Grounds Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Guide to the Management and Maintenance of School Grounds. A guidebook helps schools identify their maintenance requirements, choose the best organizational model of maintenance to ensure they receive a good quality service for their money, and help teachers... 12/31/1995
A Legacy of Us: Maintaining and Managing Your School Grounds. This manual and videotape provides guidance on establishing effective school ground maintenance and management practices that link the grounds development phases with appropriate management. The... 12/31/1995
A New Generation of Mowers Advances in speed, size, flexibility and performance can help managers specify the right equipment to meet facilities’ turf needs. 12/31/2000
A Tall Task in Texas. Describes challenges to the mowing program at the University of Texas, where 124 acres of turf are congested by 70,000 students, faculty, and staff; the temperatures during mowing season are high;... 08/31/2009
Athletic Turf This site provides information for athletic field managers and includes access to articles from Athletic Turf News on natural turf management, synthetic turf issues, budgeting, planning, and...
Bio-diesel: Toe in the Water Makes Big Waves. [Bio-Diesel: One University's Experience with the Alternative Fuel.] Describes advantages and roadblocks faced in experimental conversion to bio-diesel fuel in landscape services equipment at University of Mississippi. Combining the correct fuel ratio and the most... 07/31/2010
Boston Schoolyard Initiative. Since 1995, the Boston Schoolyard Initiative (BSI) has been transforming Boston's schoolyards from barren asphalt lots into dynamic centers for recreation, learning and community life. The BSI...
Budget Benefits of Grounds Care Attachments. Advises on expanding the utility of grounds care equipment with innovative attachments that can obviate the need for new pieces of equipment, or convert one type of equipment into another. Advice on... 03/31/2011
Building a Pond on the School Grounds Describes the efforts of two teachers to construct a pond and woods on school grounds. The teachers used specialized student teams for working on a wetland study and the building project. An advisory... 12/31/1997
Building and Grounds Maintenance Checklist. This checklist discusses six major topics areas: buildings and grounds maintenance supplies; dust control; floor cleaning; drain traps; moisture, leaks, and spills; combustion appliances; and pest... 12/31/2001
Campus Landscape: Functions, Forms, Features. This guide provides information, instruction, and ideas on planning and designing every aspect of the campus landscape, from parking lots to playing fields. Using real-world examples of classic and... 12/31/1999
Campus Landscaping: More Than Cutting Grass and Trimming Trees. Describes plantings at Nova Southeastern University that pertain to the academic program and also plant considerations around childcare facilities. 07/31/2004
Caring for Growing Places. Describes the many different reasons for maintaining grounds, including not just functionality and safety, but also user comfort and satisfaction. Aesthetic appeal is critical on college campuses,... 06/30/2011
Cold-weather Considerations The ‘slow season' gives grounds managers an opportunity to prepare for warmer weather. This discusses equipment, chemicals, staff, budget and schedules. An equipment winterization plan is... 11/30/2000
Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Best Practice Manual: Volume IV, Maintenance and Operations. This volume presents high performance guidelines for the maintenance and operation of schools. Information in this volume will help ensure that high performance school buildings continue to operate... 12/31/2005
Compaction and Wear Concerns on Sports Fields. Describes relatively simple measures athletic facility managers can use to alleviate the turf destruction and compaction of athletic fields including seed and soil amendments and modifications on... 08/31/1999
Cost Analysis and Financial Strategies: On-line Lesson. Undergraduate course guide on recreational facility grounds maintenance standards. Includes analysis of funding levels, maintenance service objectives, public partnership considerations and a guide... 12/31/2000
Curbside Critique: A Technique to Maintain a Positive School Yard Image. Describes use of a curbside critique, a weekly assessment by community volunteers and school leaders to maintain an appealing appearance of the schoolyard and building exterior. 04/30/2002
Cutting to the Chase. Addresses the issue of grounds care at educational facilities. Tips for purchasing and maintaining equipment, keeping regular maintenance schedules, and properly training workers are presented.... 04/30/1996
Cutting-Edge Alternative. Discusses the use of propane-powered mowing equipments, which use less fuel and produces less exhaust. 12/31/2009
Design Workbook. Provides ideas, guidance and tools for making decisions on potential elements in schoolyards and outdoor classrooms. The workbook has been created with consideration for safety, budget,... 12/31/2010
Designing the Successful Grounds Organization. Makes case for competent and committed grounds staff who fully understand the scope of their duties and responsibilities and know the mission of the entire organization. they will require less... 06/30/2011
Duke University's Quality Appearance Program. Describes the Quality Appearance Program (QAP) initiated by Duke University's Grounds Services Unit. The QAP is a self evaluation process that embodies four points (identify, analyze, effectuate... 04/30/2008
Esso Schoolwatch Survey Pack. A survey packet, designed for primary schools, helps schools establish site monitoring activities that involve the entire school community in evaluating and maintaining school grounds. The packet... 12/31/1996
Feet First. Discusses the high priority nature and maintenance needs of keeping playing surfaces to sports and recreation facilities. Grass and synthetic field and track surface maintenance are discussed as are... 06/30/2000