 was $12.2 billion, continuing a downward trend since 2009. $6.9 billion was spent on new schools, while $2.6 billion went to additions and $2.6... 01/31/2012
2003 Architectural Portfolio: Renovation/Modernization. Presents sixteen K-12 and higher education renovations and modernizations recognized in this competition. Includes project data and photographs. 10/31/2003
2004 Architectural Portfolio: Renovation/Modernization. Presents 25 K-12 and higher eductional renovation and modernization projects recognized by this competition. Project information and photographs are included. 10/31/2004
2005 Architectural Portfolio: Renovation/Modernization. Presents 22 educational facility renovations and modernizations cited in this competition. Selection was based on security, innovation, cost-effectiveness, timelessness, community use, functionality... 10/31/2005
2006 Architectural Portfolio: Renovation/Modernization Profiles nine middle, high, and university renovations selected for outstanding innovation, image, function, flexibility, maintainability, sustainability, security, community use, balance of... 10/31/2006
2007 Architectural Portfolio: Renovation/Modernization. Profiles 38 outstanding renovated and modernized school facilities selected for their innovation, sustainability, security, aesthetics, and life-cycle costs. These include new additions to pre-... 10/31/2007
2016 State of Our Schools: K-12 Facilities From the Executive Summary: Using industry standards adapted to K–12 public school facilities, we estimate that the nation should be spending about $145 billion per year to maintain, operate, and... 03/01/2016
21st Century Learning. Compares a 1990's concept of 21st century school improvements with the current reality of upgrades in an ailing economy. The biggest impact is on school libraries, since students no longer need... 04/30/2011
A Descriptive Analysis of the Perspectives of Neville High School's Teachers Regarding the Schools Renovation This paper describes a study conducted at Neville High School (Louisiana) in 1996-1997 designed to examine the effects of facility renovation on faculty morale. Questions considered participant views... 11/04/1998
A Drop in the Bucket. Describes different types of paint, their contents, and their relative life expectancies. 10/31/2004
A Drop of Prevention. [Fire Sprinkler System Retrofits] Describes advances in fire sprinkler technology that makes retrofitting a building easier, typical costs and benefits of retrofitting, code and plumbing requirements, and integration of sprinklers... 06/30/2010
A Lick of Paint. Advises on how to get a quality refurbishment of a school when the building of a new facility is not affordable. The process begins with assembling a cooperative team to assess the facility and... 12/31/2008
A Makeover With Attitude The renovation of a 1960's school in Canton, Ohio is examined. The 38,000-square-foot expansion incorporates classrooms that jut into a central performance space at odd angles with garage-style... 02/28/1997
A Model Program in a Remodeled Building. Renovations contributed to academic improvement at an Issaquah (Washington) elementary school. Enclosing an open-air corridor enabled it to be used for educational activities. Double doors connected... 06/30/2001
A Modern Facility for Modern Learning. Profiles the renovation of Riverside, Illinois' 1917 Riverside Brookfield high School. The phasing, cost breakdown, partial demolition, and more energy efficient outcome are addressed. 01/31/2010
A New Era in School Construction Begins. Provides several recently completed school renovation projects to illustrate how architects are reinventing an old school design model to better accomodate a growing student population and meet the... 01/31/2001
A Plan for Action or How To Change Old Schools into Open Space Schools Without Any Money! Presents notes from a workshop where three teams of architects and educators from across the country met to study three older school buildings and suggest economical ways for changing them into open...
A Platinum Restoration. Profiles the Wofford College restoration of a 1902 mill building to provide two laboratories, lecture and conference rooms, offices, and storage that supports an inter-disciplinary environmental... 03/31/2011
A Resonant Ensemble. Profiles the renovation of and addition to Dallas's Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts. The restored 1922 high school was enlarged with modern suites that... 12/31/2008
A Student Perspective on Greening Schools: Analysis of an Austin, Texas High School as a Model for Rethinking in Green. Presents a student's perspective on the necessity of green remodeling of existing schools. Austin's 1974 Lyndon Banes Johnson High School is described as an example where initial... 12/31/2007
A Study of Teacher Experiences During a Renovation Project. Reports teacher perceptions during the renovation of two high schools in Virginia. The two high schools had the same renovation timeline, floor plan, architectural design team, and construction... 03/16/2010
Abandoned School Buildings in Rural Illinois and Their Conversions. Reviews recent literature regarding the benefits of revitalizing abandoned school buildings and presents a summary of findings from a survey of administrators involved in building closures. Examples... 03/31/2007
ABCs of Successful Classroom Renovations. Asserts that successful classroom upgrades involve an examination of five areas: program fit within an existing building, technology utilization, regulatory compliance, building systems, and... 07/31/2003
Academy Rewards. A renovation and addition to the 60-year old Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia, provided the opportunity for this large comprehensive high school to be divided into four smaller academies that... 07/31/2003
Adapting New Business in an Old Building Describes the relocation of the University of Colorado Denver's Business School to an existing building in downtown Denver. While the adaptive design is modern and innovative, the old structure... 05/08/2012