Preserving Historic Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Renovation vs. Replacement: Beyond Arbitrary Rules in the 21st Century. Urges reconsideration of percentage rules that too frequently dictate replacement over renovation of schools. The history of these rules and the evolution of new attitudes are described. 12/31/2002
Site Planning for Older and Historic School Facilities. Discusses site location and size requirements to be considered when renovating a school. Changes in transportation habits, environment, accessibility regulations, and student athletics laws will... 12/31/2002
To Build New or Renovate--That Is the Question. Presents seven categories for evaluating a school building when attempting to determine renovation versus replacement: 1) appropriateness of site and location, 2) building condition, 3) code... 12/31/2002
To Renovate or Build New: Looking Beyond the Numbers. Presents steps for reaching a decision on whether to renovate or replace a school: 1) Define the vision for the school. 2) Evaluate the existing school according to the vision. 3) Assess the... 12/31/2002
Unleashing the Potential of an Emerging Creative Class: the Restoration of Maggie L. Walker High School. Describes the restoration of Richmond's 1937 Maggie L. Walker High School through a public-private partnership. A double-loaded corridor design was opened up and equipped with the latest... 12/31/2002
Preserving Georgia's Historic Schools. Offers justifications for preserving the state's historic schools along with advice on how to receive historic designation and state funding for rehabilitation. Discussions of renovation versus... 12/31/2002
Preserving Our Older and Historic Schools: Rehabilitation Versus New Construction. Advocates a sequence for assessing older and historic schools for use by existing educational programs, and for special and alternative uses so that more older schools may be saved. (Includes 15... 12/31/2002
Historic Schools Technical Assistance Consortium. Final Report. This in-depth study of selected historic schools in the Columbus Public School district demonstrates that the renovation of such buildings can achieve a high standard of educational adequacy for a... 11/30/2002
A Call for Preservation. Explores how saving historic educational facilities can enhance a school's status as a community focal point. 10/31/2002
Why Johnny Can't Walk to School: Historic Neighborhood Schools in the Age of Sprawl. This report examines public policy effects on historic neighborhood school expansion, renovation, and replacement needs. It addresses four basic questions: (1) Are public policies inadvertently... 09/30/2002
A Landmark Rehabilitation. Describes an extensive $12.5-million renovation of Public School 157 in New York City, which was designed in 1907. Discusses issues faced in the historical preservation. Includes photographs. 08/31/2002
Saving Ohio's Historic Neighborhood Schools: A Primer for School Preservation Advocates. This publication was developed to assist concerned citizens faced with the loss of their neighborhood schools. It recounts a brief history of school reform in Ohio, leading to the current crisis, and... 07/23/2002
Myth and Reality: A Study of Excess Space in the District of Columbia Public High Schools. A Case Study of Cardozo and McKinley Technology Senior High Schools. This study involved an in-depth floor space analysis of Cardozo Senior High School, and a review of design plans for a modernized McKinley Tech High School (both in Washington, DC), in order to... 04/30/2002
Saving History and (Sometimes) Money. Offers a sampling of historic preservation projects by school districts. Examples include New York City Public School 157; Edward Lee McClain High School in Greenfield, Ohio; Dillard High School in... 04/30/2002
Rebirth. Describes how schools and universities are finding new uses for outmoded facilities, thereby saving on land and construction costs and in many cases preserving buildings that have achieved historical... 04/30/2002
Education and Smart Growth: Reversing School Sprawl for Better Schools and Communities. Translation Paper Number Eight. The paper describes how the trend toward building new schools on large sites far from existing development centers, called “school sprawl” or “school giantism,” can have far-reaching impacts on... 02/28/2002
Razing Objections. School districts across the country are grappling with whether to renovate existing buildings, or demolish them and build anew. The issue often pits nostalgia and old-time charm against the... 02/12/2002
Don't Destroy Neighborhoods To Educate Them. Well intentioned but off-target planning regulations are neglecting to create the community-centered schools the public is demanding. This discusses acreage standards, policies restricting the amount... 01/15/2002
Healthy School Environment and Enhanced Educational Performance: The Case of Charles Young Elementary School, Washington, DC. This report presents a case study of the renovation of Charles Young Elementary School in Washington, DC, focusing on how an improved school environment contributed to higher levels of educational... 01/11/2002
Historic Neighborhood Schools: Success Stories. Issues and Initiatives. This document offers 19 case studies that show how people across the United States have kept historic schools as vital parts of their communities. The case studies offer concise summaries of... 12/31/2001
Reconstructing School Renovation: A Study of the Renovation of Johnson-Williams Middle School, Berryville, Virginia. Building Blocks to Better Learning Series, Volume Six. This document provides a case study of the renovation of Johnson-Williams Middle School in Clarke County, Virginia. Chapter 1, Planning and Designing a School Renovation, describes considerations for... 12/31/2001
New Schools for Older Neighborhoods: Strategies for Building Our Communities' Most Important Assets. The case studies in this booklet highlight how five communities, in big cities and small towns, overcame the obstacles inherent in creating good new schools in existing neighborhoods. There is... 12/31/2001
School Treasures: Architecture of Historic Boston Schools. This book explores the architectural treasures of the Boston, Massachusetts public schools. It includes photographs and descriptions of 129 buildings that were constructed in the late 19th century... 12/31/2001
Historic Schools: A Roadmap for Saving Your School. This brief suggests that not every historic school can or even should be saved, but all too often, historic schools and options for renovation are routinely dismissed without full consideration of... 12/31/2001
American Institute of Architects Guide to Historic Preservation. This booklet includes definitions of various treatments for historic properties, such as preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, and reconstruction. It describes what makes a property of... 12/31/2001