Impact of Facilities on Learning--Research Studies

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Comparative Study of Pupil Attitudes toward New and Old School Buildings. Student attitudes toward the physical environment of a school opened in 1980 are compared to student attitudes toward two older schools: one constructed in 1923, the other in 1936. The control group... 12/31/1981
A Place to Learn: Lessons from Research on Learning Environments This report presents a comprehensive review of research on learning environments from multiple perspectives, broadly grouped as those that focus on the physical conditions, psychosocial environment... 12/31/2011
A Preliminary Study of the Effects that Four L.E.E.D. Gold Certified Elementary Schools Have on Student Learning, Attendance and Health As student enrollment increases in the United States, so too does the demand for educational facilities. School districts that have faced successive years of budget shortfalls have neglected... 05/31/2011
A School for Everyone: School Design to Support the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities. Investigates the impact of school and classroom physical environments on the inclusion of students with disabilities. Researchers analyzed the physical environments of six inclusive schools in three... 12/31/2007
A Study of the Effect School Facility Conditions Have on Student Achievement. Explores the effect school facilities have on student achievement as measured by the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) test in a high-performing, high-poverty school district in Texas. This... 04/30/2003
A Study of the Relationship Among New School Buildings and Student Academic Performance and School Climate in Mississippi. This was a correlational study, conducted in 10 Mississippi schools, built since 1999. It was designed to add to the limited research related to building conditions, amenities, student grade point... 12/31/2004
A Synthesis of Studies Pertaining to Facilities, Student Achievement, and Student Behavior. This study examines the research on the extent school facilities influence student achievement and behavior. Fifty-three studies conducted since 1980 were synthesized that included the independent... 04/30/1997
Air Pollution Around Schools Is Linked To Poorer Student Health And Academic Performance. Exposing children to environmental pollutants during important times of physiological development can lead to long-lasting health problems, dysfunction, and disease. The location of children's... 04/30/2011
An Assessment of Schoolyard Renovation Strategies to Encourage Children's Physical Activity Children in poor and minority neighborhoods often lack adequate environmental support for healthy physical development and community interventions designed to improve physical activity resources... 03/31/2011
An Assessment of the Quality and Educational Adequacy of Educational Facilities and Their Perceived Impact on the Learning Environment as Reported by Middle School Administrators and Teachers in the Humble Independent School District, Humble, Texas Investigates the adequacy and quality of middle school facilities in Humble ISD middle schools as reported by the primary users of these facilities, the teachers and administrators. These middle... 11/30/2006
An Investigation of the Physical Environment and Its Effect on MR Youth. Reported are the findings of a research study to determine the effects of physical environment on the learning behavior of 13 institutionalized moderately and severely retarded individuals (14-18... 12/31/1975
An Investigative Study of the Relationship of the Physical Environment to Teacher Professionalism in the State of Mississippi Public Schools. Investigates 1994 State Teacher of the Year Nominees' perceptions of how school facilities enhance their ability to function as professionals. The study revealed that of the 21 identified... 04/30/1995
An On-going Research on Learning and School Buildings in Palestine. Compares drawings by children from two very different school environments. The project investigates how children and teachers in three recently built new schools in different regions of West Bank... 12/31/2009
Architectural Concerns for Future Learning Environments. A research study examined the factors that will affect future educational programs and the resultant effect of these factors on future school facilities. Additionally, the study developed an... 03/31/1994
Architectural Design and the Learning Environment: A Framework for School Design Research. Develops a theoretical framework for studying how instructional space, teaching, and learning are related in practice. It is argued that a school's physical design can contribute to the quality... 12/31/2009
Architectural Quality in Planning and Design of Schools: Current Issues with Focus on Developing Countries. This volume contains the proceedings of the 13th Architecture & Behavior Colloquium, bringing. It brought together researchers, designers, consultants and decision makers on educational... 12/31/2009
Awareness of Daylighting on Student Learning in an Educational Facility. Examines how awareness of the interior architecture of a building, specifically daylighting, affects students academic performance. Extensive research has proven that the use of daylighting in a... 12/31/2009
Building Better Schools: Methodological Concerns and The Need for Evidence-Based Research. Describes how the difficulty in building high-quality school environments has more to do with a lack of knowledge rather than a lack of finance. Research supported decisions in planning schools are... 12/31/2009
Building Conditions, Parental Involvement and Student Achievement in the D.C. Public School System. This paper examines the impact of parental involvement on the overall condition of the Washington (District of Columbia) public school buildings, and then looks at the impact of various variables on... 12/31/1990
Building Conditions, Parental Involvement, and Student Achievement in the District of Columbia Public School System. Little research has been done on the need to repair and refurbish school buildings because of the impact that the condition of buildings has on the students, rather than just the need to maintain... 03/31/1993
Building Type Basics for Elementary and Secondary Schools, 2nd Ed. Advises architects, planners, engineers, and their clients through all aspects of school facilities design. Chapters address predesign, circulation, design concerns and process, site planning, codes... 12/31/2009
Can Research Findings Help School Systems Obtain the Most Bang from the Construction Bucks? Research on educational facilities is important to help industry and school districts make decisions on funding and maintaining good educational environments for their students. This paper presents... 09/25/1997
Center for Architecture and Building Science Research. New Jersey Institute of Technology. CABSR, located at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has been active in educational facilities research since 1991. The early emphasis was on the interaction between learning environments and...
Center for Cities and Schools The Center is committed to bridging the fields of education and urban policy to create equitable, diverse, and livable cities and schools. The Center works to promote understanding of how the...
Changing Spaces: Preparing Students and Teachers for a New Learning Environment Physical settings in schools have a complex relationship to teaching and learning practices. Uncomfortable tensions can result when the intentions of learners and teachers conflict with each other or... 03/31/2012