Impact Fees

Title Abstract Publication Date
2006 National Impact Fee Survey This survey shows fees charged on new development to pay for the construction or expansion of off-site capital improvements that are necessitated by and benefit the new development, including school... 07/31/2006
As Local Governments Struggle To Finance Costs Associated With New Construction, More And More Turn To The Option Of Requiring Developers To Pay Impact Fees. An increasing number of municipalities across the nation are adopting local ordinances which impose impact fees on developers in order to finance costs associated with new construction. This article... 10/31/1999
Best Practices Guide for Public School Concurrency. Assists Florida school boards and local governments in implementing the state?s 2005 school concurrency requirements. It is partially based on the experiences of the six pilot communities mentioned... 04/16/2007
Development Impact Fees In Michigan: A Tool to Stop Sprawl Subsidies and Promote Efficient Growth. This discusses key components of impact fees and excise taxes, and gives Michigan examples. 06/30/2003
Development Impact Fees. A Primer. The use of development impact fees to finance public facilities that are necessary to service new growth is a practice that has gained importance and acceptance in the last decade. In the U.S. the... 12/31/2000
Effects of Impact Fees on the Suburban Chicago Housing Market. Municipalities in suburban Chicago impose fees ranging from $2,223 to $8,942 on new four-bedroom homes. Other unofficial fees and the cost of complying with regulations add significantly to these... 11/18/1999
Establishing Level of Service Standards for Public School Concurrency. Presents an evaluation of alternative approaches for establishing public school level of service standards, as it pertains to Florida. The new statutory requirements for school concurrency constitute... 05/15/2006
Exactions, Impact Fees And Other Land Development Conditions Government imposes impact fees and exactions on the land development process in order to pay for public facilities needed to service a particular project. To the extent that the fee or exaction... 12/31/1997
Financing Alternatives Call for Flexibility, Creativity One page discussion of methods that can be used alone or in combination to fund school facilities: lease or lease-purchase plans; establishing business/community partnerships; imposing school impact... 08/31/1998
Florida Builders Determined to Continue Fight Against ‘Outrageously High' School Impact Fee Community leaders in Osceola County, Florida, have stepped up criticism of home builders in an attempt to pressure them into dropping a court challenge against a controversial school impact fee. 02/13/2005
Future of Florida's School Impact Fees Cast Into Doubt. Striking a blow to some of the state's fastest-growing districts, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that an adults-only housing complex near Daytona Beach does not have to pay school impact... 05/30/2000
Growth and Infrastructure Costs: Legal Constraints for Shifting the Tax Burden. Reviews legal challenges to property tax formulas to fund schools, with particular attention to actions in California and Florida. Remedies and alternative funding instruments are discussed,... 03/31/2008
Identifying and Mitigating Sources of School Revenue Erosion. Advises on how identify and counter threats made to school district revenue by shifts in tax collection. Tax increment financing districts, property tax reduction litigation, property tax abatement,... 08/31/2009
If They Build It.... Impact fees are one-time charges assessed to residential developers that help pay for new roads, libraries, school buildings, and other infrastructure needed for growing populations. The fees'... 05/31/1999
Impact Fee Handbook Written for members of the building industry who need to understand and respond to local impact fee initiatives, this covers the basic facts and guides the reader to additional sources of information... 12/31/1996
Impact Fees for Educational Facilities in Lake County, Florida. This study of impact fees for educational facilities in Lake County, Florida presents the methodology, summarizes the data, and explains the calculations of the fees. It includes a definition and... 12/02/2004
Impact Fees for Schools. An overview of school impact fee ordinances and statutes from the states that permit their use. Includes a list of typical school impact fee provisions. 11/30/1993
Impact Fees. Describes impact fees, how they work, their relationship to property taxes, how they have worked in the states that allow them, and recommendations for effective impact fees in New Jersey. 12/31/2003
Impact Fees: Who Pays for Community Development? The debate on impact fees centers on two questions: How do you measure the impact? Who pays for the additional service capabilities required by growth? Stakeholders in this debate include builders... 12/31/1995 [Online Impact Fee Resource] Comprehensive and current collection of online information relating to impact fees and infrastructure financing. The website is provided as a public service by Duncan Associates, one of the nation...
Implementing Development Impact Fees: A Case Study of a Small Rural Town in Vermont Impact fees significantly reduce the burden on small town governments to pay for capital facilities necessitated by new development. Describes how an impact fee program in St. Albans, Vermont,... 06/30/1996
Issue Analysis: Are Impact Fees a Viable Resource for School Districts Experiencing Growth? Focuses on the growing student enrollment for M.R. Elementary, a Pre-K through 8th grade elementary district. M.R. Elementary is experiencing this growth due to four new subdivisions that will be... 03/31/2006
Land Use Management: Retirement Communities Evade Public School Impact Fees. This discusses a Florida law case concerning the payment of public school impact fees by a developer of a mobile home park persons aged 55 and older. 12/31/1999
List of Jurisdictions with Impact Fee Provisions [Washington State] This lists both city and town and county impact fees, including fees for school facilities, with links to the ordinances, resolutions, or codes. 12/31/2005
Maximum Impact. Under California law, developers are required to pay school districts impact fees of $1.84 per eligible square foot. However, the Huntington (California) School District says the state-mandated fee... 06/30/1996