Early Learning Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
Profiles of Significant Schools: Schools for Early Childhood. Focuses on the creation of learning facilities for two-, three-, and four-year-old children. It illustrates graphically two types of facilities: 1) new centers that were specifically constructed for... 08/31/1970
Property Manager's Child Care Resource Book 2007. Provides maintenance and operations guidelines for managing General Services Administration (GSA) child care centers within the same standards and level of a GSA operated facility. Areas covered... 12/31/2006
Prototype: Enhanced Modular Childcare Facility. Presents a prototype modular early childhood facility, featuring the rotation of one modular of a 3-modular unit to break up the repetitive, boxlike nature typical of modulars. The turning of one... 12/31/2002
Public Health Emergency Preparedness in the Setting of Child Care. Discusses child care emergency preparedness, offering recommendations for consultants working with child care providers. The complexity of emergency preparedness in child care calls for the... 12/31/2003
Quality Indicators for Preschool Facilities. Recommendations of the Early Care and Education Coalition Series of indicators for facilities housing preschool programs that would meet the needs of three and four year olds. These guidelines provide a starting point for an assessment of current preschool... 07/23/2000
Recommendations for Child Care Centers Part of a seven-volume series on children's environments, guide includes 115 patterns for large, medium, and small child care centers in neighborhood and work-place settings. Many of the... 12/31/1993
Recommendations for Early Childhood Facilities Standards These recommendations to New Jersey's Commissioner of Education by an early childhood subcommittee are for the construction and renovation of Abbott preschool classrooms. These standards provide... 12/31/2003
Redeemer Lutheran Preeschool. Describes the award-winning design of this McLean, Virginia, addition that doubled the size of the school, but was built while school was in session. A list of design and construction participants,... 12/31/2004
Redefinition of Space and Equipment in the Kindergarten and Involving the Children in the Process of Designing. This research examined the extent to which 2.5- to 5-year-old children in three Kindergarten classrooms in Thessaloniki, Greece could be taught about the use of classroom space and equipment. The... 09/06/1995
Referral List of Architects with Child Care Facilities Development Experience in California. The list is divided into three regions: Northern California, Central California, and Southern California, and by county within each region. Architects generally will work outside their county, and... 08/31/2008
Removing Barriers to Childcare Facilities Development. Uses interviews and visits to child care centers to discuss conceptual, design, legal, and funding obstacles to childcare facility development. Architects, developers, and child care consultants... 12/31/1992
Researching Children's Understanding of Safety: An Auto-Driven Visual Approach Safe learning spaces allow children to explore their environment in an open and inquiring way, whereas unsafe spaces constrain, frustrate and disengage children from experiencing the fullness of... 12/31/2010
Right-sizing for Tikes. Describes the design process of the nation's largest public preschool noted for its classroom flexibility, an environment suited for the needs and safety of children, ample play space,... 04/30/1998
Riley Child Development Center and Family Learning Center. Describes this center for pre-school and adult literacy, featuring a family atmosphere and adjacency to the elementary school it feeds. Building statistics, a listing of the design and construction... 04/30/2005
Risk Management, Preschools, and Young Children. Addresses reduction of environmental risk to school children, with particular attention to very young and pre-school ages. Advice on managing risks presented by furnishings and equipment, class size... 05/31/2008
Room Arrangement. Beginnings Workshop Workshop articles address the importance of room arrangement in early childhood settings: Creating Environments that Intrigue and Delight Children and Adults (Wendy Shepherd and Jennifer Eaton); 3... 08/31/1997
Rules for the Licensing of Child Care Facilities. Section XIX of this document is entitled Environment and Safety, and covers early childhood facility and premise conditions, space standards, safety consideration, HVAC, lighting, furnishings,... 12/31/2004
Schools for Early Learning Offer Pre-K Classes and Child Care. Describes the design of a prototype school that was used to create four free-standing full-day facilities. The designs were deemed successful in terms of security, stimulating learning environment,... 12/31/2004
Schools to Scale: Learning Environments for Young Children In designing preschool and elementary school projects--new structures, renovations, and additions--three factors are vital to successful design for young children: protection, interaction, and scale... 09/30/1999
See, Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell and Love. Recommends a variety of spaces for different experiential possibilities in early childhood education, advocating flexibility that can accommodate different activities and student densities throughout... 03/31/2005
Sense of Place in Child Care Environments. The exterior design of existing preschool environments is evaluated in the context of contemporary writings by architects focusing on creating designs that nurture children's emotions. Sense of... 05/31/2007
Simply Sensational Spaces: A Multi-S Approach to Toddler Environments Presents guidelines for providing suitable play and learning spaces for children from birth to 3 years old. Argues that toddlers have developmental needs different from those of older preschoolers,... 04/30/1998
Site Planning and Layout Examines five issues related to child care facility design: (1) siting the building, outdoor play, and service areas; (2) creating favorable microclimates; (3) developmentally appropriate play yards... 12/31/1997
SmartTiles: Designing Interactive Room-Sized Artifacts for Educational Computing. Describes educational computing accessories designed as moderate- to large-scale objects or furnishings with which children can interact. Also described is a working prototype of one such system... 12/31/2004
Societal Values and Policies May Curtail Preschool Children's Physical Activity in Child Care Centers Nine focus groups with 49 child care providers (55% African American) were assembled from 34 centers (inner-city, suburban, Head Start, and Montessori) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Three main barriers to... 01/03/2012