Portable Classrooms

Title Abstract Publication Date
2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom. Presents over 300 school designs from teams made up of architects, students, and teachers, along with detail on the award winnders. The economical designs are intended developing and under-funded... 12/31/2008
2012 South Carolina Minimum Specifications Guide for Relocatable Classrooms. Provides guidance to local school districts to assist them in determining the feasibility of relocatable classroom units for their school needs and to set forth certain minimum mandatory construction... 12/06/2011
A Look at Portable Classrooms. This defines the terms modular, portable, and relocatable, and discusses reasons for relocatables. Describes how to make portables work for a school district. 05/31/1999
A Mobile Proposal. Describes how a Florida district accommodated an influx of students by using portable, self-contained classrooms built around a permanent core of offices: a modular campus. Discusses the search for... 07/31/1996
Access Analysis for Two-Story Classrooms. The purpose of this article is to examine State and Federal accessibility law, district responsibilities, and potential liabilities in the use of elevators versus wheelchair lifts where modular or... 12/31/2002
Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements, and Guidelines for Schools. Part 2: Relocatable Classrooms. Includes siting requirements, acoustical performance criteria, and design requirements for relocatable classrooms. These criteria, requirements, and guidelines are keyed to the acoustical qualities... 12/31/2008
Advisory on Relocatable and Renovated Classrooms. IAQ Info Sheet. Many California school districts, in complying with the Class Size Reduction Program, will obtain relocatable classrooms directly from manufacturers who are under no specific guidelines or codes... 11/30/1998
Air Awareness. Discusses proper HVAC for relocatable classrooms. 01/31/2004
Assessment of Organic Compound Exposures, Thermal Comfort Parameters, and HVAC System-driven Air Exchange Rates in Public School Portable Classrooms in California The prevalence of prefabricated, portable classrooms (portables, relocatables, RCs) has increased due to class size reduction initiatives and limited resources. Classroom mechanical wall-mount... 07/31/2003
Associations Between Classroom Carbon Dioxide Concentrations and Student Attendance in Elementary Schools in Washington and Idaho. This article is based on a Lawrence Berkeley National Lab report. The study involves CO2 measurements inside and outside the 436 classrooms of 22 schools in Washington and Idaho. According to the... 09/30/2003
Balancing Permanent and Portable Buildings. Many districts are using portables as relatively permanent installations. Although permanent buildings are more expensive to construct, their operating cost is only $1.30 per square foot, compared to... 06/30/1998
Best Practices Manual and Assessment Tool: Relocatable Classrooms for High Performance Schools, 2009 edition. Advises school designers and builders on how to adjust their high-performance strategies to account for the differences found in a typical relocatable classroom. Issues involved with site preparation... 12/31/2008
Better Building Blocks More than the sum of their parts, advanced modular and pre-engineered buildings now compete in quality with site-built construction. School systems are looking at the combination of modular units for... 01/31/1999
Betting on Growth. Discusses how the Clark County School District (Las Vegas) is able to successfully manage approximately eight percent student enrollment growth per year along with one new building opening on an... 11/30/1997
Beware Temporary Classrooms. Cites typical uses and problems with temporary classrooms, focusing on inadequate or unhealthy indoor conditions. Solutions are proposed and a list of 6 resources provided. 09/30/2009
Boxed-up Students Not Safe in Winds More than 100,000 Central Florida students go to school in box-like, portable classrooms that offer little protection from high winds, are often poorly inspected and in some cases are not even... 06/20/1998
Bursting Through: How Schools are Meeting the Enrollment Explosion. Examines the problem of school overcrowding, the political resolve to help school districts cope with rising enrollment, and examples of how some districts are taking the initiative to meet their... 04/30/1999
California Portable Classrooms Study Comprehensive study of the environmental health conditions in portable (relocatable) classrooms. This study investigated classrooms in kindergarten through 12th grade public schools and included a... 03/31/2010
California Portable Classrooms Study. The purpose of this study was to assess environmental conditions in California's portable classrooms. This report describes the sample design, the survey instruments, the data collection process... 10/31/2004
Case Study: Addition Helps School Keep Pace with Growth. This case study explores the progression of modular construction over a five year period - from the single wood framed relocatable classroom through to the multi-story steel and concrete building... 05/31/2002
CHPS Best Practices Manual. Offers guidance on creating high performance schools in California. The manual consists of six volumes. Volume I describes why high performance schools are important, what components are involved in... 12/31/2005
Classroom Accessibility. Discusses accessibility issues for relocatable classrooms, including accessible entrances on an accessible route, usable doors, accessible elements inside the classroom such as drinking fountains,... 02/28/2001
Comparison of Predicted and Derived Measures of Volatile Organic Compound inside Four Relocatable Classrooms Due to Identified Interior Finish Sources. Reports on laboratory and field studies showing that indoor environmental quality impact of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions are minor when relocatable classrooms are ventilated at or above... 05/31/2003
Concrete Portables More Durable, Cost Effective. Full Mitigation Best Practice Story. Discussion of the use of more durable portables in Palm Beach County, Florida. Concrete units are being explored as a safer, cost-effective, and more durable option to easily damaged traditional... 12/31/2006
Cost of Portable Classrooms. Brief outline of costs associated with the procurement and set-up of portable classrooms. The example is from a Georgia school district. This compares the cost per square foot of building a 900... 06/16/2000