Modular Construction

Title Abstract Publication Date
A New Slant on Preschool. Profiles the custom prefabricated construction of the two-classroom Montessori Children's Center in San Francisco The spatial programming and design ideas respond to the curriculum by... 12/31/2006
A School Building That Is More Than the Sum of its Prefabricated Parts Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates design for the addition of an upper school to the Salisbury School in Maryland involved three separate structures: the central dome, the classroom wing, and the... 01/31/1998
A Tale of Two Schools. Describes the use of modular construction by Seattle Pacific University and Seattle Girls School. Both institutions opted for modular construction to accommodate their restrictive budgets, small... 12/31/2003
Access Analysis for Two-Story Classrooms. The purpose of this article is to examine State and Federal accessibility law, district responsibilities, and potential liabilities in the use of elevators versus wheelchair lifts where modular or... 12/31/2002
Advancements in Modular Design Technology. Reviews recent progress in modular building that has helped it gain a larger share of the construction market in recent years. Features and benefits of current, sophisticated modular construction are... 08/31/2007
Alternatives to Construction [Portland Public Schools] This white paper explores program changes, the use of modular classrooms, leasing, and public/private partnerships as alternatives to new construction and major renovation of Portland, Oregon's... 03/19/2012
An Architect's Perspective. Convincing a Skeptic: My Education in Modular Building Construction. Describes an architect's success in designing modular units for a classroom addition for the Paterson, New Jersey Public School District. The design challenges are discussed, as well as the... 09/30/2001
Applying Sustainability to Modular Classroom Design. Profiles a green modular classroom in use in Lincoln, Massachusetts, featuring daylighting, automated dimmers, high-efficiency HVAC, air and vapor barriers, and low-VOC interior products. 12/31/2006
Case Study: Addition Helps School Keep Pace with Growth. This case study explores the progression of modular construction over a five year period - from the single wood framed relocatable classroom through to the multi-story steel and concrete building... 05/31/2002
Case Study: Charter Schools. This discusses three approaches to finding the right building for a charter school: 1) Finding an available existing school building that can be occupied by the new charter school; 2) Finding and... 06/30/2001
Charter School: Up and Running. This article describes how modular construction enabled Newark Charter School in Newark, Delaware to meet its deadlines, tight budget, house 435 students between the fifth and seventh grades, and... 12/31/2001
Child Care Facility Site Selection. Advises child care providers on finding a site that is suitable to their program, affordable, code compliant, and accessible. Modular buildings are addressed, and advice on securing a site once one... 12/31/2007
Classroom in a Can. Profiles a modular classroom design that is airy, flexible, attractive, and suitable for K- 12 or higher education. The system involves a sled that houses mechanical, electrical, and... 07/31/2004
Classroom Space Alternatives. Describes multiplex modular classroom configurations that provide higher quality accommodation than trailers. Installation advice for temporary multiplex modular facilities is included, accompanied... 04/30/2006
Commercial Modular Construction Report 2008. Describes the state of the modular building industry during 2007 and includes a breakdown of which sectors purchased modular buildings for both permanent and temporary use. Modular buildings for... 12/31/2007
Community Centers/Joint-Use Facilities and Modular Facilties. Profiles two joint-use facilities and one modular high school honored for functionality, frugality, design features and balance, ability to inspire learning, and flexibility. The joint-use facilities... 10/31/2010
Construction in the Fast Lane. Describes Florida's use of modular construction, instead of portables, to create classroom space quickly. The trend away from portables was initiated by 1997 state legislation for classroom... 05/31/2004
Delivering a Dream. Describes a permanent modular addition to the Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School of Philadelphia, which was built in six months, including sixteen weeks of factory construction. The... 12/31/2003
Design and Evaluation of Energy Efficient Modular Classroom Structures. This paper describes a study that would enable modular builders to improve the energy performance of their classrooms without increasing their first cost. The Modern Building Systems' classroom... 03/31/1996
Efficient Use of School Space [Portland Public Schools] Discusses a variety of ways in which the Portland District makes efficient use of its school sites including use of modular classrooms, building multi-story schools, sharing use of school sites for... 03/19/2012
Facility Focus: 2010 Modular Building Awards. Describes school facility winners of the 2010 Modular Building Awards, profiling ten temporary and permanent modular facilities. 04/30/2010
Final Report: Think Tank on Modular Design for Early Care and Education. Collects the recommendations of designers, manufacturers, child development experts, contractors, government personnel, and financing experts on the use of modular construction in early childhood... 07/30/2003
First Green Modular Classrooms Arrive at Albany High. Describes Gen7 modular classrooms built at Albany High School in Albany, California The classrooms offer a number of eco-friendly features, an inspiring learning environment and a budget-friendly... 05/31/2011
Go Home With a Green Classroom: High Performance Prefab Classrooms. Describes the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) new Prefab Classroom program that expands the CHPS Verified program to provide a certification for high performance modular and... 07/31/2011
Go Modular: Go Green. Summarizes potential sustainable features of modular construction, highlighting opportunities in the LEED categories of Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and... 06/30/2008