Life Cycle Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
2016 State of Our Schools: K-12 Facilities From the Executive Summary: Using industry standards adapted to K–12 public school facilities, we estimate that the nation should be spending about $145 billion per year to maintain, operate, and... 03/01/2016
A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Floor Coverings in School Facilities. Presents life cycle cost analyses of school building floors with light-to-medium traffic and heavy traffic, comparing them with the figures for carpet and vinyl composition tile (VCT). The initial... 02/28/2002
Analyze These. Advises on calculating the total cost of an athletic floor by factoring installation, maintenance, life expectancy, refurbishment/replacement. A lifecycle cost comparison worksheet and analysis table... 10/31/2004
Apples to Apples. The Tacoma (Washington) School District has been using life-cycle costing successfully for several years to compare energy efficiency of climate-control systems for new schools. The analysis includes... 06/30/1996
Are You Building a School or a Liability? A Guide to Using Total Masonry Construction in Public Schools. Explains the value of total masonry construction in K-12 schools for the purpose of reduced life-cycle costs, safety, and mold resistance. A discussion of the importance of the building envelope,... 12/31/2003
Asset Lifecycle Model for Total Cost of Ownership Management: Framework, Glossary & Definitions. Presents a glossary of terms commonly used to communicate facilities-related issues, including space planning, construction, operations, maintenance, upgrades, and demolition/replacement. The... 12/31/2004
Average Life Cycle of Building Components. Offers a list of typical building components organized by building system, along with the typical life span of the item. The useful lives of the listed items vary directly with their initial quality... 06/04/2003
Before the Roof Caves In: A Predictive Model for Physical Plant Renewal Presents a quantitative method developed at Stanford University that allows administrators to accurately assess the future capital requirements necessary for renewal and replacement of campus... 12/31/1983
BIM (Building Information Modeling) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Advises on combining building information modeling (BIM), which gathers data at the beginning of a building project, with total cost of ownership (TCO), which gathers information over the life of the... 04/30/2009
BIM and Life-Cycle Analysis Help Determine Value of Green Strategies. Reviews six strategies used to assess the value of energy-saving features in a laboratory model. The return on investment, annual cost savings, and cost per LEED credit is described for heat recovery... 01/31/2010
Build Smarter, Faster, and Cheaper with BIM. Describes the benefits of building information modeling (BIM) software, including virtual three-dimensional construction of a building, ease and accuracy of information exchange between design and... 06/30/2008
Building Ecology and School Design. Technical Bulletin. All aspects of construction have environmental consequences. To better understand construction's impact, an overview of building ecology as a concept and as a decision-making model for school... 10/31/1995
Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) BEES is a free, federally sponsored software package that measures the environmental and economic performance of building products by using the environmental life-cycle assessment approach specified...
Buildings by the Numbers. Discusses lifecycle costs considerations for insulation within walls, window films, and roofing. 03/31/2005
Cost Analysis Helps Recycle Four Schools. Life-cycle costing helped design a modernization program at four elementary schools in Fairfax County, Virginia. 06/30/1977
Designing with Maintenance in Mind. When planning for a new facility, consideration of maintenance needs is crucial to successful design. Designing for maintenance needs involves considering such factors as the durability of materials... 11/30/2002
Designing with the End in Mind: Maximizing Operational Efficiency. Details total cost of school building ownership in terms of initial and operating costs, the typical stages of school building design and what cost analyses occur in each, software programs for... 07/31/2007
Energy Commitments for Green Schools. A Study for Carbon Neutrality: the Impact of Decisions, Design and Energy. Transforming decisionmaking processes regarding energy efficiency can affect the design of an education building. Discusses factors affecting the carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint of a building, and... 09/30/2011
Energy Guidelines For K-12 Public Schools. Advises on a variety of building features that impact energy consumption. The publication opens with a discussion of life cycle costing, building modeling, and performance verification. Subsequent... 02/28/2009
Energy Life Cycle Cost Analysis. Provides guidance for performing energy life cycle cost analyses (ELCCA) in Washington State and promoting the selection of low life cycle cost alternatives. Chapters 1 and 2 define energy life cycle... 12/31/2003
Facilities Engineering and Management Handbook: Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Buildings Tools for analyzing, comparing, anticipating, and managing the implications of engineering, maintenance, operating, and design decisions, and integrating facility systems for best results. The... 12/31/2000
Facilities Maintenance and Repair Cost Data Includes information on maintenance and repair; preventive maintenance; general maintenance; facilities audits; life cycle costing; equipment rental rates; travel cost tables; crews; city adjustments... 12/31/1999
Facility Accounting: Hammering Out a Capital Replacement Budget Most facility and finance managers cannot adequately handle school infrastructure issues because they lack the tools to describe the problem appropriately. Facility accounting gives managers accurate... 06/30/1996
Facility Maintenance and Repair Cost Reference 2011-12 Provides detailed maintenance and repair costs for 75 building and utility types in all major U.S., Canadian, and international areas. Data is included for over 1,600 building components, over 30... 10/31/2011
Finding the Measure of Green Interiors. Argues that interior green products must perform as well as non-green products for there to be any real sustainable benefit. In addition to other well-documented considerations for use of green... 05/31/2010