Energy Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality in Schools. Describes how to protect and enhance school indoor air quality while improving energy efficiency. Common threats to indoor air quality are described, as is the energy cost of outdoor ventilation,... 08/31/2003
Energy Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality in Schools This paper describes how to protect and enhance indoor environmental quality without sacrificing energy performance, lists the common pollutants and their sources, and explores how energy efficiency... 07/31/2000
Energy Efficiency for Florida Educational Facilities: The 1996 Energy Survey of Florida Schools, Final Report. Florida completed a survey of energy use and related physical and operational characteristics of the state's public schools. This report presents results from 1,298 surveys received (680... 06/30/1997
Energy Efficiency in Schools: State Incentive Options. Several states have enacted incentives to help school districts reduce their exposure to volatile energy prices and save money by being more energy efficient. Primarily, assistance for energy... 09/30/2002
Energy Efficiency Pays. Outlines justifications for building an energy-efficient, high-performance school, including the rising cost of energy, healthier school environment, setting an example for the community, and... 03/31/2008
Energy Efficiency Programs in K-12 Schools. A Guide to Developing and Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs. Discusses benefits of energy efficiency in K-12 schools; planning and design approaches; key participants; strategies for effective program implementation; investment and financing opportunities;... 12/31/2010
Energy Efficiency Study of Connecticut Schools. Analyzes the energy bills for 356 of Connecticut's 1,026 public schools, revealing that they are among the least energy-efficient schools in the country, rating 26 on a scale of 100. A large... 12/31/2008
Energy Efficiency Study of Connecticut Schools: an Opportunity to Improve Our Educational Infrastructure. Analyzes the energy bills for 119 of Connecticut's 1,026 public schools, revealing that they are among the least energy-efficient schools in the country, rating 26 on a scale of 100. A large... 05/31/2006
Energy Efficiency Technology Demonstration Project for Florida Educational Facilities: Occupancy Sensors. This report describe a Florida study replacing conventional light switches with passive infrared or ultrasonic sensing systems to control classroom lighting in an elementary school to determine the... 11/30/1995
Energy Efficiency: More Than a Simple Black and White Issue. Explains how dark-colored roof membranes may be more beneficial to energy savings than light-colored ones when used in cooler climates. While most environmental building rating schemes promote... 02/28/2009
Energy Efficient Florida Educational Facilities. Improvements to a Portable Classroom in a Volusia County School The Florida Department of Education is monitoring the energy use of two adjacent portable classrooms to compare their energy efficiency in a hot and humid climate and determine if they can be made... 05/31/1998
Energy Efficient Florida Educational Facilities: Phase VI. Progress Report: Phase I and II. This study examines differences in energy uses in two adjacent portable classrooms to determine if these types of facilities can be made more energy efficient through retrofitting. Retrofitting... 01/31/1999
Energy Efficient Roofs. Questions the rush to light-colored, reflective roofs on schools, as most schools spend more on heating than cooling. Evidence of their ineffectiveness in northern locations, as well as a description... 11/30/2008
Energy Efficient Schools (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) Energy Efficient Schools is a program of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). The website includes a searchable database of energy-efficient K-12 case studies, a directory of energy-efficient...
Energy Equations. [Fresh Thinking for K-12 Schools: Energy Management] Describes how school facility leaders in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Gilbert, Arizona, reduced energy consumption through collaborative efforts combining facilities staff and building occupants.... 03/31/2010
Energy Equity Lost and Found: Rebuilding America's K- 12 Schools. Discusses reversing the trend of school building deterioration and inefficient energy usage through the Rebuild America program. It explains what Rebuild America is and why schools should join the... 02/28/1999
Energy Equity Lost and Found: Rebuilding America's K-12 Schools. The Department of Energy's Rebuild America program presents new opportunities for schools to repair and upgrade their facilities by using the energy equity that can be captured by improving... 02/28/1999
Energy Goes to School. Profiles the photovoltaic system at the Athenian School in Danville, California. The design and manner in which it was installed at no cost to the school are described. 01/31/2009
Energy Guidelines For K-12 Public Schools. Advises on a variety of building features that impact energy consumption. The publication opens with a discussion of life cycle costing, building modeling, and performance verification. Subsequent... 02/28/2009
Energy Ideas. Presents and interview with Lisa Heschong that describes energy-saving school facility management ideas such as restructuring the school day, insulating pipes, and ways to control heat loss through... 10/31/2004
Energy in Schools:Energy Education and Projects for Reducing Energy Demand in Schools. Describes five international projects that promote energy savings in schools, including the replacement of a school's three gas boilers with one wood boiler, the construction of a biogas plant... 12/31/2005
Energy Life Cycle Cost Analysis. Provides guidance for performing energy life cycle cost analyses (ELCCA) in Washington State and promoting the selection of low life cycle cost alternatives. Chapters 1 and 2 define energy life cycle... 12/31/2003
Energy Management Presents the opinions of three energy experts on the issue of school facility energy management. The experts respond to the following questions: will energy deregulation occur in all 50 states and... 12/31/1997
Energy Management Handbook. Fourth Edition. This is a comprehensive handbook covering every component of effective energy management, including boiler and steam system optimization, lighting and electrical systems, HVAC system performance,... 12/31/2001
Energy Management Plan. [Tasmania] This report presents an overview of the energy management plan for Tasmanian schools. The policy and objectives of the plan, designed to minimize the costs of all forms of energy usage within these... 12/31/1999