Life Cycle Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Life Cycle Costs in Education: Operations & Maintenance Considered. Discusses life cycle cost analysis when deciding on flooring finishes and examines operations and maintenance cost effectiveness relative to hard, resilient, and soft flooring. A chart of evaluated... 08/31/2000
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Flooring. Provides guidance in assessing the life expectancy and costs of ownership for flooring. Consideration of factors such as suitability for the area, years of use, maintenance, and cost of removal at... 06/30/2004
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis. [Whole Building Design Guide] Life-cycle cost analysis is an economic method for assessing the total cost of facility ownership. It involves translating all expenses associated with building ownership over a prescribed life cycle... 04/02/2007
Life-cycle Cost-benefit Analysis of Green Roofing Systems: the Economic and Environmental Impact of Installing Green Roofs on All Atlanta Public Schools This study examines the relationship between environmental sustainability and green schools, seeking to highlight the benefits and determine the Net Present Value (NPV) installing vegetative roofs on... 04/04/2011
Life-Cycle Costing Manual for the Federal Energy Management Program. 1995 Edition Guide to understanding the life-cycle cost methodology and criteria established by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) for the economic evaluation of energy and water conservation projects... 12/31/1995
Life-cycle Costing: Add it to Your HVAC Vocabulary, OK? This discusses committing the time, manpower, and money to help the HVAC industry learn to speak the financial language, to move more applications to life-cycle cost evaluations, and to make... 12/31/1997
Lifetime Costs of Real Capital Ownership. Advises serious consideration of life cycle costs when planning school construction and renovation, advocating tolerance of higher construction costs when life cycle cost savings justify it. Examples... 11/30/2006
Physical Asset Management: Past, Present and Future. Outlines a total asset management plan of managing facilities, organizing facilities management around concepts of planning, prevention, life-cycle costing, standardization, proactivity and... 06/30/2003
Planning for Change: Flexible Design Solutions. Cites Washington's Federal Way School District to illustrate cost-effective plans for constructing schools that do not need to be razed and re-built every 10 to 20 years. Plans for flexibility... 12/31/2009
Planning for Cost Effectiveness A heat pump life-cycle cost analysis is used to explain the technique. Items suggested for the life-cycle analysis approach include lighting, longer-life batteries, site maintenance, and retaining... 04/30/1984
Protected Membrane Roofs: A Sustainable Roofing Solution. Examines the benefits of protected membrane roofing (PMR) for school buildings. PMR uses an upside-down approach, where the insulation is placed on top of the waterproofing membrane to improve... 07/31/2003
Pumps Life-Cycle Costs: A Closer Look From specification and commissioning to installation and maintenance, a range of factors can affect a pump's overall performance and cost. 07/31/2004
Purchasing Practices: Two Education Allies Warn of the Pitfalls of Low-Bid Buying. In buying school supplies and roofing, school districts need to realize that low bid too often equates to low quality, high maintenance, poor performance, and short life. The key is to write bid... 12/31/1996
Putting the Right Roof Over Your Head. Discusses types of roofing, their configuration, and respective life cycle and energy savings attributes. 05/31/2004
Reducing Life-Cycle Costs. Presents factors to consider when determining roofing life-cycle costs, explaining that costs do not tell the whole story; discussing components that should go into the decision (cost, maintenance,... 07/31/2003
Savvy Spending. Discusses the benefits of life-cycle costing to create value in spending on long-term campus improvements. More expensive, but energy saving systems are gaining popularity as energy prices rise. Also... 09/30/2009
School Design. This paper discusses five key issues in the design phase of a construction project that can improve the quality, cost, or time of construction. These five ways are: education specifications, design... 11/27/2000
Seeing the Light: Debunking LED Myths. [Get the Truth on LEDs] Discusses properties of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, addressing their appropriate applications, life cycle, energy efficiency, light output, and color rendering. 04/30/2011
Solutions Center: Facility Inventory Answers to a question about a tool that will allow one to inventory a facility and project life cycles. 12/31/2004
Spending Paradox. Describes the struggle between lowest construction cost and life-cycle cost in the deliberation over new school construction, and the difficulty of convincing voters and school board members to fund... 02/28/2005
Sustainability Theory and Educational Facilities. The focus of this comparative case study was to test, discern, and document whether the theory of the construct of sustainability, specifically in the area of renewable energy systems, could be... 12/31/2001
Sustainable Design: Beyond Cost and Performance More and more, green criteria factor into product selection. An environmental life-cycle assessment can help facility managers identify what's important. From green building rating systems, to... 06/30/2006
sustainable facilities vs. Sustainable Facilities Defines what a truly sustainable facility model should look like. The article provides a compelling reason for advocating planned capital renewal of facilities as the most effective method for... 04/30/2008
Taking a Holistic Approach to Sustainability A holistic approach to facility sustainability considers healthy, productive environments; capital costs; sustainable design and delivery; and life-cycle cost savings. 10/31/2011
The Benefits of Life-Cycle Costing. Describes how early commitment to green design and construction, as well as careful attention to life-cycle costs yielded a the highly-rated LEED-Platinum Applied Research Development Building at... 10/31/2008