Fire Safety

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Deadly Blaze Prompts Action Describes efforts toward improved fire safety measures and regulations by individual institutions of higher education, states, national associations, and Congress after three students were killed in... 03/09/2000
A Drop of Prevention. [Fire Sprinkler System Retrofits] Describes advances in fire sprinkler technology that makes retrofitting a building easier, typical costs and benefits of retrofitting, code and plumbing requirements, and integration of sprinklers... 06/30/2010
A Head Start on Firestops. Discusses the proper use of firestops to seal openings in fire-rated walls and doors. Code requirements and the most commonly used materials are described, as is maintenance and the technique of... 09/30/2006
A Life Safety Guide to Building Design: Fire Equipment and Codes. Reviews building assessment and tools for fire safety. Features of a building's construction and use that impact fire safety are enumerated, and types of fire fighting and suppression systems... 04/30/2006
A Quick Route to Saving Lives. Describes how the University of Massachusetts Amherst is retrofitting its residence halls with sprinkler systems, with each phase of the work being completed on a very tight Summer schedule.... 04/30/2008
Alarming Possibilities Describes how new intelligent fire and life-safety systems help assure proper functioning through networking with other systems and providing detailed status reports. Considerations for system... 04/30/1995
An Automatic Solution for Door Closing Force/ADA Conflicts. Discusses the use of automatic door operators when standards for closing force and standards for openability cannot be resolved. Conflicts between ANSI, ADA, and Fire safety codes are discussed, as... 02/28/2010
An Unseen Friend: The Role of Glass in Fire Protection. Discusses the role of glass in building compartmentalization and fire suppression. Advances in the fire ratings of wired and unwired glass are discussed, as are transparent ceramics, resistance to... 07/31/2008
Balanced Approach to Fire Safety When it comes to protecting people and property, a mix of active and passive fire protection measures is the best choice. This describes the role of alarms, the role of sprinklers, a code perspective... 10/31/2004
Balancing Safety and Security in the School Environment. Reviews principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, school fire statistics and history, door features that offer property security without inhibiting emergency egress, features of... 09/30/2003
Basics of Atrium Smoke Control Discusses different design approaches to take in dealing with smoke in large-volume spaces. 05/31/2012
Beyond Automatic Sprinkler Systems. Discusses the reliability of fire sprinkler systems in buildings, and recommends fire-rated divisions between rooms and portions of buildings that will slow the spread of fire. Examples of... 06/30/2011
California Wildfires Highlight Importance of Preparedness. Reviews recent wildfires assaults on a southern California hospital and a college. The college responded by sheltering in the gymnasium, so while 50 percent of the campus burned, there were no... 12/31/2008
Campus Fire Alarm Challenges. Reviews options for improved design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and use of campus fire alarm systems. Includes nine references. 06/30/2007
Campus Fire Facts. According to a December 2008 survey by this magazine, half of college and K-12 school fire safety professionals say systems maintenance is one of their top four fire protection challenges. More than... 12/31/2008
Campus Fire Safety Today. Reviews information on recent college and university dormitory fire fatalities, and highlights five examples of building features reported to be major contributing factors in residence-hall fires.... 10/31/2001
Campus Fire Safety: A U.S. Overview. Discusses the difficulty in obtaining accurate data on higher education residence fires, since only 1/3 of college students live in dormitories, and national data on dormitory fires also includes... 06/30/2007
Campus Fires: Prevent to Protect. Discusses how awareness programs, community collaboration, and fire prevention technology can minimize incident numbers and the severity of campus fires. Examples from various institutions are cited... 10/31/2009
Campus Firewatch Campus Firewatch is an electronic newsletter focusing exclusively on campus fire safety, both on- and off-campus. The website includes resources and a buyer's guide, as well as information on an...
CASBO Members Called to Action During Fires. Describes how school business officials in San Diego County responded to recent wildfires with a new mass notification system, software that matched affected areas to employee addresses, and use of... 05/31/2008
Catastrophic Fire Prevention Task Force: School Fires. Cites notable recent school fires, describing their causes and the amount of damage incurred. Typical ignition sources and types of combustible materials in schools are listed, as are the recommended... 12/31/2001
Choosing School Control Panel Features: Simple as A, B, C. Examines fire alarm technology at two typical schools. The first is a single-story elementary school, the second a college branch campus with three buildings. Wireless technology, networked panels,... 06/30/2010
Clearing the Smoke: Is it Time to Update Your Campus Fire Alarm System? Describes smoke detection systems that require minimal wiring, more accurately indicate the source of smoke, and are programmable for varying sensitivities according to time of day and location. 10/31/2003
Clearing the Smoke: Is it Time to Update Your Campus Fire Alarm System? Describes smoke detection systems that require minimal wiring, more accurately indicate the source of smoke, and are programmable for varying sensitivities according to time of day and location. 10/31/2003
Community Collaboration: A College Administrator's View of Campus Fire Safety. Laments the poor state of college student fire safety awareness, where fire drills and false alarms cause apathy, and students experiment with risky behavior. Sprinklers, even though expensive as a... 06/30/2007