Floor Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Few Easy Steps. Examines tested techniques that can keep a school's carpeting in good condition. Cleaning with hot water extraction, removing spills and spots, handling emergency cleanups, and cleaning soft... 11/30/2000
A Healthier School Focus. Discusses the New York Department of Education carpet and rug guidelines, developed in response to unhealthy conditions discovered through testing. The guidelines cover types, placement, installation... 12/31/2004
A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Floor Coverings in School Facilities. Presents life cycle cost analyses of school building floors with light-to-medium traffic and heavy traffic, comparing them with the figures for carpet and vinyl composition tile (VCT). The initial... 02/28/2002
A Review of the Most Common Carpet Cleaning Methods. Describes five standard carpet cleaning methods: 1) water extraction, 2) bonnet/spin pad, 3) absorbent powder, 4) dry foam shampoo, and 5) encapsulation. Also included are ten spot removal steps and... 07/31/2004
A Well-Grounded Plan. Explains how establishing a cleaning and maintenance program for floors and carpets makes schools safer and more attractive. Offers recommendations for cleaning that help maintain good air quality.... 09/30/2000
Behind the Seams. Discusses the use of seamless flooring in areas where cleanliness, waterproofing, and slip resistance are emphasized. Areas such as locker rooms, restrooms, kitchens and cafeterias, lobbies and... 06/30/2000
Best Practices for Carpet Specification and Maintenance. Advises on selecting carpet for educational environments, citing the experience of the Los Angeles County Community College District. Details of their carpet specifications that address... 11/30/2008
Bottom-Line Floor Care. Advises on floor care, including the selection of quality chemicals and the right equipment and utilization of skilled and certified floor care professionals. 03/31/2010
Campus Floor Finish Stripping Considerations. Discusses selection of floor stripping compounds and outlines five steps for effective stripping and refinishing of floors in order to achieve high gloss and durability. 06/30/2007
Carpet and Indoor Air Quality in Schools. Technical Bulletin. Ways in which carpeting can affect a school's indoor air quality (IAQ) are discussed. Carpeting is defined as a system of components that includes pads, adhesives, floor preparation compounds,... 12/31/1992
Carpet Considerations Examines the use of carpet in a growing number of applications. Discusses carpets' durability, ease of maintenance, capacity for flexible installation, ability to meet special needs, and also... 09/30/2000
Carpet in Schools. Contains information on indoor air quality, carpet selection, allergy issues, maintenance, acoustics, and other issues. 12/31/2000
Carpet in Schools: Myth and Reality Concludes that as a floor covering in schools, carpeting has strengths and weaknesses. Recommends that decisions on carpet use be made with students and educational programs in mind. Includes... 05/31/2001
Carpet: Creating a Better Learning Environment. Discusses how carpeting is a key factor in providing comfort, safety, acoustical enhancement, temperature control, and natural lighting enhancement for schools. Tips for choosing the right carpet and... 04/30/2001
Carpeting Creates a Better Learning Environment [Carpet and Rug Institute Supplement]. Discusses the benefits of carpet in the classroom; carpet maintenance vs. cleaning; step-by-step guide to life-cycle costing; and balancing the indoor air quality equation. 03/31/2000
Carpeting's Top Tips. Provides 11 tips on how to effectively buy, install, and maintain campus carpeting. An example of carpeting and maintenance specifications used at Worcester Polytechnic Institute are highlighted. 02/29/2000
Characteristics of School Flooring Materials. Presents a succinct table comparing indoor air impact, cost, maintenance, room quality, comfort, safety, environmental, and other considerations of carpet, VCCT, linoleum, vinyl, terrazzo, ceramic... 12/31/2004
Clean Sweep. Advises on a wide selection of floor finishes, cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions for the many varieties of floors found in athletic facilities. Offers criteria for matching use of the floors... 10/31/2003
Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online This is the on-line home of Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine. Web site features articles, buyers guide, key topics, new products, and a calendar.
Cleaning up Floor Care. Discusses how educational-facility maintenance departments can cut costs in floor cleaning through careful evaluation of floor equipment and products. Tips for choosing carpet detergents are... 03/31/1995
Comprehensive Carpet Care. Having an effective carpet maintenance program takes planning and commitment. The proper equipment and supplies, combined with regular training, will help ensure the carpets look clean and attractive... 12/31/2001
Concrete Coating Considerations. Discusses coating options for concrete floors and plazas. The choice between painting or coating is addressed, as are product selection, coating types, specifications, and post-installation issues. 10/31/2010
Covering All Options. Reviews attributes of carpet, resilient flooring, and wood as school flooring, with particular attention to suitability, cost, and cleaning practices. 01/31/2011
Creating a Sustainable Floor Care Program. Advises on staff injury, building occupant safety, energy inefficiency, water and chemical waste in hard floor care procedures. 06/30/2009
Day to Day. Discusses the virtues of daytime school cleaning, including reduced security and energy costs, and increased productivity and communications between occupants and cleaning staff. The particular... 08/31/2006