LEED Certification

Title Abstract Publication Date
Tired of Expensive School Buildings? Try Sustainable Design. Explains how LEED-based projects can cost no more than non-LEED, or only marginally more if the highest LEED rating is sought. This is due to deeper design and construction industry experience with... 10/31/2005
To LEED or Not to LEED. Argues that LEED Certification, despite its many strengths, is not the only set of guidelines for constructing green schools. The article lists alternative certifications that may respond to inherent... 03/31/2010
To LEED or Not to LEED? That Is the Question. Compares the large quantity of energy buildings consume to that of other human activities, encourages LEED certification, emphasizes the value of building commissioning, describes the right-sizing of... 03/31/2008
Total-Precast System Creates LEED-Certified School Precast concrete insulated sandwich wall panels and double tees create new facility adjacent to existing one, boosting energy efficiency, lowering maintenance costs, and improving air quality. Case... 06/30/2011
Turntables. Changing the Direction of LEED Certification Advises incorporating space saving, acoustically sound, and energy efficient devices such as Turntable Divisible Auditoriums (TDAs). They can save a school or district costs on construction and... 03/31/2012
U.S. Green Building Council USGBC is a national organization devoted to green and sustainable buildings. Members include building owners and managers, product manufacturers, architects/engineers and others with vested interests...
Vermeer Science Center, Central College. Describes this higher education science building renovation and expansion. Rainwater collection, photovoltaics, greenhouses, and sophisticated HVAC heat recovery systems combined to produce the first... 10/31/2004
Washington State Senate Bill 5509: An Act Relating to High-Performance Green Buildings. Sec. 4 (1) All major facility projects of public school districts receiving any funding in a state capital budget must be designed and constructed to at least the LEED silver standard or the... 02/28/2005
Washington Sustainable Schools Program (WSSP) Pilot Phase In April 2005, the Governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire, signed historic legislation to require LEED Silver Standards for all new schools receiving state funds. The legislation and supporting... 04/30/2005
Water+Wood=Platinum. Profiles Sidwell Friends School and the many sustainable design features that earned it the highest (platinum) LEED certification, and endows the building with features of use to the educational... 12/31/2006
Weather Winter's Cold by Going Green. Reviews LEED certification strategies that save energy and improve the school environment, details benefits of LEED certification for schools, and describes Energy Star and Green Globes as... 11/30/2007
What Makes Green Buildings Green? Discusses the six sustainability standards of the United States Green Building Council, under which there are 69 elements that can be implemented and translated into points. A building must comply... 03/31/2004
What's Keeping Us? Some Thoughts on Moving Forward. Advocates for LEED certification of schools and particular attention to post-occupancy care of the building and site. Using LEED criteria to inform facility decisions and engage students is... 12/31/2010
Where is LEED Leading Us? Reviews misconceptions about requirements for LEED certification, affirms the values of LEED schools, and advocates designing around the educational program first, and then adjusting the school... 06/30/2004
Yale Rehab Sets LEED Precedent. Profiles the conversion of early 20th-century laboratories into modern facilities, which helped establish a LEED standard for sustainable laboratory renovations. A description of the opening of the... 07/31/2008
Yavapai College Agribusiness Science and Technology Center Provides Environmentally Friendly Education. Describes the features of this higher education building that earned it LEED certification, including stormwater collection, xeriscaping, and solar hot water. 12/31/2005
Yes LEED Can. Presents an interview with Rachel Gutter of the United States Green Building Council. In it she discusses the impact of LEED for schools, hopes for support from the federal level, partnering for... 12/31/2008