Energy Management--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
101 Smart Revenue Generators. Describes a variety of revenue opportunities for higher education, including creative acquisition and management of real estate, commercial uses for campus facilities, partnerships with professional... 11/30/2006
2010 Energy Efficient IT Report. Presents documents from the third annual Energy-Efficient IT report by CDW-G finding that three-fourths of IT professionals are working to increase energy efficiency in their organizations. The... 12/31/2009
A Graduate Course in Energy Conservation. Examines the University of Michigan's (Ann Arbor) success with a 6-year energy conservation program (The Energy Star Program) offered by the EPA. The program's components are described as... 12/31/1998
A Green Building on Campus. Describes how techniques such as occupant control, careful sizing of the HVAC equipment, and using a direct digital control (DDC) system have helped the James L. and Evelena S. Oakes Hall at Vermont... 12/31/2001
A Model School Facility for Energy Building energy modeling predicts a facility's energy use and it can be a powerful tool for managing energy-reduction concepts for an institution. This describes energy modeling that can be... 08/31/2011
A Naturally Cooled Atrium for a Temperate Climate. Describes the sophisticated glazing system and natural ventilation of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies. These enable the building to... 03/31/2006
A New Curriculum: Energy Outsourcing Brings Cost and Energy Benefits. Considers the value of colleges and universities upgrading their energy infrastructure and using outsourcing energy management functions to save money and gain greater control of energy operations... 12/31/2001
A New Model for Utility Operations at the University of Arkansas. Advocates an entrepreneurial approach to campus energy management. The first element is to create a utility infrastructure master plan that mirrors the campus master plan. Second, accounting... 12/31/2003
A Science Building that Goes Easy on Energy. Profiles the Marve Nelson Science Learning Center at Washington's Green River Community College. The building features stacked labs that minimize the footprint and maximizes sharing of systems. 08/27/2008
A Zero Utility Bill Building. The Sustainable Living Center (SLC) in Fairfield, Iowa was commissioned by the Maharishi University of Management. The facility is a forward-looking project that draws from an “East Meets West”... 08/31/2011
Accommodating Change: A Case Study in Planning a Sustainable New Business School Building. Provides a case study of the planning and design of a new building for the Open University Business School. Goals included an energy-efficient building that would break the paradigm of traditional... 09/30/2002
Achieving Energy Efficiency across Campus Connecting the IT and facilities departments at the outset of a project that will affect energy use on campus establishes the foundation for successfully achieving energy efficiency. This... 06/11/2012
Air Out, Energy Efficiency In. Explains how Youngstown State University improved chiller efficiency with coalescing separators that remove up to 99.6 of air from the water flow. 03/31/2009
An Education in Sustainability. Discusses Stanford University's evolution from a campus-wide energy saving retrofit program, to customized efforts concentrated on the institutions 12 most energy-intensive buildings. These... 11/30/2008
An Energy Performance Contracting Success Story. Reviews the features and savings of a performance contract executed between the University of Colorado and an energy service company. $5.5 million of upgrades has yielded annual savings in excess of... 05/31/2007
An Insider's Guide To Saving Money on Lighting. Discusses tips from the Energize America Educational Institute on cost reductions and improved operations in lighting for colleges and universities. 11/30/2002
Analyzing the Alternatives. Describes progress toward photovoltaic energy at three universities. Photovoltaic panels as well as energy conservation measures are described, as are connections to the respective IT departments for... 03/31/2010
Anatomy of a Performance Contract: Saves College Big Energy Bucks. Details the performance contract at Eastern Illinois University to illustrate how these agreements save energy and water through HVAC, lighting, and plumbing improvements. 04/30/2007
ASHRAE 90.1 Helps University Bioprocessing Lab Achieve LEED Credit EA-1. Discusses design measures used to meet LEED standards by incorporating changes to ASHRAE 90.1, the energy conservation code addressing energy use in laboratories, in the University of Illinois... 09/30/2008
Assessment and Utilities Savings at UT Houston. Describes how one institution took advantage of an innovative internship program to conduct an assessment of its utilities operations. Describes how the program worked, the implementation of a hot... 04/30/1998
Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future ULSF supports sustainability as a critical focus of teaching, research, operations and outreach in higher education through publications, research, and assessment.
Automate Your Physical Plant Using the Building Block Approach. Illustrates how Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax), by upgrading the control and monitoring of one building or section of the school at a time, could produce savings in energy and operating... 06/30/1998
Bagley Nature Area Classroom Pavilion. Presents a tour of a humble LEED-Platinum classroom, at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, that has the ambitious goals of net-zero energy and Passive House certification. The Passive House... 12/31/2009
Bard College Shines Discusses new solar thermal panels for hot water at two residential halls at Bard College in New York, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. 01/31/2012
BAS Upgrade: Template for Savings. [Project Profile: Building Automation Retrofit] Profiles the upgrade of a University of New Mexico building with a building automation system (BAS). The annual utility use of the building dropped by 20 percent and more of the HVAC maintenance can... 03/31/2010