Preparedness for Disasters -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
2002 School Resource Officer Survey. Final Report on the 2nd Annual National Survey of School-Based Police Officers. Findings from a survey conducted by the National Association of School Resource Officers show the vulnerability of schools. An overwhelming majority of school-based police officers feel that their... 09/24/2002
911! A Manual for Schools and the Media During a Campus Crisis. School district communications planning rarely includes ways to work with the media during an emergency. This short guide is aimed at providing both school officials and media professionals with... 12/31/2000
A Biosecurity Checklist for School Foodservice Programs: Developing A Biosecurity Management Plan. Offers information on developing a plan and checklists for storage areas, hazardous chemicals, foodservice equipment, foodservice and food preparation areas, areas outside the school building, water... 12/31/2003
A Case for Underground Schools. The underground school offers several advantages. Preliminary studies in Oklahoma have shown that these schools perform exceptionally well as learning environments. The lack of noise and distractions... 12/31/1978
A Guide to Developing a Severe Emergency Plan for Schools. Assists school administrators and teachers with developing safety plans during thunderstorms and their accompanying hazards of lightning, hail, tornadoes, and flash floods. Information on designing... 02/14/2002
A Plan of Your Own. In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., many anxious educators worried whether schools and universities might become targets of similar... 01/31/2005
A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools. Fifth Edition. Provides a structure and process for managing a wide spectrum of school crises, from the seemingly mundane to the most severe. Incorporates a strategy for addressing emotional needs during traumatic... 12/31/2002
A True Community School. Discusses how one community middle school, whose creation was the result of involvement of the town it resided in, became a lifesaving facility for many of the town's residents when disaster... 03/31/1999
Advice for Safeguarding Buildings Against Chemical or Biological Attack. This web site is intended for emergency personnel and for building operators. It contains current advice for dealing with a biological or chemical release in a building. Immediate actions that should... 12/31/2004
Agencies Offer Security Advice— And Money. Discusses new federal grant program and a Web resource to help schools better prepare for an emergency, such as a terrorist act, violent incident, or natural disaster. [Free subscriber registration... 03/18/2003
AIA Handbook for Disaster Assistance Programs. This handbook offers an overview of the initiatives, structures, resources, and policy that the American Institute of Architects follows to implement, support and expand its Comprehensive Response... 08/23/2007
Always on Call. Discusses the use of 24-hour hotlines for reporting of safety and security threats. Hotlines are recommended to encourage anonymous reporting of situations to a person who is trained to separate the... 04/30/2005
American Red Cross Ready Rating Program for Schools
American Red Cross: Resources for Schools, Educating for Emergencies The American Red Cross has compiled many materials for teachers, educators, and presenters to help children and families learn how to stay safe and prevent or reduce the effects of disasters or other...
An Investigation of Best Practices for Evacuating and Sheltering Individuals with Special Needs and Disabilities. Prepared in response to the June 2007 General Accountability Office report, Emergency Management: Most School Districts Have Developed Emergency Management Plans, but Would Benefit from Additional... 09/30/2008
Angry Skies. Describes how administrators, teachers, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers worked together through the four Florida hurricanes of 2004. 10/31/2004
Are Your Tenants Safe? BOMA's Guide to Security and Emergency Planning. This book shows how to plan for such emergency situations in buildings as fire, flood, power failure, bomb threat, medical emergencies, and crime. It also covers specialized emergencies such as... 12/31/1999
Arizona School Site Emergency Response Plan Template. Provides school districts with comprehensive guidelines to follow in case of any of nineteen types of emergencies. Checklists, communication instructions, staff responsibilities, job descriptions,... 08/31/2006
As Alert Issued, Schools Urged To Review Security. Security experts are advising schools to review and practice their crisis plans and to communicate emergency procedures to parents and students in response to warnings to the nation of an increased... 02/18/2003
At the Ready: Planning for Business Continuity. Advises on disaster response for school systems, detailing a 10-step recovery system developed by the Consortium for School Networking that emphasizes business continuity, inventory and documentation... 04/30/2011
Be Prepared With Lighting: An Online Reading Room. Lighting is a tool that, used wisely, can increase security and safety. This is a compilation of articles, published in various trade magazines, that collectively emphasize that where, when and how... 12/31/2002
Be Prepared, Not Scared. Suggests steps principals should take to increase school security and crisis preparedness: Involve school community members in security needs-assessment process; reduce risk based on assessment by... 04/30/2002
Beefing Up Security. Advocates a risk management culture in school security, where everyone participates in identifying, managing and reducing all risks, including natural disasters, facility problems, and social factors... 08/31/2004
Beyond Fire Drills. Discusses new and complex natural and man-made threats to school safety, citing statistics indicating a widespread lack of preparedness. Tools and resources to assist with disaster mitigation and... 09/30/2006
Biological and Chemical Impact to Educational Facilities. Discusses preparing an educational facility to address the threat of biological or chemical terrorism, including understanding the potential impact, implementing information and communication systems... 02/28/2002