Floor Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
15 Low-Cost Tips for School Interiors Interior designer Carla Remenschneider and architects Jeanne Jackson and Steven Shiver share their favorite low-cost techniques for brightening schools, including ideas for casework, colors,... 02/01/2012
35 Years and Counting. Describes the durability and other benefits of a carpeting with vinyl cushion backing, Powerbond, used at Prospect Valley Elementary School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. 09/30/2002
A Floor for All. Recommends a floor selection process that considers how the space will be used, the furniture that will be on it, maintenance requirements, repairability, budget, and aesthetics. 05/31/2004
A Flooring Discussion. Presents an interview with three flooring professionals that discusses the current rate of school flooring installation, types of products being selected, sustainability, common misconceptions over... 08/31/2008
A Three-Step Plan to Selecting the Right Flooring. Proposes a three-step process for floor selection: 1) Consider the objective of the space and how it will be used. 2) Consider the project life-cycle and budget. 3) Consider the desirable aesthetics... 07/31/2005
Against the Grain. Assesses the benefits of using synthetic surfaces as an alternative to hardwood flooring in multipurpose gymnasiums. Explores such issues as durability, flexibility, and ease of installation. 10/31/2001
Athletics from the Ground Up: Selecting a Surface To Play On. Discusses flooring options for high school gymnasiums and the issues to consider when selecting flooring in light of the new sports activities now available. Explanations of how schools decided on... 11/30/1998
Avoiding Flooring Failures. Understanding key characteristics of carpeting and hard-surface flooring can lead facilities managers to products that perform well. 10/31/2011
Behind the Seams. Discusses the use of seamless flooring in areas where cleanliness, waterproofing, and slip resistance are emphasized. Areas such as locker rooms, restrooms, kitchens and cafeterias, lobbies and... 06/30/2000
Beneath the Surface. Discusses wood flooring components for athletic facilities, what materials make up these floors, and how they affect a floor's performance once installed. The pros and cons of anchored versus... 08/31/1998
Best Practices for Carpet Specification and Maintenance. Advises on selecting carpet for educational environments, citing the experience of the Los Angeles County Community College District. Details of their carpet specifications that address... 11/30/2008
Better Safe Than Sorry. Describes the use of nonslip flooring in educational facilities to reduce fall injuries and litigation costs. Discussions include the influence of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,... 11/30/1997
Brawny Beauties. Provides advice on choosing hard flooring options. Hard surfaces must address cleanability concerns, very strong durability and longevity, and ease of accommodating wheeled office equipment.... 01/31/2011
Building Blueprints: Sports and Athletics. Discusses flooring for athletic facilities, noting issues of maintainability, performance, aesthetics, installation, and recyclability of various options. 06/30/2010
Building Ecology and School Design. Technical Bulletin. All aspects of construction have environmental consequences. To better understand construction's impact, an overview of building ecology as a concept and as a decision-making model for school... 10/31/1995
Buyers' Guide & Who's Who Directory, 2001-02. Presents a comprehensive directory supplies and products for businesses and educational facilities including contact information. Also contained are an alphabetical list of educational facility... 02/28/2001
Buying the Best Sustainable Flooring. Describes the attributes of sustainable flooring in a question-and-answer format. Issues considered are the material source, manufacturing technique, installation, off-gassing, maintenance,... 12/31/2003
Carpet Aids Learning in High Performance Schools. Describes carpet's benefits to the learning environment, including contributions to indoor air quality; thermal, visual and acoustical comfort, and safety. 12/31/2008
Carpet and Indoor Air Quality in Schools. Technical Bulletin. Ways in which carpeting can affect a school's indoor air quality (IAQ) are discussed. Carpeting is defined as a system of components that includes pads, adhesives, floor preparation compounds,... 12/31/1992
Carpet Considerations Examines the use of carpet in a growing number of applications. Discusses carpets' durability, ease of maintenance, capacity for flexible installation, ability to meet special needs, and also... 09/30/2000
Carpet in Schools. Contains information on indoor air quality, carpet selection, allergy issues, maintenance, acoustics, and other issues. 12/31/2000
Carpet in Schools: Myth and Reality Concludes that as a floor covering in schools, carpeting has strengths and weaknesses. Recommends that decisions on carpet use be made with students and educational programs in mind. Includes... 05/31/2001
Carpet's Hidden Benefits. Discusses the cushioning and noise reduction benefits of carpet, and provides information on carpet density, sound transmission, and impact noise rating. 12/31/2005
Carpet: Creating a Better Learning Environment. Discusses how carpeting is a key factor in providing comfort, safety, acoustical enhancement, temperature control, and natural lighting enhancement for schools. Tips for choosing the right carpet and... 04/30/2001
Carpeting Creates a Better Learning Environment [Carpet and Rug Institute Supplement]. Discusses the benefits of carpet in the classroom; carpet maintenance vs. cleaning; step-by-step guide to life-cycle costing; and balancing the indoor air quality equation. 03/31/2000