Funding Partnerships

Title Abstract Publication Date
101 Smart Revenue Generators. Describes a variety of revenue opportunities for higher education, including creative acquisition and management of real estate, commercial uses for campus facilities, partnerships with professional... 11/30/2006
21st Century School Fund The 21st Century School Fund is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to work on school facility issues nationally and locally in the District of Columbia, building the public will and capacity to...
?P3 Value for Money Assessment and Project Report. Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement (ASAP) Project Phase 1 This report explains what a P3 is and why it may be used, provides a value for money assessment of the P3 for 18 new schools, and provides a project report. By using a Public Private Partnership (P3... 05/31/2010
A Double Play. Describes a partnership between Worcester's College of the Holy Cross and the minor league baseball team Worcester Tornadoes that enabled the renovation of an historic baseball stadium owned by... 06/30/2006
A How-to Guide for School-Business Partnerships. Describes steps for creating, implementing, sustaining and evaluating partnerships between schools and businesses. The recommendations are designed to help school and business leaders respond to... 12/31/2004
A New Approach in Chicago. Describes Chicago's Renaissance 2010 Neighborhood Schools Program, which aims to turn around the city's most troubled elementary and high schools by creating 100 new small neighborhood... 06/30/2004
A New Strategy for Building Better Neighborhoods. Presents a community redevelopment model that proposes partnering with an intermediary organization to engage in predevelopment project planning that leverages bond financing for a variety of... 09/30/2002
A Planner's Guide to Financing Public Improvements. [California] A Planner's Guide describes statutory financing options available to California communities. Its primary purpose is to provide city and county planners with a general discussion of methods of... 05/31/1997
A Private Showing. Discusses the benefits of public/private partnerships to build and operate campus housing, illustrated with details from four successful examples. 09/30/2007
A School for the 21st Century. Explains how New York's Niagara Falls High School, with the help of a public-private partnership, was able to create a forward-thinking school without raising taxes. Explores ways to design for... 07/31/2001
A Sharing Proposition. Describes how the University of Vermont and St. Michael's College in Burlington, Vermont cooperated to share a single card access system. Discusses the planning, financial, and marketplace... 04/30/2002
A Textbook Example: Why American Schools Must Go Green. Profiles a public/private partnership, assisted by grants, that enabled a Connecticut school to install a photovoltaic array on its roof at no cost to the district, while allowing immediate access to... 09/07/2010
ABC's of School Funding. [Qualified Public Education Facility Bonds] Qualified Public Education Facility Bonds (QPEFs) are a potential funding mechanism for both charters and public schools. QPEFs are a type of exempt facility bond created under section 422 of the... 12/31/2002
Act Concerning the Use of Public-Private Partnerships by School Districts [Arkansas] Defines public-public partnership as a contractual agreement between a school district and another governmental agency, political subdivision, or institution of higher education to meet a clearly... 02/28/2005
Adaptive Reuse Creates Viable Research Incubator. Profiles the University Enterprise Laboratories, a partnership between the University of Minnesota and several corporate partners that is housed in a converted warehouse. 05/31/2008
Alternative Finance Stretches Dollars. Describes some forms of taxation and partnerships successfully employed by school systems to finance new schools, and the struggles and failures of others in implementing these same arrangements. 02/16/2006
America's Choice High School. Profiles this 500-student Sacramento high school financed by a collaborative lease-leaseback arrangement. 12/31/2007
Annual Report on the Status of Alternative Procurement, Project Delivery and Financing for Maryland Public School Construction. Reports on alternative financing of public schools in Maryland, describing examples of the leasing and adaptive reuse of commercial buildings in Hagerstown and Bel Air, energy performance contracts... 09/01/2009
Australia's First Public Private Partnership School Project. Describes this school construction partnership that designed, built, and now manages nine schools. Cost savings of up to seven percent have been achieved by handling the nine schools as a package. 05/31/2004
Big-Time Fundraising for Today's Schools. A fundraising consultant shows school leaders how to move away from labor-intensive, bake sales and car washes, and into the world of major fundraising. Following the model used by colleges and... 12/31/2005
Breaking Tradition. Describes the design of the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center, a partnership institution aimed at nontraditional students, including the educational context and design goals. Includes... 12/31/2001
Build A School for the Future (Microsoft) The School District of Philadelphia and Microsoft worked together to build a School of the Future. This website includes downloadable resources, a virtual tour, professional development tools for... 12/31/2009
Build “Smart.” Smart growth schools are small in size, encourage broad community involvement, and make good use of existing resources. Promoting small, community-based schools requires innovation, new partnerships... 09/30/2003
Builder Teams with Municipality to Provide all School Services Pembroke Pines, Florida, is to have the first municipally run open-enrollment charter school, with turnkey educational services being provided by a division of the Haskell Company, a design-build... 04/05/1998
Builder Turns Landlord in School Construction Plan. Discusses the public-private financing partnership for funding the new Inderkum High School in Natomas, California, in which the school district and a private developer entered into a “lease-... 07/27/2003