Early Learning Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
Classroom Design and How It Influences Behavior Presents suggestions for organizing the early childhood classroom, focusing on play unit assessment and creating accessible areas that hold children's interest. Discusses how classroom design... 04/30/1997
Commonly Asked Questions About Child Care Centers and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Presents 30 questions and answers that address the Act's coverage, requirements, communication with parents, types of disabilities, administering of personal services to children, making the... 09/30/1997
Competency in Child Care Settings: The Role of the Physical Environment. A rating scale is developed for preschool classrooms to assess the physical environment's role in children's development of cognitive and social competency. The scale is tested in 98... 12/31/2006
Comprehensive Bibliography on Child Care and Preschool Design. The bibliography is based on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Architecture and Urban Planning Research database and collection of resources, which covers 15 years of research and... 12/31/1993
Concern Turns to Preschool Facilities. This discusses the poor condition of child-care and preschool facilities across the country, and efforts to bring attention to the issue and new financing to help programs find higher-quality... 01/15/2002
Content and Construct Validity of the Early Childhood Physical Environment Rating Scale (ECPERS). Examines the content and construct validity of this scale used to assess the quality of an early childhood learning environment. With regard to content validity, the vast majority of items (93%) in... 04/30/2005
Court Mandates, Free Markets and the Lottery: An Exploration of Facilities Development in States with Expanded Preschool. Reports on facilities development for expanded preschool programs, describing the experiences of six states that have implemented such programs. The report assesses what capacity building and... 12/31/2005
Creating a Classroom Where Children Can Think Presents suggestions for creating a classroom environment where young children's thinking and reasoning processes are supported. Discusses organizing time blocks for predictability and... 08/31/1998
Creating Blueprints for Literacy: Simple Ideas for Designing a Literacy-Friendly Head Start Classroom Describes how Head Start teachers can support children's emergent literacy by improving their classroom environment. Includes suggestions for designing the floor plan, enriching the print... 12/31/1998
Creating Environments for Learning: Birth to Age Eight. Provides a textbook for study of the creation of early childhood and primary learning environments, with chapters on creating healthy and safe environments, arranging the classroom, design... 12/31/2009
Creating Environments for Young Children. The planning and design of child care centers has been undertaken without sufficient knowledge of children's spatial behavior, resulting in centers not providing appropriate physical conditions... 12/31/1994
Creating Environments That Intrigue and Delight Children and Adults. Attention to the design, organization, presentation, and atmosphere of the learning environment is crucial. 08/31/1997
Creating Inclusive Child Care Facilities. Provides information and strategies to help ensure that child care facilities are welcoming and usable for everyone possible, covering principles of universal design, ideas to incorporate into... 04/30/2003
Creating Playgrounds for Early Childhood Facilities. Community Investment Collaborative for Kids Resource Guide Volume 4. Assists with planning an early childhood center's outdoor space to achieve a successful environment for young children. It begins by considering the types of activities that children enjoy... 05/31/2005
Creating the Environment for Movement. Physical and social environments for young children should encourage and enable them to participate in safe, and enjoyable physical activities. This article describes theoretical foundations, the... 02/29/2004
Creative Kindergarten. [Israel] Case study of a kindergarten in Caesarea, Israel, a city full of Roman structures. The architects took the linear motif of the famous Roman aqueduct and translated it into a contemporary building.... 08/12/2003
Day Care Room Transitions for Toddlers: Recommendations for a Supportive Physical Environment Discusses ways physical setting facilitates room transitions for toddlers in day care centers. Recommends specific physical features that support the transition process, including visual access to... 12/31/1995
Daycare Children's Establishment of Territory to Experience Privacy. Reports on interviews with 100 randomly selected three-, four-, and five-year-old children from ten randomly selected daycare centers to determine the extent to which they established territory as a... 11/30/1994
Design Collaborations--Successes and Failures in Developing a Child Care Center Design. Explores how thoughtful design of a child care facility enhances its safety, effectiveness, and high quality programming, and helps reduce annual maintenance to high use areas. Concludes that... 10/31/2000
Design Guidelines for Montessori Schools. This report presents guidelines for use by architects, designers, and teachers in designing an environment that will complement and enhance the Montessori teaching method. Provides a history of the... 12/31/1999
Design of Child Care Centers and Effects of Noise on Young Children. There is a considerable amount of research documenting the effects of noise on children. The effects are largely negative. Research findings in this field are described, current research by Maxwell... 12/31/1998
Design of the Times: Day Care. This report includes a design survey of 155 day care sites across the U.S.; day care interior design recommendations from professionals; photographs of various child care facilities; University of... 12/31/1991
Design Standards for Children's Environments. This 3-part book addresses the design or maintenance of spaces where children are the primary users covering both commercial and residential designs and products. Part I chapters provide... 12/31/1999
Designed Environments for Young Children: Empirical Findings and Implications for Planning and Design. Discusses the impact of the physical environment in early childhood educational settings, citing specific findings from a number of studies, and describing ten principles for the architecture of... 06/30/2001
Designing a Childcare Center: How to Choose an Architect. Advises on selection of an architect for early childhood facilities, describing the sensitivities required when designing for small bodies in an educational environment, ways to collect referrals and... 12/31/2005