Healthy School Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
2004 School Environmental Checklist This is a checklist developed for parents to use to walk through their schools to make sure children are not exposed to polluted indoor air, toxic chemicals, allergens and other hazards that can lead... 12/31/2003
2008 Children's Environmental Health Report. Describes current programs from the Environmental Protection Agency aimed at improving school environmental health. These include HealthySEAT, Clean School Bus USA, Chemical Cleanout Campaign, and... 09/30/2008
3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Child Care Facilities: Revised Guidance. Provides information about sources of lead in drinking water and its health effects, particularly in young children and infants. Simple instructions for testing water and recommended solutions for... 11/30/2005
3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools and Child Care Facilities Toolkit. Provides EPA manuals and supplemental materials to assist schools and child care facilities in their efforts to develop programs and policies to reduce lead leveles in drinking water. 11/30/2005
3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools: Revised Technical Guidance. Provides training for school officials to raise awareness of the potential occurrences, causes, and health effects of lead in drinking water; to assist school officials in identifying potential areas... 11/30/2005
A Beginner's Guide to Reviewing EHS Issues at Your School Identifies 25 important items that should be reviewed and considered when initiating an Environmental, Health and Safety assessment. 12/31/1999
A Bill to Be Entitled: An Act to Enact the Schoolchildren's Health Act of 2006. This North Carolina legislation establishes guidelines for reducing exposures to pesticides, diesel fumes, mold & mildew, arsenic treated wood, and elemental mercury in the state's schools.... 04/20/2005
A Cancer Risk Assessment of Inner-City Teenagers Living in New York City and Los Angeles. Presents the results of a study of forty-six high school students in New York City and and forty-one in Los Angles in 1999 and 2000. The students wore backpacks equipped with air monitors that... 06/14/2006
A Case Study of Environmental, Health and Safety Issues Involving the Burlington, Massachusetts Public School System. Tips, Suggestions, and Resources for Investigating and Resolving EHS Issues in Schools An investigation was initiated concerning the environmental health within the Burlington, Massachusetts public school system to determine what specific environmental hazards were present and... 12/31/1997
A Clean School Is a Healthy School. Discusses the benefits that schools and universities can derive when they emphasize health and safety in their cleaning practices. Use of the Cleaning for Health and Safety program to reduce or... 04/30/2001
A Course in Sustainable Maintenance Procedures. Provides an overview of GS-42, the Green Seal Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services. The standard embraces planning, products, equipment, cleaning procedures, communication, and training. 03/31/2008
A Safe Environment Discusses the EPA's first-ever federal guidelines for locating school facilities that encourage high-performance schools, stress the importance of locating schools near populations and... 11/30/2011
A Snapshot of What's in the Air. Examines testing methods for air pollutants at schools situated in industrial areas, where the occupants are potentially at risk for health problems. The latent nature of these potential health... 11/30/2008
A Summary of Scientific Findings on Adverse Effects of Indoor Environments on Students' Health, Academic Performance and Attendance. Summarizes the current state of scientific knowledge about the adverse impacts of school indoor environments on health and performance. Key gaps in knowledge and critical outstanding research... 03/31/2004
A Survey and Critical Review of the Literature on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Health Symptoms in Schools. IEQ Strategies. This survey and critical review of the literature on indoor air quality, ventilation and health symptoms in schools is a concise guide to the published literature on IAQ in schools, with an emphasis... 12/31/1997
A Tale of Two Institutions: Education and Environment. A Brief History of the Conflicting Values and Objectives of Schools and the Environmental Movement. This paper briefly highlights the past four decades of the relationship between school districts and the environmental movement. It reveals the public's increasing awareness of environmental... 12/31/1989
A White Glove Inspection for the Invisible. Describes Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) that uses scientific analysis to determine the effectiveness of cleaning beyond that which can be detected visually. The technique can accommodate... 05/31/2009
ABC's of Healthy Schoolhouses: Asthma, Bugs, and Chemicals. Discusses reasons why children's bodies are more vulnerable to environmental hazards; why unhealthy school environments present a special hazard to children due to occupant density, multiple... 07/31/2009
Achieving Healthy School Siting and Planning Policies: Understanding Shared Concerns of Environmental Planners, Public Health Professionals, and Educators. Discusses policy decisions regarding the quality of the physical school environment--both, school siting and school facility planning policies. These are often considered through the lens of... 12/31/2009
Acute Illnesses Associated With Pesticide Exposure at Schools. Data collected by three national pesticide surveillance systems from 1998-2002 indicated acute illness associated with pesticide exposure at schools. Incidence rates for the period were 7.4 cases per... 07/26/2005
Advanced HVAC Systems for Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance of California K-12 Schools, Displacement Ventilation Design Guide: K-12 Schools. Provides guidance concerning the use and implementation of displacement ventilation (DV) for K-12 schools. It serves architects, engineers, and educators seeking to understand why DV is beneficial,... 05/31/2006
Advanced HVAC Systems for Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance Of California K-12 Schools, Project 2 Final Report: Thermal Displacement Ventilation. Serves as the final project report for Project 2, Thermal Displacement Ventilation (DV) in Schools, under California's PIER IEQ-K12 Program. Key outcomes included the following: 1)Two... 05/31/2006
Advanced HVAC Systems for Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance of California K-12 Schools: Applications Guide for Off-the-Shelf Equipment for Displacement Ventilation Use. Provides background information on the potential energy use, indoor air quality and acoustic benefits of displaced ventilation as well as field experience with DV in schools and commercial buildings... 04/30/2006
Advanced HVAC Systems for Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance Of California K-12 Schools: Draft / Final Research Report. Covers HVAC design considerations for displacement ventilation systems, drawn from completed research of the project, a computational flow dynamics analysis, and the results of the first... 05/31/2006
Advanced HVAC Systems for Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance Of California K-12 Schools: Final Classroom Documentation Report. Documents the performance monitoring results of a displacement ventilation demonstration project at Kinoshita Elementary in San Juan Capistrano, California. The report also documents the processes of... 05/31/2006