LEED Certification

Title Abstract Publication Date
Solutions to Help Facilities Improve Green Performance: LEED Credits and Cost Savings. Discusses the green cleaning benefits and LEED points available through the use of microfibers for cleaning. Microfiber implements last longer than convention cleaning cloths, require less water and... 02/28/2010
Some Buildings Not Living Up to Green Label. Reports that many buildings receiving LEED certification do not save as much energy as predicted, that many owners of LEED-certified buildings do not track energy consumption, that there is no third-... 08/30/2009
State-of-the-Art High School Gets an A+. Profiles Northland Pines High School in Eagle River, Wisconsin. The school is the first LEED certified school in the state, and the first LEED Gold certified public high school in the United States.... 10/31/2007
States Starting to Require Architects and Contractors to Design and Construct Public Buildings to Achieve LEED Silver Certification. Discusses how eighteen states have adopted laws and regulations mandating that the construction of public buildings achieve LEED Silver Certification. Although the majority of States do not yet... 10/31/2009
Steps to Green: Good, Better, Best. Describes incremental energy-efficiency steps that can put an existing building on the path toward LEED certification. A basic energy analysis and conservation program is described as the first step... 10/31/2009
Successful Strategies for Planning a Green Building. Presents several strategies for successful green building on campus: develop a set of clear environmental performance goals (buildings as pedagogical tools, climate-neutral operations, maximized... 03/31/2003
Suck it Up. Reviews LEED and other considerations for vacuum cleaners, including capture rates for particulates, lift power, ergonomic design, and durable construction. 02/29/2008
Sustainability and Energy Management. Profiles the efforts of several higher education higher education institutions to achieve LEED certification and carbon neutrality. Electric vehicle sharing, energy tracking, water conservation, and... 05/31/2008
Sustainable Buildings for Learning. Outlines the separate LEED criteria for new and existing building, and profiles two green higher education buildings. The first is a renovated 1867 structure at Cornell, and the other a new student... 12/31/2007
Taking the LEED in South Carolina Schools. Profiles South Carolina's new North Charleston Elementary School, which is the first LEED-certified school in the state. Opposition to demolishing the existing 1922 school was overcome in part... 02/28/2006
Terrazzo: The Original Recycled Flooring. Discusses the composition and virtues of terrazzo flooring, which use recycled materials, have extreme durability, no off-gassing, and is locally sourced. A review of LEED points obtainable through... 11/30/2008
Texas' First LEED Certified elementary school - St. Catherines. Tours St. Catherine's Montessori School in Houston, Texas, a LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Catholic elementary and middle school designed to maximize use of... 01/31/2008
The Dalles Middle School: High-Performance Design and Low-Cost Innovation . Presents a case study of this school that achieved an LEED Gold rating even though it was built on a modest budget. The planning and design process is described, along with unusual site... 12/31/2002
The DCD LEED Square Foot Cost Guide. Focuses on square foot cost for a variety of LEED-certified building types, including ten educational facilities. 10/31/2009
The DCD LEED Square Foot Cost Guide. Presents the square foot construction cost data for 17 LEED-certified buildings, including seven schools. 10/31/2010
The Educational Advantages of Green: Saving, Teaching, Learning. Advocates sustainable design and LEED certification for school renovations. (Includes four references.) 12/31/2002
The First Certified 'Green' Dormitory. Describes Carnegie-Mellon University's New House residence hall, which is the country's first LEED-certified dormitory. Environmental awareness extends to the lifestyles that the building... 03/25/2004
The Green Movement Schools and colleges and universities are examining every element of a construction project or maintenance program with an eye toward making school facilities operate more efficiently over their... 05/31/2012
The Green Movement. Describes the organization of the LEED system and the categories and points that can be earned toward building certification. Examples of how schools are earning certification through site selection... 05/31/2006
The Green Scene: New Development in LEED and Green Globes. Reviews version 2.2 of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) software, the growth of USGBC (United States Green Building Council) membership since 1999, the growth in numbers of LEED-... 10/31/2006
The Green Team. Reviews the benefits of the participation of LEED-certified green building experts in project management, architectural design, interior design, lighting, landscape, and facility management in a... 08/31/2006
The Greening of Academe. Details the efforts that went into creating the University of California's new Merced campus, which aspires to an LEED Silver rating for the entire campus. The work of the designers and... 08/31/2005
The Noisy Drawbacks of LEED-Certified HVAC Systems. Narrates the author's experience as an acoustical consultant engaged to assess noise- sensitive areas of a school after a noisy, but highly efficient HVAC system with geothermal wells, was... 03/31/2006
The Penn Factor. Presents an interview with Mark Wilson, AIA, managing director of design and construction management at the University of Pennsylvania. He discusses his preferred project delivery methods, the... 04/30/2004
The USGBC's LEED Version 3.0 2009 Building Rating System. Discusses modular construction and sustainability as it relates to LEED prerequisites for the categories Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor... 06/30/2009