Title Abstract Publication Date
A Growing Problem. Discusses the increase of deferred maintenance on higher education campuses. The glamour discrepancy between maintenance versus new construction, the difference between deferred maintenance and... 12/31/2009
A Pending Disaster. Quotes statistics on excess deferred maintenance of schools and warns against disastrous results if maintenance is not properly funded. 07/31/2011
A Permanent Fix. Discusses the benefits of a preventive maintenance program for a school's building envelope, especially roofing, including avoiding a crisis-management mentality and gaining greater control over... 03/31/2003
A Positive Move: American School and University 12th Annual College M&O Cost Study. Presents the results of a 2005 study of two- and four-year colleges, revealing that maintenance and operations expenditures averaged 11 per cent of total expenditures, which is up from 10 percent in... 03/31/2006
A Study of School Deficiency Repair Grant and Facilities Maintenance Operations in Washington School Districts. Reports on the initial year's work of Washington state's Small School Repair Grant program. 26 grants were awarded to 126 applicants who sought assistance for facilities needs that they... 01/31/2007
A Tough Balancing Act. Stresses the importance of not sacrificing school maintenance needs when budgets are cut, balancing facility needs with instructional programs. 05/31/2009
A Worthwhile Investment. Advises on managing risks in schools to prevent accidents and costly litigation. Inspection tips for teachers and administrators are included, including the building, furnishings, and equipment. 11/30/2009
A Wrench in the Works Discusses mechanical system maintenance, including conducting assessments that identify various maintenance needs such as recommissioning, carrying out inspections as well as preventive and... 02/29/2012
Addressing Inadequate Investment in School Facility Maintenance. The total deferred maintenance of schools in the United States was estimated at $254.6 billion in 2008. With over 94,000 public elementary, middle and high schools being attended by more than 50... 04/30/2010
Alaska School Facilities Preventive Maintenance Handbook The State of Alaska has issued preventive maintenance guidelines for educational facilities designed to prevent premature failure, or maximize or extend the useful life of a facility and its... 12/31/1996
An Eye on Prevention. Discusses the types of washroom fixtures and locker room equipment that educational facilities can utilize to help minimize and discourage student mischief. Topics include controlling germs by... 04/30/2000
As Campuses Crumble, Budgets are Crunched. Discusses the deferred maintenance crisis facing many higher education institutions. Maintenance of existing structures is frequently slighted in the interest of building new and more glamorous... 05/22/2008
Association of School Chemists Organization of professional chemists and chemical engineers who partner with school district plant managers to manage science-based monitoring and treatment programs which maintain HVAC system water...
Automated System Programs Preventive Maintenance A preventive maintenance system provides for the monitoring and inspection of school building elements in a programmed way through an automatic checklist. Utility cost savings are expected along... 12/31/1986
Best Practices Maintenance Plan for School Buildings. [Idaho] Advises schools on preventive maintenance program, detailing elements of building component inventory and condition assessment, ranking maintenance projects and evaluating their costs, planning for... 08/31/2006
Blowing Hot and Cold.(Essential HVAC Upkeep.) Reviews points of a strategic asset management program for school HVAC systems. Life-cycle cost analysis, simplifying maintenance by standardizing equipment and consolidating vendors, upgrading... 06/30/2008
Building Envelope: Focus on Energy. Discusses use of infrared technology and visual inspection to identify air leaks, wet insulation, and thermal bridging, along with suggested elements of a maintenance checklist and current products... 07/31/2009
Building Envelopes: A One-Two Punch. [Component Inspections and Replacement.] Advises on inspection of building envelopes, discussing what to look for and how often. Opportunities for more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing replacements when exterior components reach... 08/31/2010
Building Type Basics for Elementary and Secondary Schools, 2nd Ed. Advises architects, planners, engineers, and their clients through all aspects of school facilities design. Chapters address predesign, circulation, design concerns and process, site planning, codes... 12/31/2009
Capturing Energy Loss. Reviews infrared thermal imaging to detect problems in electrical distribution and HVAC systems, mechanical equipment, and the building envelope. 12/31/2007
Closing the Envelope. Discusses regular maintenance procedures for doors, fire doors, and exterior masonry walls. 11/30/2008
Closing the Seal on Buildings. Discusses typical sources of air leaks in buildings, problems that can be caused by the moisture it carries into exterior components, particular problems caused by leaking roofs, and design and... 07/31/2008
College of Central Florida Facilities Deferred Maintenance Guide. Details in a building-by-building format the current status of deferred maintenance at this College's campuses, including recent and planned upgrades, as well as deficient systems. 02/28/2011
Coming Up Short: American School and University 35th Annual School M & O Cost Study. Presents the results of a 2005 study of public school districts, revealing that maintenance and operations expenditures averaged 7.58 per cent of total expenditures, which is statistically even with... 03/31/2006
Considerations to Prevent Growth and Spread of Legionella in HVAC Systems. Discusses the threat posed by the Legionnaire's Disease bacterium and the germ's ability to thrive in HVAC systems, especially in standing water. Describes ways to minimize disease risk... 03/31/1998