Prototype Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
2006 Middle School Prototype Space Requirements and Special Conditions. Presents space requirements and special considerations for a 1750-student prototype middle school, including administrative, resource material, student activity, physical education,grade-specific... 02/28/2006
A Feasibility Study for Model School Design Plans. Report of the Department of Education to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia. Senate Document No. 8. Virginia Senate Joint Resolution No. 400 requested the Department of Education (DOE) to study the feasibility of the commonwealth providing model school design plans for elementary, middle, and high... 12/31/2001
A Guide for Using an Approved Prototypical School Design. [Georgia] Prototypical design here means an adequate learning facility with a similar building layout that has been constructed two or more times in Georgia. This guide describes procedures for getting... 07/31/2001
A High School for the 21st Century [Videotape] A 10-minute videotape digitally describes a North Carolina prototype high school designed to serve as a model for the 21st century schools. Design emphasis is placed on providing an educationally... 12/31/1997
A Look at Prototype Versus Site-specific Building Design. Provides tips for determining what school design is best for meeting the unique needs of a particular school district. Building toward educational goals and weighing the use of a prototype design... 05/31/1998
A Small Footprint. Profiles this prototype school that was built on an infill site by virtue of its small footprint and its proximity to public facilities. The site selection, community participation, building design,... 03/31/2010
Age Old Battle: The Struggle for Equality. Discusses challenges of perceived equity when newer school facilities are compared to older ones within a district. Thorough demographic planning, use of prototype schools, programmatic standards,... 12/31/2005
Alpine Prototype Middle Schools [Utah] Description, images, plans, and reviews of a prototype design for middle schools in Alpine/Lehi, Utah. The design by VCBO Architects was a winning project of the 2006 DesignShare Awards program. 12/31/2005
Architectural Plans – Copyright Legislation [PowerPoint Presentation] This presentation deals with California's Education Code 17316 (a) (b) (c) which states the contractual relationships between the architect and the school districts regarding the reuse of plans. 11/30/2003
Architectural Services, Construction, and Funding of California Schools. Details various methods of paying for school construction in California, and discusses problems with quick fixes such as stock school plans, relocatable buildings, and shifting of professional... 06/30/1999
Australian Lessons on Template-Based School Design. Examines Australia's template-based school design program that was a result of the 2007 Building the Education Revolution, a vast ten billion pound national stimulus package designed to provide... 02/15/2011
Basic Education (Girls) Project (BEGP) in Laos People's Democratic Republic. Profiles this project by which 504 schools and 52 district education offices have been built in remote areas of Laos considered to be below the poverty line. The overall objective is general primary... 12/31/2009
Belmont / Hollywood Primary Centers 2 and 3. Los Angeles Describes the title school building by Rios Associates, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on the architects, manufacturers/suppliers, and construction team; a... 02/28/2003
Best Practices Report: A Sampling of Best Practices and Resources of School Facility Construction. Reviews useful documents from the California Office of Public School Construction and several feature projects that illustrate recent school facility planning ideas and design solutions approved by... 02/28/2003
Community Concept 2005 Prototype Elementary School: Space Requirements and Special Conditions. Presents space requirements and special considerations for a 720-student prototype elementary school, including administrative, resource material, student activity, kindergarten, learning center,... 10/31/2005
Conley-Caraballo High School. Describes this alternative California high school, built in only 104 days because an architectural design already approved by the state was used. 08/31/2005
Construction Completed on Valle del Sol Elementary School for Coachella Valley Unified School District. Describes this K-6 community school that consists of a cluster of buildings each serving a separate grade. Students can reach the school by walking or biking, and the plan has been adapted for... 05/31/2006
Designing Schools Should Be Local Decision. Discusses the pros and cons for adopting a state-wide stock-plan design plan, as proposed by Indiana lawmakers. 12/31/2006
Developer Built Schools: A Project in Process [PowerPoint Presentation] This presentation features potential benefits of developer-built schools to the developer and to the school district and community. 04/30/2003
District and Builder Beware! Developer Built Schools. [Powerpoint presentation] School districts and developers working together on new schools in new communities is the norm for many California communities. However, the emerging strategy of developers constructing those schools... 02/27/2007
Douglas County Elementary School No. 42. Profiles this Colorado school, designed as an energy-efficient and flexible prototype that could be adapted to other sites in the county. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost... 06/30/2009
Educational/Cost/Maintenance and Other Benefits of Re-Use of Plans – Case Study 1: Elk Grove Unified School District. [Powerpoint Presentation] This case study includes Elk Grove's history of re-used plans and points to consider. 11/30/2003
Educational/Cost/Maintenance and Other Benefits of Re-Use of Plans – Case Study 2: Witter Ranch Elementary School, Natomas Unified School District. [Powerpoint Presentation] This case study about re-use of plans includes district goals, process, results for Witter Ranch Elementary School, community compatibility, and lessons learned. 11/30/2003
Effective Project Management and Project Delivery: A Canadian Perspective. Examines Canadian use of the standard project delivery methods, and the trend toward the Design-Build method and public/private partnerships due to a significant backlog of deferred maintenance and... 12/31/2004
Elementary School Is Prototype for Sustainable Design. Describes Hassan Elementary school in Rogers, Minnesota. The school achieved LEED certification through site orientation for optimal daylight, shallow rooms, two-story design, dimming T5 lights,... 03/31/2006