Outsourcing Services

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Greener Attitude. Summarizes the results of a survey of higher education purchasing agents indicating that 84.5 percent of them consider the sustainablity of the products they buy as somewhat significant, significant... 08/31/2006
A New Curriculum: Energy Outsourcing Brings Cost and Energy Benefits. Considers the value of colleges and universities upgrading their energy infrastructure and using outsourcing energy management functions to save money and gain greater control of energy operations... 12/31/2001
A Worthy Investment. Discusses the benefits of a new approach to school and campus lighting, in which lighting is considered its own maintenance category and is often outsourced to companies that can handle planning,... 03/31/2003
Always on Call. Discusses the use of 24-hour hotlines for reporting of safety and security threats. Hotlines are recommended to encourage anonymous reporting of situations to a person who is trained to separate the... 04/30/2005
Are You in or Out? Discusses advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing higher education services, focusing on bookstores and food service. Examples of successful in-house and outsourced operations are illustrated,... 10/31/2010
Building Virtual Classrooms. Describes how two rural community college expanded their distance learning facilities. The problems faced by the present systems, the solutions, and outsourcing where necessary are described. 02/28/2010
Can You Really Do It Cheaper? Suggests principles for making decisions about outsourcing, privatizing, or contracting school services: know your costs, specify results within the request for proposal (RFP), and face reality and... 09/30/2002
Cash-Strapped Schools Cutting Custodial Workers. Cash-strapped school districts are turning to some of their lowest-paid employees to bear the weight of budget cuts. Systems from New Jersey, Indiana and Michigan are joining Nashville schools in... 04/04/2010
Changing of the Guard. Discusses privatization of noneducational services to help schools and universities cut costs, and presents survey results from public schools and colleges concerning their level and type of... 08/31/1997
Clean Sweep. How well is your campus maintained, and what is housekeeping really costing? Maybe it's time to clean up custodial service operations. This discusses whether or not to outsource and the... 06/30/2003
Colleges Rely on Consortia, Contractors, and Ingenuity to Cut Costs The US colleges are struggling with soaring tuition costs as state support is unable to keep up with enrollment growth, and college officials are becoming more creative in finding ways to reduce... 12/31/2005
Competitive Contracting in Ohio Public Schools. Reports and analyzes the results of a state-wide survey of school district contracting activity in five areas: building maintenance, janitorial services, administrative services, food service, and... 12/31/1995
Contract Operations and Environmental Stewardship. Describes services typically outsourced to contract operations because environmental laws and stewardship are involved. A brief history of contract operations is followed by descriptions of benefits... 03/31/2007
Contract Services. Thinking It Through. Experienced administrators share what to think about in designing unique contract services for a district. 04/30/2012
Contract vs. In-House Staff: Finding the Right Souce for Custodial and Maintenance Operations. Reviews the pros and cons of outsourcing custodial and maintenance services at higher education institutions. Efficiency, flexible staffing, ability to concentrate on core mission, personnel... 04/30/2007
Contracting for Quality-Based Security Personnel Services. Advises on contracting with building security providers. The document discusses partnering for continuous quality improvement (CQI), typical values sought in a service provider, bidding versus... 12/31/2008
Contracting for Success. Advises on effective communication with contractors for outsourced facilities, IT, transportation, and food services. Positive and negative experiences in outsourcing are described. 11/30/2004
Contracting Maintenance Services: An Easy Question, a Difficult Answer. Discusses issues involved in outsourcing school maintenance and custodial services. There are many advantages to this approach, but it has definite drawbacks. In many instances, a combination of... 04/30/2003
Course Corrections. Experts Offer Solutions to the College Cost Crisis. This paper discusses outsourcing as one solution to the college cost crisis. It is not presented as the solution; rather, it is put forth as an attractive strategy characterized by minimal financial... 09/30/2005
Critical Issues: Keys to Successful Contracting. Advises school districts on four key elements of contracting: understanding the contracting objectives, completing the contracting analysis, aligning stakeholder expectations, and understanding the... 05/31/2010
Cutting Costs. Offers ten suggestions for schools and universities to maximize their budgets: energy upgrades, security technology, maintenance management systems, partnerships, modernized washrooms, windows,... 12/31/2002
Do It Yourself or Don't? Discusses the decision making behind whether some school district services are better to be outsourced rather than done in- house. Issues examined include calculating the cost of in-house service... 07/31/2000
Doing More with Less: Competitive Contracting for School-Support Services. Policy Study No. 179. To cut costs, some administrators are contracting with the private sector for such services as pupil transportation, facilities maintenance, and cafeteria operations. Proponents of competitive... 08/31/1994
Expect the Best, Plan for the Worst. Makes some observations on college and university disaster planning as these schools attempt to prepare for the possibility of campus terrorism following the attacks of September 11. Several... 12/31/2001
Facilities Directors Speak Out. Presents the opinions of four higher education facilities directors regarding the role of facilities in competing for students, security, preparing future leaders, customer service, outsourcing,... 03/31/2007