Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Green at the Forefront. Advises on coordinating the entire school design and construction team for sustainability at the outset of the project, in order to achieve maximum results. The use of current sustainability rating... 10/31/2009
Green Building and School Construction. Discusses the benefits of green, or high-performance, buildings, such as health and comfort, cost effectiveness, and sustainability. Explores the barriers to their use by schools--most notably cost.... 04/30/2002
Green Building Design for Schools-the Next Time Around. Outlines an initiative in Radnor, Pennsylvania, to construct a LEED-certified middle school. For this project, the school district, the engineer, and the architect have all completed green projects... 12/31/2004
Green Building Programs Focus on Indoor Air Quality for Healthier Schools. Reviews benefits of high performance green schools to occupant health, student performance, operating costs, and educational opportunity. The current mixed state of school indoor environmental... 03/31/2007
Green Building Programs in the United States. Reviews recent updates and proposed changes to the most prominent North American green building programs, including LEED, the NAHB National Green Building Standard, and GBI's Green Globes... 02/28/2009
Green Building Report. Describes one superintendent's success in receiving $725,000 in grants to cover costs related to environmental upgrades in a new school building. The grants covered photovoltaics, extra... 01/31/2005
Green Building Square Foot Costbook Comprehensive collection of recent LEED and sustainable building projects along with their square foot costs, broken down by CSI MasterFormat section and adjusted for 2012. For each building,... 12/31/2011
Green Building Studio. Web-Based Energy Analysis Software. GBS is a web-based service that enables building design teams to integrate whole-building energy analysis into the early stages of the design process. Architects and engineers use their existing... 12/31/2010
Green Building Survey Shows Increased Interest in K-12 Realm. Discusses recent findings indicating that a large percentage of construction executives prefer green K-12 facilities. The benefits include better community image, better teacher retention, reduced... 03/31/2006
Green Building White Paper Research: Schools. Reports on an online survey of K-12 education professionals to assess opinions, perceptions, and actions regarding sustainable school buildings. The objectives of the study were to establish... 09/30/2004
Green Buildings and the Bottom Line. Examines financial considerations of green building across many building types, with one chapter each devoted to the practice in higher and K-12 education. Current attention to and financial... 10/31/2006
Green Buildings in Use: Post Occupancy Evaluations. Briefly describes users' experiences of two green school buildings. It also describes how communication concerning building performance is necessary to minimize environmental impact, just as it... 09/30/2007
Green Buildings Pay. 2nd Edition. Buildings have a major impact upon the world's resources and upon the health of people who occupy them. Green buildings are designed specifically to reduce the level of resource consumed,... 12/31/2002
Green Buildings Promote Better Health and Education. Briefly reviews aspects of sustainability in school site selection, roofing, landscaping, material selection, lighting, and indoor air quality. 12/31/2006
Green Buildings Research White Paper. Covers green building awareness and practice across a variety of building types, with two specific chapters for higher education and K-12 education, respectively. These chapters interpret survey data... 09/30/2007
Green By Design. Illustrates how green building design has received wide demographic endorsement. 09/30/2010
Green Can Be Relative to Your Region. Offers measured evidence for the benefits of green schools to attendance and energy savings. Designing a green school must coincide with the climactic zone of the facility. Explanations of the U.S.... 03/31/2009
Green Charter Schools Network Network supports the establishment, enhancement and advancement of charter schools with environment-focused educational programs and practices.
Green Classroom Acoustics: Sound or Noise? Architectural acoustics is underrepresented in current green building rating systems. While acoustics factors are embodied in green building issues, their scoring potentials remain untapped. An... 02/28/2010
Green Design and Sustainability in Sport and Recreation Facilities. Defines green facilities, and discusses their contribution towards resource conservation, energy and water efficiency, and indoor environment. Automated building systems, potential costs and savings... 03/31/2008
Green Design: New Construction vs. Renovation. Briefly reviews the six categories of LEED certification for new construction and addresses the additional options available with renovation projects. 03/31/2008
Green Designs Support Learning Environments. Presents the ten Citation of Excellence award winners in this competition, with particular attention to four educational facilities that exhibit particularly innovative and well-executed sustainable... 12/31/2007
Green Designs. Profiles the work of England's Kevin McCloud, a theater designer who has turned his passion for sustainability toward school design. 02/28/2007
Green Energy in New Construction: Maximize Energy Savings and Minimize Cost. Discusses the concept of simultaneously achieving low energy bills and low construction costs by utilizing energy modeling and LEED principles. It is noted that LEED construction will not guarantee... 11/30/2010
Green Existing Schools Implementation Workbook. Assists with the evaluation and improvement of current school operations and maintenance practices and policies. The workbook is organized by LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M prerequisites and... 12/31/2008