Health Services Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
2007 Architectural Portfolio: Specialized Facilities. Profiles 33 outstanding new specialized school facilities selected for their innovation, sustainability, security, aesthetics, and life-cycle costs. These include art, performing arts, athletic,... 10/31/2007
A College Health Center. Case Studies of Educational Facilities #6. Considers problems and solutions related to the design and establishment of college health facilities. Specific considerations include: 1) internal expansion and flexibility; 2) study and... 12/31/1964
American School Health Association The ASHA is a multidisciplinary organization of administrators, counselors, dentists, health educators, physical educators, school nurses and school physicians involved in school health instruction,...
Building Blueprints: School Health Suites. Advises on the design of school health suites, presenting typical questions that should be answered by the client, and using a new middle school facility in Lincoln, Rhode Island, as an example. Keys... 03/31/2007
Building Type Basics for Healthcare Facilities. This provides the essential information needed to initiate designs for acute care hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and specialty centers. The book is filled with project photographs,... 12/31/1999
Center for Health and Health Care in Schools CHHCS is a nonpartisan policy and program resource center located at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services. This web site combines information on the core...
Design Details for Health: A Guide to Making the Most of Interior Design's Healing Potential. This book showcases a range of design details and practical design solutions providing flexible, innovative design solutions in key areas such as lighting, acoustics, color, furnishings, and finishes... 12/31/1998
Design That Cares: Planning Health Facilities for Patients and Visitors, Second Edition. After discussing current health facility design research, it includes chapters on waiting and reception rooms and diagnostic and treatment rooms that may be applicable to school health centers. 12/31/2000
Designer Schools: The Role of School Space and Architecture in Obesity Prevention. Discusses the link between school space and architecture and obesity prevention by reviewing and synthesizing available literature in architecture, environmental psychology, and obesity research, in... 10/31/2007
Developing a School-Based Health Center: An Assistance Manual The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance to interested Maine communities, school officials, parents, students and health care providers in the development of School-Based Health Centers (... 12/31/1996
Development of a Statewide Space Model. [Texas] This article reviews development and use of a statewide (Texas) space model for long-term planning, regulating new construction, and formula appropriations for general academic and, more recently,... 09/30/2000
Facilities for the School Health Team. Results of a questionnaire returned by 20 doctors giving information of 249 schools showed that many of the rooms made available to school health services are inadequate in terms of physical... 05/31/1994
Facility Focus: Student Centers/Health Services. Profiles new student health and services facilities at Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The respective service areas and sustainable features of these large... 06/30/2009
Floor Plan: Edison Elementary School Clinic. The physical layout of a school-based health center will differ from one setting to another. Certain factors influence the final physical characteristics of a SBHC including, but not limited to,... 12/31/1998
Good Medicine. Describes state-of-the-art health services facilities being built on higher education campuses. These are typically inviting, centrally-located facilities designed to better address the more complex... 06/30/2006
Guidelines for Comprehensive School Based Health Centers in New York. Section G: Facility Requirements. Pages 18 and 19 of these guidelines describe square footage requirements, as well as recommended spaces. 12/31/2005
Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care. Facilities. Considered an industry standard by architects, engineers, and health care professionals, the Guidelines set minimum program, space, and equipment needs for clinical and support areas of hospitals,... 12/31/2000
Guidelines for Maryland School-Based Health Centers - Facility Needs and Requirements. The Facility Needs and Requirements section at the end of this document discusses goals and planned usage, operational schedule, number of users, accessibility, parking, security, spatial... 12/31/2006
Health Clinic Environments in Georgia Elementary Schools. Schools seem to be the logical place to serve the health needs of students, since children spend a majority of their time there. Design standards were not available for health clinics in Georgia... 12/31/2004
Health-Care Hub. Case study of the health-care center at Broad Acres Elementary in Silver Spring, Maryland, one of 1,500 school-based health centers nationwide that bring a wide range of medical, nutritional, and... 02/03/2004
Interior Design for Ambulatory Care Facilities This focuses on how wayfinding, noise control, privacy, security, color and lighting, general ambience, textures, and nature can have a profound influence on patient stress, health, and well-being.... 12/31/1998
Key Components of a School-Located Vaccination Clinic: Lessons Learned from Fall 2009. The 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus vaccination campaign focused on use of school-located vaccination (SLV) clinics because of the ability of SLV to reach targeted populations. Large numbers of children... 07/31/2010
Material Health Arizona State University's recent Health Services Building project focused on sustainability and the use of healthier materials to benefit the students and staff. 06/27/2012
Medical and Dental Space Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Equipment, and Clinical Procedures. Medical and dental design for architects and interior designers. The core of the volume is a detailed analysis of 23 medical and dental specialties and their respective space planning requirements.... 12/31/2001
National Assembly on School-Based Health Care The National Assembly on School-Based Health Care is a nonprofit private association representing school-based health care providers and supporters. The National Assembly provides community, state,...