Libraries/Media Centers

Title Abstract Publication Date
Planning the Library Media Center Facility for the 1990s and Beyond. This manual presents recommendations for incorporating present and future technological changes into workable, efficient, pleasant school library media facilities in two major sections: Planning the... 12/31/1990
Public/Private Libraries. Explores how a new school facility can be important, not only as a community center, but also as a resource center for library services such as computer labs, Internet service, and current... 06/30/2001
Pump up the the Library? Profiles the North Valley Regional Library, located at Boulder Creek High School in Anthem, Arizona. This joint-use facility was created through a three-way partnership of the school district,... 11/30/2007
Re-Designing a School Library Media Center for the 21st Century The School Library Media Center at Delsea Regional High School was not meeting the needs of the students, staff and community of the 21st century and hence a re-design of the library space was needed... 03/31/2004
Reading Room. Describes how the Robin Hood foundation has teamed with architects to ensure that New York City's 650 schools have comprehensive and modern libraries. Offers brief descriptions of the first six... 06/30/2002
Redesigning Schools for 21st Century Technologies: A Middle School with the Power to Improve Describes the processes involved in redesigning and renovating Power Middle School (Michigan) for current and future educational technology, particularly for the media center. Topics discussed... 12/31/1993
Remodeling the Media Center. Discusses items that need to be considered when remodeling a school media center. Highlights include space and location for various functions, including projections of print versus electronic media;... 04/30/1998
Renovate It and They Will Come: Designing A Popular High School Library. This articles provides a detailed description of the renovation of Horace Greely High School (Chappaqua, NY) library, including: floor plan, equipment, furnishings, lighting and a checklist for goals... 01/31/1997
Research on Research Centers. Makes the case that the amount of library space may now be reduced, but, at the same time, the number of librarians should be increased. More than ever, librarians are playing a key educational role... 11/30/2010
Robin Hood in Queens. Case study of the funding and design of a new library space in Public School 42 in Queens, New York. The Robin Hood Foundation's Library Initiative, launched in partnership with the New York... 07/22/2008
Robin Hood L!brary Initiative : A Conversation with Architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien With support from the New York City Mayor, corporate donors, and a team of volunteer architects, the Robin Hood Foundation and New York City Department of Education are developing a blueprint to turn... 10/10/2004
School Libraries and Resource Centres = Bibliotheques scolaires et centres de documentation. This book, in French and English, addresses how the school library of the future will be designed and what role it will play as a school facility within the educational system and in society as a... 12/31/2000
School Libraries and Resource Centres. Addresses how the school library of the future will be designed and what role it will play as a school facility within the educational system and in society as a whole. The following papers are...
School Libraries in the Information Society. Discusses how the growing use of information technology and the move toward schools as community learning centers are affecting the demand for and use of space in educational institutions,... 09/30/1999
School Libraries: A Design Recipe for the Future. Discusses design elements of a 21st century school library, including space, books and shelving, seats, tables, technology (computers, scanners, projectors), building materials (wood, metal, plastic... 08/31/2002
School Libraries: At the Center of the School. Describes three projects where new school libraries were built within existing facilities, transferring them from the extremities to a central place, integrating them into the curriculum, and making... 11/30/2003
School Library Media Center Design Considerations and Recommendations. Offers guidance for school library design that includes traditional library space and flexible spaces that accommodate new technology and self-directed learning. The areas to be included in the... 12/31/2008
School Library Media Center Long-range Planning Guide: a Workbook for Massachusetts School Library Media Centers. Offers step-by-step planning advice for school library media centers. The document begins with an overview of planning, and then proceed with sections for connecting with the school's mission... 12/31/1998
School Library Media Centers: The Human Environment. Review of the literature on aspects of human behavior relevant to library media center design discusses personal space, territoriality, privacy, variety, and color. Suggestions for media center... 06/30/1992
School Library Media Facilities Planning: Physical and Philosophical Considerations. Discusses issues related to planning school library media facilities and suggests appropriate resources. Topics include planning with the school community and considering technology use; curriculum... 08/31/2001
Share and Share Alike? Presents an interview with two librarians who are participating in joint-use projects, one between a public library and a school library, and one between a public library and an academic library.... 01/31/1999
Shelf Shifters: Thanks to a New Fiction Section, a Quiet Library Now Has a Booming Business. It is not surprising that major bookstores are always crowded. They offer big comfy chairs, warm lighting, and all kinds of coffees and treats. Staff tried to create a similar environment in the... 08/31/2004
Solitaire Confinement: The Impact of the Physical Environment on Computer Training. Institutions spend millions of dollars on computer training rooms yet give little thought to lighting, temperature, ambient noise, furniture arrangement, and other physical factors that affect... 12/31/1997
Some Considerations in Choosing Library Furnishings A library-furnishings consultant explains important factors to keep in mind when selecting furnishings: demographics; dimensions and budgets; how the interior should look (standard versus customized... 06/30/1999
Some Design Considerations When Building or Remodeling a Media Center. When building or renovating a media center, certain questions should be asked. To aid this process, a list of potential queries to be asked is offered. It opens with some general rules for planning,... 03/09/1998