Facilities Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
101 Smart Revenue Generators. Describes a variety of revenue opportunities for higher education, including creative acquisition and management of real estate, commercial uses for campus facilities, partnerships with professional... 11/30/2006
2003 Effective and Innovative Practices: Award Recipients Show Innovation and Progress. Describes five institutional programs that won the APPA's award for 2003, which recognizes programs and processes that enhance service delivery, lower costs, increase productivity, improve... 08/31/2003
2004 Effective & Innovative Practices Award Winners Show Imagination and Practical Solutions. Describes five higher education facilities programs that won the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers' award for 2004. The awards recognize new and revamped programs and processes... 08/31/2004
2005 Effective & Innovative Practices Award. Describes five higher education facilities programs that won the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers' award for 2004. The awards recognize new and revamped programs and processes... 08/31/2005
A Common Vocabulary for Asset Investment Strategy. Details a vocabulary to organize building costs under categories of one-time and continuing costs. 02/28/2007
A Continuous Improvement Capital Funding Model. Describes a capital funding model that helps assess facility renewal needs in a way that minimizes resources while maximizing results. The article explains the sub-components of a continuous... 08/31/2001
A Facilities Manager's Guide to Green Building Design. Explains how the green building approach to educational facilities design creates healthy, naturally lit, attractive buildings with lower operating and life cycle costs. Defines green design,... 02/28/2001
An Alternative View of Depreciation and Recapitalization Costs. Argues for a geometric model for calculating facility depreciation, based on quantifiable economic data, rather than the objective estimates typically used. 12/31/2003
APPA Custodial Operation Self-Analysis Program. This survey and self-analysis tool was designed to identify most of the variables that impact institutional custodial operations, as well as to establish some reliable standardized benchmarks for the... 12/31/1997
APPA's Body of Knowledge This association website offers, by subscription, collected wisdom, experience, processes, and facts that both inform the facilities management profession and provide the solid foundation from which...
APPA: The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers An international association which maintains, protects, and promotes the quality of educational facilities. APPA serves and assists facilities officers and physical plant administrators, conducts...
Arkansas State and UNLV Earn the 2010 Award for Excellence. Profiles these two winners of the 2010 APPA's Award for Excellence in Facilities Management. The award is based on leadership, strategic and operational planning, customer focus, information and... 08/31/2010
Assessment of Facilities Management Performance in Higher Education Properties In the general facilities management literature, it is assumed that there is a causal link between facilities management practices and performance. The role of facilities management in facilitating... 06/30/2000
Asset Lifecycle Model for Total Cost of Ownership Management: Framework, Glossary & Definitions. Presents a glossary of terms commonly used to communicate facilities-related issues, including space planning, construction, operations, maintenance, upgrades, and demolition/replacement. The... 12/31/2004
Benchmarking and Sharing of Best Practices: A Vital K-12 Resource. Defines the current core benchmarking and best practices information objective of the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers for sharing benchmarking and best practices information with... 08/31/1998
Breakthrough Ideas Describes innovative strategies that schools and universities are using to save money and reshape operations. Focuses on ideas in energy efficiency and facilities improvement, direct purchasing,... 11/30/1996
Buildings...the Gifts That Keep on Taking: A Framework for Integrated Decision- Making. Presents the findings of a three-year project to collect and consolidate what are generally believed to be best practices for facilities planning and management including common terms, definitions,... 12/31/2005
Buildings: The Gifts That Keep on Taking. Reflects on the value of higher education buildings as investments. The variety of integrated decisions determining need and priority are displayed as a pyramid, and a methdology for for determining... 02/28/2007
Calgary K-12 District Benefits from the Facilities Management Evaluation Program. Describes the implementation of a Facilities Management Evaluation Program (FMEP) in one school district. Outlines how the district's maintenance department launched a comprehensive 3-year... 04/30/1998
Capital Costs: A Conceptual Framework for Colleges and Universities. Advocates for and explains the application of a for-profit institution's definition of capital to the not-for-profit higher education institution in order to determine the real cost of higher... 05/31/2004
Caring for the Campus Physical Plant. Diagnoses causes underlying the deterioration of college and university physical plants. The fundamental problems are: 1) lack of integration of physical plant concerns with the institution's... 12/31/1981
Class Laboratories: Space Use and Utilization. Describes ways that laboratory space in higher education is assigned to departments and utilized. Various systems of distributed versus centralized ownership and scheduling are detailed, along with... 10/31/2003
Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online This is the on-line home of Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine. Web site features articles, buyers guide, key topics, new products, and a calendar.
Community Colleges Demand More from Their Buildings. Discusses the financial and operational difficulties inherent in community college facilities management. It explains why the primary source of plant operation cost and waste starts with satisfying... 08/31/1998
Comparative Costs and Staffing Report for College and University Facilities, 1993-94. Presents comparative data on facility management costs and staffing based on responses from 516 U.S. postsecondary educational facilities during 1993-94. Lists statistics from both private and public... 12/31/1994