Impact of Green Schools on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
2005 Survey of Green Building Plus Green Building in K-12 and Higher Education. Presents the results of a survey of 665 senior executives concerning green building issues in both K-12 and higher educational facilities. Extremely large percentages of respondents from both fields... 12/31/2004
A Design That Teaches Others. Advocates creating school buildings that teach environmental stewardship, emphasizing retention of trees, recycling, and school gardens. 05/16/2009
A New Kind of Integration: Sustainable Design and Student Learning. Describes Elk River Area (Minnesota) School District's positive experience with sustainable design as an influence on school building design and environment, lower life cycle costs, and improved... 09/30/2005
A Preliminary Study of the Effects that Four L.E.E.D. Gold Certified Elementary Schools Have on Student Learning, Attendance and Health As student enrollment increases in the United States, so too does the demand for educational facilities. School districts that have faced successive years of budget shortfalls have neglected... 05/31/2011
Absenteeism, Performance and Occupant Satisfaction with the Indoor Environment of Green Toronto Schools. This study aimed to compare a number of quantitative and qualitative aspects of usage across a sample of 10 conventional, 20 energy-retrofitted and three green Toronto schools. Student, teacher and... 06/14/2011
Better Learning in Better Buildings: Sustainable Design of School Facilities Helps Educational Mission Schools can better fulfill their educational mission if they design and construct buildings on sustainability principals, including energy efficiency. This is the belief of Bill Dierdorff, the... 07/29/1999
Building Better Schools. Cites statistics on the condition of America's schools and the benefits of high-performance schools to students, teachers, the environment, the school owner, and the community. The top design... 06/30/2005
Campus Buildings that Teach Lessons. Describes how Brown University has begun looking at building design and performance as a shadow curriculum that supports or argues with the principles being taught in a building's classroom.... 02/28/2002
Campuses as Living Laboratories for the Greener Future. This article features the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the University of California, Irvine (UCI) as examples of the growing efforts of college and university campuses to create... 10/31/2009
Center for Green Schools The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council provides guidance, programming and resources for all members of the education community. The Center works directly with staff, teachers...
Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) CHPS is a collaborative of California government, private, industry, and non-profit organizations. The Collaborative's goal is to facilitate the design of high performance schools. This site...
Daylighting in Schools. An Investigation into the Relationship between Daylighting and Human Performance. This study examines the effects of daylighting on human performance, focusing on skylighting as a way to isolate daylight as an illumination source and to separate illumination effects from other... 07/20/1999
Design of Learning Spaces: Emotional and Cognitive Effects of Learning Environments in Relation to Child Development The design of learning spaces is rightly gaining more and more pedagogical attention, as they influence the learning climate and learning results in multiple ways. General structural characteristics... 01/31/2012
Do Green Schools Improve a Student's Academic Performance? Concise information sheet summarizing the findings of several studies correlating the quality of school buildings with better student performance. 12/31/2004
Eco-Friendly Campuses as Teaching Tools. Sustainable design projects offer academic communities the opportunity to make the design and operations of their campuses part of the larger lessons of social and environmental responsibility that... 09/30/2008
Education Green Building SmartMarket Report. Details construction market research into green building in the education construction sector. The research that the education sector is the fastest-growing market for green building. The study also... 12/31/2006
German Forest Kindergartens: Healthy Childcare under the Leafy Canopy A forest kindergarten is a special form of daycare, with walks, free play and environmental education in the forest on the daily schedule. Attending a forest kindergarten can contribute to children... 03/31/2012
Go Green. Discusses ten significant reason to embrace sustainable design in school design and construction: to save energy, water, and money; reduce pollution; improve health; provide educational opportunities... 11/30/2007
Going Green by Thinking Blue. Discusses the use of rainwater as a teaching tool, by creating rain gardens bioswales, permeable pavers, and green roofs at school facilities. Explanations of these four features and advice on how to... 03/31/2009
Going Green: Eco-Friendly Schools. You Can't Ignore the Benefits of Eco-friendly Schools. Discusses the benefits of going eco-friendly schools and features Great Seneca Creek Elementary School in Germantown, Maryland. The school's 296,000-square-foot building--which runs on wind and... 12/31/2006
Grading Green Results. Discusses three universities' experience with sustainable design. Despite minor issues, all three institutions are saving energy and are pleased as well with the ability to use the building as a... 08/31/2010
Green Building White Paper Research: Schools. Reports on an online survey of K-12 education professionals to assess opinions, perceptions, and actions regarding sustainable school buildings. The objectives of the study were to establish... 09/30/2004
Green Buildings Research White Paper. Covers green building awareness and practice across a variety of building types, with two specific chapters for higher education and K-12 education, respectively. These chapters interpret survey data... 09/30/2007
Green Roofs and Schools. Lists opportunities for instruction that a green roof provides, especially in dense urban neighborhoods. In addition to environmental benefits, a green roof supports plant species, insects, birds,... 08/22/2010
Green School Grounds: A Collaborative Development and Research Project in Malmö, Sweden School ground greening projects may result in a multitude of benefits for pupils, schools and entire communities. This field report describes a project called “Green school grounds” in Malmö, Sweden... 03/31/2012