Preparedness for Disasters--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Phased Approach to Campus Safety and Security Planning. Describes a phased-in approach to campus security at South Texas College. Phase one included threat assessment based on statistics, information from campus focus groups and cooperation with local... 10/31/2007
A Plan of Your Own. In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., many anxious educators worried whether schools and universities might become targets of similar... 01/31/2005
A Practical Guide for University Crisis Response. Provides a structure and process for managing a wide spectrum of university-based crises, from the seemingly mundane to the most severe. Incorporates a strategy for addressing emotional needs during... 12/31/2003
After Va. Tech, Campuses Rush to Add Alert Systems. Reviews combinations of low- and high-tech alerting techniques that are rapidly being deployed on college campuses in response to recent violent incidents. Challenges in getting students to sign up... 10/04/2007
Alert! Presents an interview with John Turner of Brandeis University that describes the mass notification systems and strategies used by the school. Software selection and implementation, coordination with... 11/30/2008
All-Hazards Campus Safety: From Tornadoes to Terrorism. Emphasizes the importance of a risk and vulnerability assessment before dramatic and expensive campus security measures are put in place. Four types of assessment tools are outlined, accompanied by... 10/31/2005
Are You Ready? Basics of Emergency Operations Planning. Describes the steps colleges and universities can take to build an effective emergency operations plan to keep students and staff safe when disasters strike. 11/30/2001
Be Prepared. Reviews how New Orleans universities modified the emergency preparedness plans after Hurricane Katrina. Steps included lengthening evacuation and return times, as well as coordination between the... 05/31/2008
Be Prepared. Discusses evacuation plans for college campuses, keeping all types of natural and man- made threats in mind. The institution's plan, to be reviewed by local emergency responders, should include... 04/30/2007
Because One Day the Emergency Will Be Real. Explores the importance of disaster drills for colleges and universities and the key factors in planning these drills. Important factors in planning disaster drills include starting early in the... 05/31/2000
Best Practices Breakdown. Lists ten best practices in campus emergency text messaging. 04/30/2008
Bracing for Disaster. Advises on forming a higher education campus disaster plan. Elements of making and testing the plan, and procuring appropriate technology are detailed. 05/31/2011
Building a Disaster-Resistant University. This guide is intended to support efforts by universities to reduce and manage their vulnerability to hazards. It includes a description of a disaster-resistant university; how to perform a risk... 07/31/2003
Business Continuity Plan Refresh. Discusses business continuity plans for higher education institutions during emergencies. Examples of data backup arrangements, testing the plan, and partnering with off-campus institutions are... 09/30/2010
California Community Colleges Get Prepared. Profiles California's efforts to improve crisis preparedness at its community colleges. The statewide effort addressed preparedness at 109 community colleges by providing centralized assistance... 06/30/2008
Campus Emergency Management: It Takes a Village. Elaborates on themes of the varying nature of potential campus emergencies according to location, and the necessity of coordination of campus and community emergency response. The example of Virginia... 10/31/2008
Campus Public Safety Preparedness for Catastrophic Events: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes and Explosives. Presents the demographic information, chronology of priorities, emergency plans, command and coordination, equipment and logistics, communications, staff and critical incident stress management,... 12/31/2005
Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association CSHEMA is dedicated to assisting the membership in advancing safety, health and environmental quality in higher education; it is the definitive resource on best practices for this area of planning....
Campus Shootings-Could Your School Be Next? How to Reduce and Prevent Weapons Violations and Assaults on Campus. Outlines concepts for reducing weapons violations and assaults including strict policies with diligent enforcement, screening of employees and proactive mental health services. 10/31/2003
Can Mass Notification Really Change the Outcome of Emergencies? Two college administrators question the effectiveness of emergency notification systems. In an economy and industry of limited resources, decision makers need to better understand the core... 12/11/2011
Can You Hear Me Now? Advises on creating campus emergency notification systems with thorough coverage. Evaluation of systems already in place and what is needed, along with features that can be added to existing systems... 04/30/2008
Closer Scrutiny. Examines strategies that some universities are using to make their stadium sporting events more secure in the post September 11 era. Schools reveal how they are minimizing their terrorism risks and... 11/30/2001
College Campus Shootings Prompt New Emergency Preparedness Steps In the years since the killings at Virginia Tech, colleges and universities around the country have taken many steps to prevent mass shootings on campus. Those strategies represent an emerging set of... 06/30/2012
Connect the Dots in Disaster Planning. In the second article in a series on the implications of September 11 to colleges and universities, executives at the Society for College and University Planning outline an integrated approach to... 12/31/2001
Cost-Effective and Resilient Enterprise-Wide User Notification Methods White paper on delivering quick and effective communications in times of emergency. The modern day classroom with new technologies brings a new set of standards, expectations, and needs when it comes... 03/27/2012