Preparedness for Disasters - State Emergency Planning Guides

Title Abstract Publication Date
Checklist for a Safe and Secure School Environment. Offers a checklist with explanations for school safety policies and procedures, emergency preparedness plans, building and grounds assessment, and safety transportation needs. A list of 59 references... 04/30/1999
Checklist For the Safety and Security of Buildings and Grounds. [Virginia] An evaluation checklist is provided for assessing a school's strengths and weaknesses relative to the safety and security of buildings and grounds, as well as assessing development and... 12/31/1996
Crisis Resources: Homeland Security/War Resources. [North Carolina] The North Carolina Public Schools Department of Public Instruction has compiled online resources on what to do when disaster strikes, including materials for counseling students and responding to...
Crisis Response Box: A Guide to Help Every School Assemble the Tools and Resources Needed for a Critical Incident Response. [California] This is a guide to assist schools in preparing for a school emergency. The box contains crucial information needed to respond to a critical incident. The guide states that these elements should be... 12/31/2005
Crisis Response Plan Checklist. [Pennsylvania] This checklist is for use when developing a school's crisis response procedures or plan. The checklist is divided into four planning stages: pre-planning, prevention, intervention, and... 10/31/2001
Designing Safer Schools for Virginia: A Guide to Keeping Students Safe from Violence. [Virginia] In 1997, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation requiring local school boards to conduct school safety audits for each school under their jurisdiction. Guidelines for helping educators... 12/31/1997
Developing a Critical Mass Communication Plan. Offers 11 suggestions for developing a mass communication plan, including integrating multiple forms of communication, researching and selecting the best systems, communication with first responders... 05/31/2009
Disaster Preparedness Planning Guide for Facilities. [Pennsylvania] This preparedness planning guide is directed to facility managers and administrators and is intended to provide assistance in meeting the planning requirements necessary to protect facility occupants... 02/28/2003
District of Columbia Public Schools Safety Manual. Describes the District of Columbia Public Schools' Safety and Health Program, as applicable to the employees of both DCPS Facilities and its contractors, performing construction, renovation,... 06/03/2001
Earthquake Education and Preparedness for Schools. [Arkansas] The Arkansas Center for Earthquake Education and Technology Transfer has compiled educational, curriculum, and preparedness resources for teachers and administrators for preschools and kindergartens... 12/31/1997
Earthquake Preparedness Checklist for Schools. [California] Provides a checklist highlighting the important questions and activities that should be addressed and undertaken as part of a school safety and preparedness program for earthquakes. It reminds... 12/31/1998
Educational Facilities Disaster and Crisis Management Guidebook. [Florida] Provides direction for disaster preparedness planning and management in a variety of disasters affecting school districts and community colleges. The book is intended for facility managers, and is... 01/01/2007
Emergency Management Resource Guide. Provides a template with which a school or school district can build a customized emergency response plan. The document offers sections with checklists for mitigation and prevention, preparedness,... 12/31/2007
Emergency Management: Most School Districts Have Developed Emergency Management Plans, but Would Benefit from Additional Federal Guidance. Assesses the roles of federal and state governments and school districts in establishing requirements and providing resources for emergency management planning, what school districts have done to... 05/31/2007
Emergency Management: Status of School Districts' Planning and Preparedness. Reports on the current state of emergency preparedness in U.S. school districts, illustrating percentages of districts that have plans for intruders, bomb threats, natural disasters, terrorism,... 05/16/2007
Emergency Planning. [U.S. Department of Education Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools] The U.S. Department of Education Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools' website on emergency planning provides school leaders with information to plan for an emergency, including natural...
Emergency Preparedness Guidelines: Chemical, Biological, and/or Radiological Incidents [Maryland] This provides concise definitions and response/action guidelines to assist school system administrators in responding to a chemical, biological, or radiological incident. Includes an emergency/crisis... 01/31/2003
Emergency Preparedness Information for Schools and Day Cares. [Tennessee] This compilation of information on school safety issues and general emergency preparedness includes Tennessee's Safe Schools Initiative, and the State of Tennessee Safe and Drug Free Schools... 12/31/2001
Emergency Preparedness Plan for Utah Schools. This plan includes purpose, policy, and planning guidelines for specific hazards such as utility failure, severe weather, civil disturbance, bomb threats, etc. 12/31/2002
Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide for Utah Schools. Assists Utah schools in compliance with state regulations mandating emergency preparedness plans for schools. The guide outlines responsibilities for school officials and staff; criteria, components... 12/31/2006
Emergency Preparedness. Montgomery County Public Schools [Maryland] Montgomery County Public Schools' website includes extensive information on procedures; ordering information for emergency and crisis preparedness videotapes; a resources section; staff...
Emergency/Disaster Preparedness. A Planning Guide for Schools. [Minnesota] This is a procedures guide that is meant to be localized and tailored to each school facility in Minnesota and distributed to all staff within each building. Staff responsibilities are delineated in... 10/31/1999
Experiences with and Preparedness for Emergencies and Disasters among Public Schools in California. This study assesses schools' experiences with, and preparedness for, emergencies and disasters. Data are collected by mail survey from 157 public schools in California. The majority of schools... 08/31/2007
Florida Safe School Design Guidelines. These guidelines begin with the assumption that proper design and management of the physical environment can help prevent criminal behavior on campuses. The manual considers design and maintenance... 12/31/2002
Florida Safe School Design Guidelines. [Florida] This document provides guidelines Florida schools can use in designing schools that enhance school safety and security. It examines the literature available on school safety and security and the... 07/27/1993