Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Guide to Developing a Severe Emergency Plan for Schools. Assists school administrators and teachers with developing safety plans during thunderstorms and their accompanying hazards of lightning, hail, tornadoes, and flash floods. Information on designing... 02/14/2002
A Guide to Developing A Severe Weather Emergency Plan for Schools. Provides assistance to school administrators and teachers in designing a severe weather emergency plan for their school. The majority of material focuses on thunderstorms and the hazards they produce... 12/31/1999
A Holistic Approach to Mass Notification. Cites disadvantages to audio mass notification, and advocates strategically placed visual alerting and smart LED signage in campus high traffic and gathering areas. 12/31/2007
A Look Back at a Disaster Plan: What Went Wrong and Right. Presents an evaluation of Tulane University's disaster plan by the University's Vice President for Information Technology. The successes and failures of its information technology... 12/08/2005
A Phased Approach to Campus Safety and Security Planning. Describes a phased-in approach to campus security at South Texas College. Phase one included threat assessment based on statistics, information from campus focus groups and cooperation with local... 10/31/2007
A Safer, and Brighter, School Design. Discusses a school design that is the product of research by a structural engineer to cut losses from predicted earthquakes. The design takes conventional materials and school designs found in... 06/23/2008
A True Community School. Discusses how one community middle school, whose creation was the result of involvement of the town it resided in, became a lifesaving facility for many of the town's residents when disaster... 03/31/1999
After the Storm Details recovery planning for tornado strikes on schools. 04/30/2012
After Va. Tech, Campuses Rush to Add Alert Systems. Reviews combinations of low- and high-tech alerting techniques that are rapidly being deployed on college campuses in response to recent violent incidents. Challenges in getting students to sign up... 10/04/2007
AIA Handbook for Disaster Assistance Programs. This handbook offers an overview of the initiatives, structures, resources, and policy that the American Institute of Architects follows to implement, support and expand its Comprehensive Response... 08/23/2007
Alert! Presents an interview with John Turner of Brandeis University that describes the mass notification systems and strategies used by the school. Software selection and implementation, coordination with... 11/30/2008
All-Hazards Campus Safety: From Tornadoes to Terrorism. Emphasizes the importance of a risk and vulnerability assessment before dramatic and expensive campus security measures are put in place. Four types of assessment tools are outlined, accompanied by... 10/31/2005
American Red Cross Ready Rating Program for Schools
American Red Cross: Resources for Schools, Educating for Emergencies The American Red Cross has compiled many materials for teachers, educators, and presenters to help children and families learn how to stay safe and prevent or reduce the effects of disasters or other...
Angry Skies. Describes how administrators, teachers, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers worked together through the four Florida hurricanes of 2004. 10/31/2004
Arizona School Site Emergency Response Plan Template. Provides school districts with comprehensive guidelines to follow in case of any of nineteen types of emergencies. Checklists, communication instructions, staff responsibilities, job descriptions,... 08/31/2006
At the Ready: Planning for Business Continuity. Advises on disaster response for school systems, detailing a 10-step recovery system developed by the Consortium for School Networking that emphasizes business continuity, inventory and documentation... 04/30/2011
Be Prepared. Discusses evacuation plans for college campuses, keeping all types of natural and man- made threats in mind. The institution's plan, to be reviewed by local emergency responders, should include... 04/30/2007
Be Prepared. Outlines essential features of disaster preparedness and recovery programs, as well as building design features and accessories that enhance safety and security. A list of related websites for... 01/31/2007
Be Prepared. Reviews how New Orleans universities modified the emergency preparedness plans after Hurricane Katrina. Steps included lengthening evacuation and return times, as well as coordination between the... 05/31/2008
Best Practices Breakdown. Lists ten best practices in campus emergency text messaging. 04/30/2008
Beyond Fire Drills. Discusses new and complex natural and man-made threats to school safety, citing statistics indicating a widespread lack of preparedness. Tools and resources to assist with disaster mitigation and... 09/30/2006
Boxed-up Students Not Safe in Winds More than 100,000 Central Florida students go to school in box-like, portable classrooms that offer little protection from high winds, are often poorly inspected and in some cases are not even... 06/20/1998
Braving the Elements: Protecting Schools Against Weather-Related Disasters Discusses common weather-related hazards (floods, windstorms, and winter storms) and provides some steps administrators can take to protect their schools. Suggests administrators periodically assess... 03/31/1997
Building a Disaster-Resistant University. This guide is intended to support efforts by universities to reduce and manage their vulnerability to hazards. It includes a description of a disaster-resistant university; how to perform a risk... 07/31/2003