Libraries/Media Centers

Title Abstract Publication Date
Managing Facilities for Results. Optimizing Space for Services. Hands-on workbook discusses how to prioritize new services that need space, make plans and identify an appropriate location, present the case to funding authorities, conduct a “gap analysis,” find... 02/28/2007
Managing InfoTech in School Library Media Centers. Discusses the development of an information technology plan for a school library media center and how to effectively manage technology to achieve goals of the school. Emphasizing applications in the... 12/31/1999
Media Center Facilities Design. Offers the contributions of several authors on school media center design. In successive parts, the book cover theoretical considerations, the student's perspective, the planning process,... 12/31/1977
Mental Gymnastics. Describes the addition of a library and gymnasium addition to the Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School in Los Angeles. Significant savings were realized by using a customized Butler building for the... 08/31/2003
Mr. Morgan and His Class Reflect on the New School Library. Discussion of library stereotypes, particularly school libraries, focuses on plans at the International School of the Bahamas to build a new library that is the center of the entire school. Describes... 04/30/2003
New Functions for New Demands. Explores areas to consider when planning and designing libraries/media centers. It examines wiring capabilities to meet future needs, ergonomics and furniture durability for workstations, and color... 03/31/1995
New Library Media Center, Santa Fe Christian School, Solana Beach, California. Describes the building design of the library and technology center named in the title, including the educational context and design goals. Includes a general description; information on the architect... 06/30/2002
New School of Thought: Collaborative Spaces Are Critical in Today's School Designs Common multiuse spaces include cafetoriums, libraries, and general communal spaces such as corridors and atriums. With some creative thinking, any of these spaces can accomodate a variety of... 09/30/2011
New Schools Are Shelving the Old Library Active learning centers and dispersed resource programs are replacing the dusty stacks of yore. Describes several recent school library projects where an active resource center supports a more... 08/24/2011
New Technologies, New Considerations As more and more school libraries are being built or renovated to accomodate new technologies, this discusses key components that should be considered as these new spaces are planned. 08/31/1998
New Technology Considerations for Media Facilities: Video Technologies and Space Requirements. Presents guidelines for design of space in library media centers. Requirements for audiovisual media, including projection, distribution systems, viewing, and storage considerations are summarized;... 06/30/1992
New World Forces Libraries To Adapt. Rapid changes in technology, media, and student needs are changing the way designers look at libraries. Examples of recently built libraries reflect five current trends in library design: (1)... 05/31/1996
Nine Libraries Called Out for Design Excellence. The 2007 American Institute of Architects/American Library Association Awards recognized nine exceptionally planned and design projects, including a philanthropic elementary school library renovation... 04/05/2007
North Carolina Public Schools: Facilities Guidelines [Media Centers] A section of this guide features K-12 planning information on media centers including square foot guidelines, ceiling heights, plan arrangement guidelines, equipment, hvac requirements, and lighting. 01/02/2000
Not to Be Shelved. While advances in technology have caused some to predict the demise of the book, K-12 libraries are more than reading rooms. Discusses the resilience of books; a community of learning; technology,... 01/31/2012
Orchard School Library Addition Describes a library addition to the Orchard School in San Jose, California that connects the elementary and middle school areas. The library's sustainable design includes a high-performance... 11/30/2011
Perceived Restorative Components: A Scale for Children. Reports on the development and psychometric validation of a perceived restorative components scale for children. Children aged 8 to 11 years completed an initial pool of 23 items addressing the... 12/31/2003
Planning and Building Libraries This site has been created for architects, librarians, design consultants, and students interested in planning and building libraries. It contains information on architects, planning, programming,... 12/31/2004
Planning and Designing Libraries for Children and Young People. Now that fewer libraries are being built, it is particularly important to maximize space in the buildings available, and to ensure that library plans are determined by the needs of users. This book... 12/31/1994
Planning for School Library Resource Centers This collection of materials covers many issues and trends related to planning for school library media centers of the future. Topics covered include technology, facilities, information literacy,... 12/31/1997
Planning Libraries for the 21st Century Discussion about planning for school libraries focuses on the first phase, called preplanning or programming, which involves determining the motivation for building or renovating; needs assessments... 02/28/1999
Planning Library Facilities: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography Bibliography on the planning, design and implementation of a new library facility or the renovation of an existing one, consisting of 800 annotated entries covering 1970-88. This bibliography is... 12/31/1989
Planning Library Interiors. The Selection of Furnishings for the 21st Century. Revised Edition. The acquisition of library furniture and shelving includes the following steps: look at the existing library space to determine which furnishings work effectively and which ones do not; study... 12/31/1994
Planning School Library Media Center Facilities for New Hampshire and Vermont. This booklet provides guidelines and suggestions for planning school library media facilities. The importance of helping the architect understand the school media center's unique mission and... 12/31/1988
Planning School Library Media Facilities This manual examines the planning process for building or renovating new library media facilities. It is concerned with building programs, local building and fire codes, design, working with... 12/31/1989