Title Abstract Publication Date
15 Low-Cost Tips for School Interiors Interior designer Carla Remenschneider and architects Jeanne Jackson and Steven Shiver share their favorite low-cost techniques for brightening schools, including ideas for casework, colors,... 02/01/2012
A Firm Fit. Explains how to choose classroom furniture that complements the teaching methodology and fits classroom configurations and needs. Purchasing considerations beyond quality, price, and service are... 04/30/1998
A Positive Environment. Explores planning and design issues that should be considered when selecting school furniture, fixtures, and equipment, including aesthetics, function, and flexibility. 09/30/2002
A School Chair Designed For Squirmy Kids Working with furniture manufacturer Flötotto, the German designer Konstantin Grcic designed a chair that would ergonomically support a full range of seating positions. Grcic’s Pro has a rounded seat... 07/29/2012
A Seat at the Table. Discusses coordinating deliveries, warranties, installation options, and bulk purchasing of school furnishings. 02/28/2009
A Second Chance. Discusses the possibilities of refurbishing existing campus furniture when renovating. The refurbished furniture may be used where it is, moved to another campus location, or donated to the community. 06/30/2008
A Survey Study of Elementary Classroom Seating Designs. This paper presents the results of a two-part study that investigated classroom seating design preferences among elementary classroom teachers. In part one, the researchers mapped and classified... 12/31/2000
Accessorizing the Classroom. Describes how, as is the case with the desks they purchase, schools should choose other furnishings such as computer workstations by balancing aesthetics, architects' recommendations, staff... 05/31/2002
Aces of Space. Profiles four schools that use technology, new design concepts, and flexible furnishings to reinvent their teaching spaces. Curved rooms, interconnected and networked electronic wall displays,... 05/31/2011
Adaptable Spaces and Their Impact on Learning. Quantifies the benefits of flexible learning environments with figures representing the learning benefits of comfort, convenience, lighting, movable furnishings, and good acoustics. 22 references are... 12/31/2008
Adjustable Tables and Chairs Correct Posture and Lower Muscle Tension and Pain in High School Students. This study compares the effects of traditional non-adjustable and new adjustable school tables and chairs on the sitting and standing postures, muscle tension and pain levels as well as the learning... 12/31/2002
Adjusting to Technology. Discusses school furniture selection in the light of the technology that will be used. Traveling laptops, the smaller footprint of current hardware, and wireless networks are reviewed. 05/31/2007
Aim for Wow-ability when Selecting Student Center Furniture. Advises colleges to keep in mind several qualities when purchasing furniture for student centers: durability, cleanability, repairability, flexibility, storability, credibility, sustainability,... 03/31/2003
All Tricked Out. Describes flexible classroom furnishing solutions that are easily rearranged, lounge area furnishings that are conducive to collaboration, and environmental considerations in furniture construction... 04/30/2008
An Open and Shut Case. Discusses the advantages of drawer storage over shelving units for types of smaller and irregularly sized materials frequently found in schools. 11/30/2007
An Open Door. Discusses how lockers can have a significant impact on the school environment and ways of making the impact a positive one. An example of a lockerless school is highlighted. 11/30/2000
Appealing Spaces. Discusses the trend away from traditional school space design based on numbers of students, toward design based on achieving educational outcomes. Features of improved learning space and furnishings... 09/30/2007
Are You Sitting Down? Discusses outdoor furniture selection, including selection of materials appropriate to the environment, matching furniture to the landscape and surrounding architecture, sustainability, color, and... 01/31/2008
Arranging the Classroom with an Eye (and Ear) to Students with ADHD. Discusses arrangement of the classrooms furnishings, equipment, activity areas, and supplies to address the ADHD student's issues with hyperactivity, impulsivity, distractibility, and... 10/31/2001
Art Accommodation in Secondary Schools. A Design Guide. Building Bulletin 89 This document provides a framework for accommodation of art and design in British secondary schools, concentrating on the needs of 11- to 16-year-old pupils. Section 1 outlines the range of teaching... 10/07/1998
Back Pain in School Children--Where to from Here? Back pain is now recognised to occur early in childhood and is associated with high prevalence rates when estimated by survey. This review paper considers the risk factors associated with back pain... 12/31/2004
Back to School. Profiles educational furniture designed to accommodate current higher education students, who are larger and carry more belongings to class. 05/31/2010
Behind the Scenes: Furnishing the Maintenance Department. Notes that school facility departments are often outfitted with furniture that has been discarded from elsewhere on campus. The hazards of working on improper furniture are noted, as is the negative... 02/28/2009
Beware of the Sitting Trap in Learning and Schooling. Reviews the necessity of movement in children to promote learning, presenting concepts of active-dynamic sitting and advocating furniture that accommodates dynamic load shifts in the body. 12/31/2005
Beyond the Seat. Discusses aesthetics, ergonomics, function, flexibility, durability, adjustability, quality, storability, maintenance, and safety in school furnishings. Also covered are color selection for various... 02/28/2005