Libraries/Media Centers

Title Abstract Publication Date
Space Matters: Designing a High School Library for Learning. Discusses elements of good high school library design, including placing space for learning above space for storing materials, support of multiple teaching and learning modes, consideration of the... 12/31/2008
Status of Public and Private School Library Media Centers in the United States: 1999-2000 Examines the state of public and private school library media centers in the United States in 1999-2000. Data came from the 1999-2000 Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS). Composed of tables providing... 12/31/2003
Student-Centered Interior Design. Discusses design of classroom, cafeteria, library, technology and other mobile equipment to accommodate aural, visual, and tactile learners. Flexibility, acoustics, lighting, connection to the... 07/31/2011
Students as Partners in Library Design An architect discusses student input as an important part of library facilities design. Topics discussed include the uses of school and public libraries, including work and social functions;... 01/31/1992
Take a Seat -- In the Library. Offers comments from an interior designer about purchasing school library furniture. Comments cover such areas as client preference, the most important factors to consider when buying furniture,... 12/31/2000
The All-Digital Library Discusses the Cushing Academy of Ashburnham, MA that got rid of 40,000 books and replaced them with electronic sources, and redesigned the library with open space, new furniture, and a cafe where... 10/18/2011
The Architectural and Interior Design Planning Process Explains the planning process in designing effective library facilities and discusses library building requirements that result from electronic information technologies. Highlights include historical... 12/31/1993
The Electronic School Library Resource Center: Facilities Planning for the New Information Technologies Addresses the necessity of incorporating new computer technologies into school library resource centers and notes some administrative challenges. An extensive checklist is provided for assessing... 12/31/1994
The Impact of Technology on the Library Building. Reports on the results of a symposium of communications and information technologists, librarians and architects held at the EFL offices in June, 1967. They explored four principal areas of relevance... 06/30/1967
The Key to Designing Specialty Spaces. Dicusses specialty educational spaces by providing general design advice, illustrated with five examples from various schools. A media center, music suite, auditorium, outdoor classroom, and athletic... 10/31/2010
The L!brary Book: Design Collaborations in the Public Schools. The nonprofit L!brary Initiative, created by the Robin Hood Foundation, has been working since 2001 to enhance student literacy and overall academic achievement by collaborating with school districts... 03/31/2010
The Learning Center. Describes and provides examples of the transformation of libraries from repositories of information to learning centers that provide not only access to information but also instruction on finding and... 12/31/2009
The Library as a Digital Learning Space Describes the Simsbury High School in Simsbury, CT that is developing and honing a hybrid library that incorporates both traditional books and new digital technologies. Key features include a... 01/10/2012
The Library Goes Back to School. Describes the work of the Robin Hood Foundation in redesigning 46 New York City school libraries during the years 2002-2005. The foundation engaged local architectural firms, who in turn reevaluated... 08/31/2005
The New Learning Commons: Where Learners Win. Reinventing School Libaries and Computer Labs. Second Edition. Proposes a rethinking of the function and role of school libraries and computer labs in a 21st century school. Include the latest research in education, technology, and library science. 12/31/2011
The Not So Big High School Library....Why Build BIG? Examines the role state departments of education, a professional organization, and a leading internet organization play in providing recommendations and guidelines in the construction of new high... 03/17/2009
The Once and Future Library. Discusses the evolution of libraries away from information storage toward areas of collaboration. New expectations, types of spaces, experience, and problems are addressed, as are the... 12/31/2009
The Power of Paint: Refurbishing School Libraries on a Budget Presents lessons learned in four years of renovating school libraries in Cleveland, Ohio: build a team, fund raising, design tips (layout, furniture, color, windows, floors, theme), bargain hunting,... 01/31/1998
The School Libraries Project. . This describes a community-based, public/private partnership effort to renovate libraries at eight District of Columbia schools. The goal is to turn school libraries into first-class libraries with... 12/31/2009
The School Library Media Facilities Planner. Advises on pre-planning, planning, designing, and redesigning a school media center. Architectural styles and terminology, sample floor plans, planning documents, contracts, bid requests,... 12/31/2005
The School Library Space is Changing. Discusses the evolution of school libraries toward being social and learning commons spaces, and away from being storage for large quantities of books. The article emphasizes that this trend extends... 04/30/2011
The Shape of Tomorrow A cadre of talented architects is redesigning school libraries to boost student learning. 02/28/2002
The Status of Public Library and Private School Library in the United States: 1999- 2000. Examines the state of public and private school library media centers. Section one presents data illustrating the inclusion of a library media center within the school facilities by state, school... 02/29/2004
The Transformation of the Library. Details elements of essential flexible library furnishings that accommodate evolving study and meeting habits, types of media that need to be stored, and desktop and laptop use. 06/30/2008
Thinkering Spaces: A New Genre of Exploratory Environments for Kids. Presents concepts for development of interactive environments called ThinkeringSpaces. These environments are proposed for content-rich sites, such as libraries, to help bridge the gap between... 12/31/2006