Funding -- State and Local

Title Abstract Publication Date
2005 Indiana School Construction Annual Report. Compares the sizes and costs of Indiana school building projects to national costs and sizes for 2004 and 2005, revealing that Indiana's costs were 40.4 percent higher than the national average... 07/31/2006
21st Century School Fund The 21st Century School Fund is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to work on school facility issues nationally and locally in the District of Columbia, building the public will and capacity to...
A Billion-Dollar Building Boom. Describes ways that some states are funding much-needed school construction in the midst of very tight budgets. Programs from North Carolina, Georgia, California, Arizona, Connecticut, and Washington... 01/31/2004
A History of Progress. Explains how the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools used budget management and community support in successfully building new facilities and preparing the district for expanding instructional... 03/31/1999
A Look Ahead: Trends 2012 Experts make projections concerning the education system for the year 2012 in the areas of technology, energy, state and local politics, safety and security, and federal issues. 12/31/2011
A National Study of State Tax Appropriations for Capital Needs in U.S. Public Higher Education This study investigated the relationship of key issues related to capital and operating budget practices of state tax appropriations and policies at the state level, including new facilities... 12/31/2010
A New Approach in Chicago. Describes Chicago's Renaissance 2010 Neighborhood Schools Program, which aims to turn around the city's most troubled elementary and high schools by creating 100 new small neighborhood... 06/30/2004
A New Blueprint for California School Facility Finance. This report provides an overview of California's current process of supporting K-12 school capital outlay, identifies its shortcomings, and offers a conceptually different approach, or blueprint... 04/30/2001
A Planner's Guide to Financing Public Improvements. [California] A Planner's Guide describes statutory financing options available to California communities. Its primary purpose is to provide city and county planners with a general discussion of methods of... 05/31/1997
A Primer on the Public School State Approval Process. Summarizes the role of five California state entities in approving and funding school construction, as well as a potential 40 additional programs that may become involved under certain conditions.... 02/28/2001
A Quarter Century of Turmoil: School Finance in California on the 25th Anniversary of Serrano. Explains problems with complex system of educational finance in California. Addresses issues such as diversity, per pupil expenditure, and equity at district and school level; problems with special... 09/30/1997
A Review of School Facilities Programs and Analysis of School Facility Needs. Provides descriptive information on each of the four central components of Maine's school facilities program: major capital school construction, school revolving renovation program, leased space... 02/28/2006
A Review of the School Facilities Construction Commission. [Kentucky] Analyzes the impact of Kentucky's School Facilities Construction Commission (SFCC) and other facility funding programs in the state. The study includes a review of school district facility needs... 02/09/2006
A Year of Reform and Rededication: New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation 2006 Annual Report. Presents a report of the Corporation's work in calendar year 2006. The Corporation is charged with ensuring that the state complies with court mandated full funding of school construction in... 12/31/2006
Act Concerning the Use of Public-Private Partnerships by School Districts [Arkansas] Defines public-public partnership as a contractual agreement between a school district and another governmental agency, political subdivision, or institution of higher education to meet a clearly... 02/28/2005
Adequacy and Equity of Facility Funding for the Kentucky Public School System Historically, adequate and equitable funding has been an issue in financing school facilities in Kentucky. The Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) of 1990 provided a new funding mechanism, the... 12/31/2002
Administrative Procedures Aging School Program Public School Construction Program. Details the Maryland Aging School Program's eligible and ineligible projects and expenditures, the application and project approval process, and procedures for procurement and contract awards. 05/31/2006
Administrative Procedures: Aging School Program, Maryland Public School Construction Program. The Aging School Program in Maryland provides state funds to all school systems in Maryland to address the needs of their aging school buildings. These funds may be utilized for capital improvements... 06/30/2009
Advancement Project's Policy Recommendations on Facilities for Preschool and Early Education. Reviews the Project's response to improving student achievement in California schools. The group maintains that there are preschool spaces for only 80 percent of the state's children, that... 10/18/2007
Alabama Department of Education Capital Plan Report. Provides a district-by-district summary of school capital improvement plans for Alabama schools. For each project, the type of work to be done (replacement or renovation) is listed, along with a... 12/31/2010
Alaska Department of Education and Early Development Capital Projects Priority Lists. Provides school capital projects priority information for years 2003-2008. Documents online illustrate initial and final project considerations, amounts requested and recommended, and local and state... 12/31/2007
Allocation of State Funds for Construction and Renovation of Schools in Georgia Examines Georgia's model capital outlay program for public schools. Despite the current program's many positive aspects, incentives provided to local school districts can lead to... 09/30/1996
An Economical, Thorough, and Efficient School System: The West Virginia School Building Authority Economy of Scale Numbers The West Virginia School Building Authority has arbitrarily emphasized economies of scale as a requirement for statewide facilities funding. This requirement has forced consolidation in sparsely... 12/31/1996
An Examination of Capital Outlay Funding Mechanisms in Oklahoma. Explores fiscal interrelationships that underlay capital outlay funding, including the differences between rural and non-rural school districts. The study additionally focuses on the relationships... 08/31/2010
An Overview of the State School Facility Programs. Describes the variety of California school facilities programs grants, the organization and staffing of the Office of Public School Construction, and the School Facility Program construction process... 04/30/2008