Impact of Facilities on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
12 Design Principles Based on Brain-Based Learning Research. Designing successful brain-compatible learning environments requires educators and design professionals to transform traditional thinking. Design must be approached in a holistic, systemic way,... 12/31/1997
21st-Century Learning Q&A Twenty-five architects comment on the latest innovations in designing for future learning, as well as how design can support these trends. Questions answered include: What are the latest ideas/... 10/31/2011
30 Strategies for Education Reform. This synthesizes key learning theories and current practices into 30 strategies for reforming educational programs and for the facilities that accommodate them. These include interactive learning... 12/31/2002
A Beautiful School Is a Caring School. Beautiful school buildings are often associated with higher cost, extravagance, or both. This article reviews several studies on school building aesthetics and concludes that, in addition to... 05/31/2004
A Bibliography of Design Value for the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. Gathers and summarizes significant research that examines the value added by good architectural design in healthcare, education, crime and safety, housing, and social inclusion. 12/31/2004
A Blueprint for Change. A Learner-Focused Curriculum Drove the Design of Minnesota's Chaska High School The state-of-the-art Chaska High School in Minnesota has an environment that epitomizes learner-focused, self-directed, technologically advanced learning. It focuses on the house or school-within-a-... 01/31/1998
A Brave New Campus--Marysville Getchell High School Campus 2011 MacConnell Award Winner. Extensive case study of award winning high school outside Seattle, Washington that redefines high school education. Discusses communities of learners, taking chances, starting with the learner, being... 11/30/2011
A Comparative Study of Pupil Attitudes toward New and Old School Buildings. Student attitudes toward the physical environment of a school opened in 1980 are compared to student attitudes toward two older schools: one constructed in 1923, the other in 1936. The control group... 12/31/1981
A Gender Perspective on Educational Facilities. Explores the planning and design of educational facilities from a gender perspective, with a view to guiding future research and policy analysis. The article argues that social relations are... 06/30/2010
A Guide to Lowering Test Scores. Discusses the adverse impact of poor classroom air quality on student performance and how school officials can eliminate the sources of indoor air pollution. Describes Environmental Protection Agency... 08/31/2002
A Model for Building Condition and Student Achievement and Behavior Based on business studies concluding that a better environment is related to higher production and greater employee satisfaction and on research conducted in schools, the author has constructed a... 06/30/1993
A Model Program in a Remodeled Building. Renovations contributed to academic improvement at an Issaquah (Washington) elementary school. Enclosing an open-air corridor enabled it to be used for educational activities. Double doors connected... 06/30/2001
A Natural History of Place in Education. Considers the philosophy of place in education, the history of and current trends in school design, the school infrastructure crisis, and the relationship between the philosophy of education and... 12/31/2003
A Sound Foundation? What We Know about the Impact of Environments on Learning and the Implications for Building Schools for the Future This paper reports on a literature review conducted in the UK for the Design Council and CfBT (Higgins et al., 2005) which looked at the evidence of the impact of environments on learning in schools... 01/31/2007
A Statewide Study of Student Achievement and Behavior and School Building Condition. This paper presents findings of a study that examined the relationship between student achievement/behavior and school-building condition. A survey sent to all high schools in North Dakota elicited a... 08/31/1995
A Study into the Effects of Light on Children of Elementary School-Age--A Case of Daylight Robbery. This report describes a 2-year study of the effects of various lighting systems on elementary school students' dental health, attendance, growth and development, vision, and academic achievement... 12/31/1991
A Study of Disparities among School Facilities in North Carolina: Effects of Race and Economic Status. This study examines the relationship between the physical state of elementary school facilities in North Carolina and the proportion of low-income and African-American children attending each schools... 12/31/1998
A Study of the Architecture and Curriculum of Virginia High Schools. Provides a written and pictorial history of the architectural and curricular features of Virginia high schools. 284 high school buildings which best represented an architectural period, beginning... 03/31/1995
A Study of the Effect School Facility Conditions Have on Student Achievement. Explores the effect school facilities have on student achievement as measured by the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) test in a high-performing, high-poverty school district in Texas. This... 04/30/2003
A Study of the Relationship Among New School Buildings and Student Academic Performance and School Climate in Mississippi. This was a correlational study, conducted in 10 Mississippi schools, built since 1999. It was designed to add to the limited research related to building conditions, amenities, student grade point... 12/31/2004
A Study of the Relationship Between School Building Condition and Student Achievement and Behavior This study found the student achievement scores, student discipline incidents, and science achievement scores were higher in schools with better building conditions.. Cosmetic building condition... 12/31/1992
A Study of the Relationship Between School Building Conditions and Academic Achievement of Twelfth Grade Students in Kuwaiti Public High Schools. Explores the relationship between school building conditions and the academic achievement of twelfth students in selected public high schools in Kuwait. The population of the study was 56 high... 04/30/2002
A Study on the Relationship between Students' Achievement, School Size and Gender. The relationship between school size and students' achievement in reading and mathematics by school level and gender was studied in order to illuminate issues of school size and equity and... 01/26/2000
A Summary of Scientific Findings on Adverse Effects of Indoor Environments on Students' Health, Academic Performance and Attendance. Summarizes the current state of scientific knowledge about the adverse impacts of school indoor environments on health and performance. Key gaps in knowledge and critical outstanding research... 03/31/2004
A Survey Study of Elementary Classroom Seating Designs. This paper presents the results of a two-part study that investigated classroom seating design preferences among elementary classroom teachers. In part one, the researchers mapped and classified... 12/31/2000